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 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 6 Aug 2008, 18:36
Rally section gone and it had to be replaced with something a little smoother this enables me to run the drones in a “Change lane at random” mode. How much fun is that! But it also another racing option which lane is the fastest it all depends where them drones are.

Lower section

Lower section through trees

Up hill section

Top of the hill

From a distance oops yes some trees grew over night too

I hope you like it

PS Dec 2008

entry 27 Jul 2008, 20:28
It was hot today – for a change! So I was forced to stay in and do some work on my decals too. ( My hot glue gun broke so I had to put a halt to work on the track for a while mad.gif )

Decals from above

Side on

Slowly it is getting there biggrin.gif

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 10 May 2008, 20:33
I managed to sneek a few in biggrin.gif

Stewart Ford

Fina McLaren

Renault 5

Renault Clio



 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 19 Apr 2008, 16:44
What’s new down at the Autodrome II well I have just been doing some catching up I seemed to miss so much last year building the shed etc. Time has come for me to start filling in some of the gaps.

I should have had one of these Ages ago but kept putting it off something more important always came up. I have played on tracks with them and always admired them, and how well they work.

But it’s not until I got my own that I realised how easy they are to use. The surround is just something I knocked up today (I had to play with it!) I will hopefully go for something more Riko like in time.

Thanks Rich it’s Brilliant pun intended.

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 17 Feb 2008, 19:51
New Bend
Did a bit of work today on the hairpin took it out! Replaced with 3 R2’s This means I no longer have an R1 in the circuit so overall the track is faster. It was also quite difficult to reach so this was the point at which all the accidents used to take place - Not any more!
Room now for tail out action thumbsup.gif

It flows better too, now I can also set the drone cars to go faster which is even more fun. Yes Kev they are genuine tyre tracks, I only painted the section last night but I set some drones to run round it for a while and they soon left some rubber.

As I was changing one bit I thought I would move some trees in to the new corner that left a bit of a hole here…..Not for long! Planted a seed just on the bend into the pits and look what grew!

This just shows my Start and Finish line. Note how it is repeated in the pit-lane this stops cars shooting through the pit-lane and missing a lap. Thanks to Riko it doesn’t matter which lane they go through they all get counted!

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 15 Feb 2008, 18:34
Today was the first day of the SSD Chipping Conference.

A conference set-up to promote networking allow listening opportunity - opening the eyes to new things and offering challenges, led by those who have already successfully met them. The conference was excellent. As a member of the Development Team, the event flew by before we even had time to discuss several points it was time delegates to depart.
OK what the … is he talking about lmfao.gif lmfao.gif today Savage visited Autodrome II to discus chipping and how it has progressed over the last few years, advances in techniques and equipment. This is quite apt as for those that where not aware this is National Chip Week!

Unfortunately we did none of the above WE Raced Cars! dribble.gif dribble.gif

We had a great time even EZrider joined in as it was half-term he was able to play with his toys too! thumbsup.gif

Savage brought along some of his cars which where all immaculately turned out, it was good to see them in the flesh and they looked even better than in the photos. In particular the MB SLot Pagani Zondas looked really nice despite Tel not being too pleased with one of them I think he is just over critical of his own work. All Tel’s cars perform really well and he was not beaten in any race throughout the day! I think I trailed home last every time……… wacko.gif

Some of the scenery took a bit of a bashing but nothing that a bit of hot glue won’t put right. Using different cars highlight some other areas that need attention maybe that hairpin is just too tight I’ll have to look at adjusting that section of track. This is all part of the evolution of the track.
Tel also brought along his RichG timing tower which was fantastic I know I keep saying I’ll have to get one, but never get round to it there is just so much I have had to get of late……..One Day!

I hope you had a good time Tel I know I did I think Ezrider but who can tell with tweenagers!

The box of chocolates where really appreciated by Mrs bleep thank you very much.

Thanks for coming I hope we can do it again soon thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 10 Feb 2008, 20:27
Scalextric Nissan Skyline - Saloon Chip

Been really busy of late so I had some time to have a little self indulgence this afternoon and got round to some chipping dribble.gif
I had to get one of these because Zipp uses them!

But once open there isn’t much room for a chip! Despite being Digital ready this was a real pain to chip. It has a little stand to fix the LED to would mine sit on the stand NO Chance! Took ages to get it right!

Once complete it goes well and though not visible here the lights work well too.

Spirit Peugeot 406 Silhouette – Saloon Chip

I know these aren't my normal Genre of slotcars but it takes all-sorts and they do go well on my track!

This was SO! Easy has to be one of my favourite cars ever as regards Chipping
Loads of room for the chip, which I just fitted to the floor. Why aren't the Scalextric cars this easy to chip wacko.gif

One from the underside for Tel.

And does it go well! You betcha!

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 9 Feb 2008, 20:44

Powerslot VW POLO S1600
Licensed by Volkswagen Germany

Review by Bleep

Hot on the heels of the of the Hummer H1, Powerslot lunch their second car this time its not quite as radical as its predecessor.

The VW POLO;Which appears in three versions:

VW POLO S1600 Show Car. 

The Blue model Runner-up of the Canary Islands de Rallies 2006, made for a Canary Island client of Volkswagen. And the BP model - South Africa Rally Championship.( I'll Leave Taxi to talk about this one).

We have to review the whole package, including the box it came in. This is too tall and could be made half the height and still have room for the car but that’s just being picky or is it? In this ever increasingly environmentally aware world maybe that is something that will be looked into in future models.
When I first removed the car from its box the windscreen wiper fell off in my hand which should be disappointing, but I must have just caught it wrong because it was put back, it slotted into place, now it seems safe, I was just ham fisted.
On first inspection the car has a nice stance the rear wheels protrude just a fraction too far, but the rest of the car is proportionally right. It has no decals to speak of so I’ve had to call a friend on this one as he has “South Africa Rally” version which has decals and Rob says”
The tampo printing is done to a reasonable standard. The colours are strong, vibrant and well defined, but not as crisp as we would expect from the big companies. The worst offenders are the front and rear bumpers - the colour is solid and bright but doesn't match the lines of the body leaving small but visible gaps at the top of each bumper which make the car look scruffy.
Paint and tampo are sealed with what appears to be a good coat of lacquer giving a nice tough glossy finish but my car had a few specks caught in the lacquer. Not a big issue and not unknown even with the bigger manufacturers, but it could be better.”
Cosmetically the Show Car has the VW emblem front and back, with bonnet & boot catches all painted up in silver, the registration plates these are all fine. When the light catches the bonnet a small indentation can be seen where the mount post is attached from the underside. The driver and co-driver are lightly decorated with the harnesses painted in, a flesh coloured face and hands, helmets and fire suits are in white. The whole car is actually quite pleasing on the eye Powerslot are not playing at this, to achieve this standard for a second car they are aiming high and are going to be a popular brand as the development continues.

The Motor is the PS1 - I think I have already said in my Hummer review that this little motor was fast. I don’t know how many RPM it is, though in this little body the same motor is great. Set as an Anglewinder it is certainly able to deliver the power to the wheels on my painted Sport track it is as fast as any of my 2WD Nincos.Note the motor is clipped in and also has a screw to hold it firm so no need to glue in place. The Chassis is quite rigid with a little flex around the rear axle. Though fitted with a magnet this one seems to lack any form of magnetism it is just like driving a none-mag car. As a Rally car it is great the back end is out on every bend however it is controllable and fun. In time I will just remove the magnet altogether. Out of the box the tyres need a little sanding to get them flat you can see the mould lines on the picture below, once flattened they seem to work much better.


To compare this car is difficult it runs smooth and fast is a little light and makes quite a bit of noise, performance is up there with some of my other Rally cars in league with some of the better Ninco NC5 models the noise is on a par with the SCX Models. I've not had the time to really work on it but I'm confident this is going to be one of my best 2WD Rally cars.

The Underside showing the PS1 Anglewinder.

One of the Partners in Powerslot is:
Juanjo Moya.
Who started his Slotcar life making 1/32 resin models in 1990 with a company called Mini Replicas.
Then in 1996 he then went to work in the 1:1 car business with SEAT in the technical design department, as modeller and technician of composites. Then several other automotive engineering posts in Spain, even working on the Prost F1 Team again as a technician in composites.
In 2004 he was the fonder of Cursa Models making 1:24 scale models, with some incursions into 1:32 market this company continues to offer high performance models at 1:24 scale.
In 2005, he joined the team that created the Lunar Roving Vehicle as well as the Mitsubishi Pajero for the Mitsubishi Company.
It was at this point that the team created "Powerslot" which began with the Hummer H1 now the VW Polo S1600 and the third project is the eagerly awaited Quad Bikes.

To be followed in 2008 by: the NISSAN 350Z, Land Rover 88 Series II (1965) Bentley EXP Speed 8 2003. Three Very different Models ‘ not sure this expansion is the necessarily the right way, or whether sticking to the Off-road/Rally scene may have been a good idea, until they get established, only time will tell.

Chipping, For those of us with a bias for changing lanes, this car has plenty of room to insert a chip it easily take my favourite saloon car chip.

 Though it is "pretty" in the plain red (my wife said so!) I feel this overwhelming urge to add some decals or maybe now I know how well it handles I may just get the South Africa Rally version too!

These cars lack some of the finesse of some of the bigger names in slotcars. However they are working very hard on quality control. For a fledgling company PowerSlot are really pushing hard to get a slice of the market. They are backing this up with excellent customer service (a point already proven with the replacement of all the tyres from the Hummer model). They are only to willing too help out with queries and questions, an attitude to be embraced by some of the more established companies. This car goes well and will certainly receive praise in the Rally Market at which it is aimed.

Now bring on the Quads!

Many thanks to Pendle Slot Racing for supplying the review model 

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 3 Feb 2008, 19:55
Thanks for the comments you know I’m not worthy but it will come on in time.
Don’t look at the work bench I should have removed the cup of coffee and the boxes.

Oh! and turned the Page on the Calendar! blink.gif

This is for Kev can you spot the differences?

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 31 Jan 2008, 19:54
One year after work started today the track was officially opened yes my mystery guest is no longer a mystery “Zipp” did the Official opening as he was the first person to invite me to his track it only seemed fair that he was the first to visit mine! Though the track is far from completion it is working with just a few very minor technical points ironed out today the track itself is running as it was designed to do. We added the MS Mod so power is not a problem no matter how many cars are using.
I want to thank Kev for coming over through some absolutely atrocious conditions. I learnt loads from just talking and discussing setups, methods that we do differently we have totally different driving styles and setups and style of car in which we choose to race. I now have lots of thoughts on what cars I need to purchase in the future. As you all know Kev is a stickler for keeping his track clean even though mine was running well he proved just how dreadfully dirty the rails had become in just a few weeks….Again the whole day seemed to vanish in what seemed like just a few minutes and it was all over, but hey there will be a next time.

Thanks again Kev you know you are always welcome. thumbsup.gif

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 27 Jan 2008, 19:07
Of course the track is never complete but I need to get it looking good for a celebrity visit this week and to give Dave something to look at lmfao.gif

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 19 Jan 2008, 20:13
It had to be done!

The new Mini Cooper S Classic 1967 Monte Carlo – F1 Chip
No Room to fit the chip or is there?
The TFI chip will fit won’t it? OK both the Driver and the Co-Driver Had to loose a leg and the dremmel was used but it’s not as bad as I originally thought. The team are quite flexible so they helped out.

Fitting the chip (TFI chip = Tel’s Favourite Insert!)

Fitted from the side

Fitted From the top

Under Side for Tel

And back on the road I get a chance to drive it Cool! How different to some of the others I have done over the last few weeks.
A, It’s quiet
B It handles So much better than the old Minis I used to have.
C With the lights it just looks really great.

Now what’s next on the agenda….

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 8 Jan 2008, 21:35
Just a quick additional post for Dave! I am working on the track too and will post photos of that soon but had to get this up and running first it's taken some time but I think its about there, bit shakey...

Dave this comes as a white body.

I'm also chipping a few cars that seem to not want to be chipped at the moment so that is taking longer than expected wacko.gif

This one

This one too

Still to be done

and one or two others

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 27 Dec 2007, 12:35
Chipping How to

I have been asked to create a “How To” on chipping.

Tools required to chip your car:
A, Soldering Iron,
B, Solder,
C, Wire Cutters,
D, Drill or Dremel or Sharp/Craft Knife(Not Always necessary).
E, Heat-shrink or Insulation tape.(Recommended).
F, Glue or Hot glue(To fix the chip in place).

When the Decoder is removed from “all” its packaging it has hot shoes for the round style guide blade and the ferrite man is connected to the yellow and green wires I have cut these off on every single retro fit I have ever done.
It also comes with four spare black guides should your car have the blue guides take this opportunity to change them as blue guides are not as affective on the digital system.
To fit the chip is not difficult at all, there are four main wires, Red and Black which go to the motor, then Green and Yellow which go to the guide. Plus two thinner red and black wires that are attached to the LED.

Let's start with the chip itself it comes in two forms firstly the F1 decoder (C7005) a slim and minimal chip ideal for fitting where space is limited this is not just F1 cars. On some cars the interior sits on the floor-pan so space is a real issue, this is when the F1 board comes into it’s own. The red and black wires on the F1 chip are longer than those on the saloon chip.

Then the saloon chip (C7006) this is slightly bigger and has several extra utilities with connections for both lights and brake lights. This is my weapon of choice 99 % of the time I will try to use this chip as I believe it is more robust overall. Brake Lights RichG

Yellow and green wires from the chip go to the guide there has been several discussions as to which way round they should go, yellow to the right or to the left truth is it will work either way, if you have problems with loss of ID then switch them over.Yellow & Green Which way Round???.

The red and black wires go to the motor but not directly they should be connected to the Ferrite “man” first this reduces interference that can affect the chip itself. These come with the chip however they connected to the green and yellow wires in my experience they are not required at that end so I remove them and use them at the motor connection.
The manufacturers cover the joints in a yellow rubberised insulation before fitting to your motor this is best removed, as it tends to be at the point to which the wires are to be connected, it can be torn away.
Ferrite Man

Some cars (Ninco & Carrera) come pre-fitted with a resistor in these cases the fitting of the ferrite man is optional however if should you decide to fit the ferrite man I would recommend the removal of the resistor there is no need for both.
Should you get the red and black wires connected the wrong way round the car shoots off in reverse when placed on your track, so always give it a quick try first before replacing the body!

The other two thinner wires from the chip lead to the LED. The one shown is from a saloon chip as the F1 LED does not have the mini board instead the wires connect direct to the LED to save on space. This little board just helps when trying to fix the LED in place.
Location of the LED, it must be central and preferably as near to the guide as possible (It can in-fact go just before the guide or even on the guide).This is when the drill is used just to make the little hole for the LED to fit into ( It doesn’t need to be a drill, I have used a modelling knife on occasions, and you do have a hot soldering iron on hand, but I’d not recommend the smell, as if I’d know!)

The LED viewed from the underside of the car it should just protrude no more than 1-2 mm through the chassis. It is possible for it to interfere should it protrude too far on a low riding car.

Other Chips out there suitable for SSD include the Slot.it SSD Chip drops into the Slot.it cars with ease and is ideal for high revving motors.

The Takara module
Also see Takara Chip

And the latest Scalextric offering the DPR Plug.

Things to avoid :
Loose Chips in the body of the car,
Possibility of any metal to metal connection Insulate.

 | Category: Track & Scenery
entry 24 Dec 2007, 18:32
I have been working on my track of late not as much as I would have liked but it is getting there, Just a single photo today of the recently started Hedges.

xmas.gif xmas.gif Merry Christmas Everyone xmas.gif xmas.gif

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