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entry 8 May 2016, 22:02
We lost a legend, May 8, 1982.

With all due respect to the creator of this video, thank you. All credit is yours….memories….


Gilles (January 18, 1950 – May 8, 1982) would be my age.

entry 4 Apr 2016, 01:41
Krisp O 'Kindawackey here at the 'drome and what a race we had! Over to you Sir Nigel.

…hhmmm…welll yas..indeed ..hrrrumph..Good Lord we've never had 4 cars in the top three places…extraordinary…

I don't believe we have ever seen a closer finish at the top since the Gibralter Grand Prix of of 1906 when the top 7 cars failed to finish…I say back to to you Krisp.

You are right there Sir Nige. I'll keep it short and sweet. (tragic world events in Belgium the day of the race) cast a shadow on my reporting prowess. Our hearts go out to all.
In any case Gascarnut has an amazing car and deserving winner. Second through 5th place is the closest we've ever seen. Just amazing. All the way down the ladder places are bunched together. Gas41T's car 51 was brilliant till a pick up wire broke at the shoe. Time did not allow a fix but the car is now fully, carefully repaired. Torquemutant's 40 had no traction here. The poor 56Toyota has a tire chunking and is being withdrawn from the rest of the proxy. Sorry from the owner but it is what it is.
And in closing the top six cars broke the existing track record on the inside blue lane…..the driver…..Stigski….
Great race, great cars.

That is all, eh.

entry 4 Apr 2016, 01:35

…news is coming your way from high atop the control tower here at what we lovingly refer to as the 'drome…I'm Krisp O'kindawacky reporting…

…the TLOR Festival continued along with a huge variety of entertainment…

…some of the young drivers tried to call home and after all this is a 50's event so no cell phones…lead to a crowding issue at the pay phone….no one remembered how to dial a rotary phone….

…small issues continued as the famous Bejewled Turtle of the Royal Princes Fridgedaires of Canada climbed up the Taco emporium looking for its favourite food, taco hagus…as is the tradition the entire battalion must follow respectfully along, careful to always follow behind the turtle… historically this infact may have lead to the saving of many lives as when the Princess F's charged into battle by the time they arrived behind the rampaging turtle the fight was over most of the time….

…but on to the action…Stewart's beautiful MG bouncing of a guard rail and startling the deer and a ranger…unfortunately for old23 too common a sight….Stewart is resting today sedated but finally calm…

..chart tells the story…Chris' entries the class of the field:yield:…the home duo of 69's were fortunate but after all built and tested at the 'drone, home turf felt good..but only briefly as cars are ready to move along to the next venue….

…congrats to all and the poduimites especially!:cheers:…Krisp o'kindawacky signing off…

Sir Nige comments?….."hhhhrrrummmph!"

Good day, eh!

entry 4 Apr 2016, 01:32

Welcome back to the 'drome from high atop the Dunlop bridge Sir Nigel and I bring to you the final race of the 2015/16 VRAA. Nigel what have you to say?

Hmmm.. yas well.. bloody time you had a race…wot silly excuses…the weather..peshaw.. Canada you say?

It was those bloody visitiors from that Austrain track…wouldn't leave the streets till the 101st airborne helped out…

…then the Bejeweled turtle…mascot of the Canadian Princess Fridgedaires got loose and it took a week to round the bloody shelled nuisance up since by tradition they cannot pass it…

…brilliant racing eventually…I say..bloody close….great fun!

..bloody close…I say…the chart tells the tale…2.5 liter finish…cars a c hair apart at the end…that's metric…Canada eh…yas…

…thank you Nige…and so another year and another VRAA ends as the sun sets here at the Autodrome in Cornwall.
Good day, eh to all and congratulations to the podiumites!

entry 4 Apr 2016, 01:29
This si a proxy run on tracks across Canada, organised by Canadians ( thank you/merci Christian) for a one make series this year being the MRSlotcar McLaren provided by SCC Canada.

…and so another proxy run was held at the 'drome . Racing was intense and well organized. Three top drivers from WIMC&C and the Stigski managing the timing system did a smooth job. Each car rotated through each lane while drivers remained at each lane for consistency so every car was driven by every driver. The Autodrome is a track that is approaching its ninth year. It is tight and narrow not a Tilki design and home to many odd little people who often witness topsy turvey surprising results. And this year was not disappointing and full of surprises.

The usual Cornwallites were gathered at Tim's for the race while members of Benzo Pherrari's "family " held a roof top meeting to decide what would happen to the last place driver after the race.
The results tell the story better than I can . Racing was fearsome and cosistancy won the day.

The podium was resplendant with fleur de liliies and maple leaves and gree…mmmm…green….

Darkness has fallen and things are quiet again.

Benzo, any final words?

" eh…datsa for sure…Christiano…eesa nice boy….Stewarto, Pietro and Pedro…gooda drivers…gracia…thisa Stigski…you wanna go focough…you like…nice espresso….and NO…we no gonna race dis weekend…we race today…hahaha!….bada bing…heyyfogedaboudit!

Great fun. Good night, eh!

entry 4 Apr 2016, 01:24
Since my last post we here at the world famous Autodrome in Cornwall Ontario have had a busy season. Four proxies have been held and I will catch up on those. As well we became Grandparents for the first time on March 25 and little Johanna awaits her introduction to racing slot cars in a few years. As well my wife's health had a stroke of luck and the fear of MS has been cleared and we move forward happy as hell! thumbsup.gif

So enough personal stuff and lets get up to speed shall we? I've been posting my blog for several years now and shall not let the legions of fans down…..I crack myself up sometimes……

entry 6 Jan 2016, 22:09
I delayed writing about my newest aquisitions till having recovered a bit more from a nasty Christmas/New Year cold. Still hacking and coughing but feeling up to being less negative than when I received my Ferrari and Renault. Both arrived well packed and protected from Pendle with whom I have dealt most satisfactorily for years.They continue to be outstanding slot car stockists.

The best I could say for SRC is they have presented us with cars that look pretty but are fragile shelf queens at best and for the price, frankly, compared to the likes of slot.it, NSR, Scalextric, Carerra etc…..deeply flawed. I'll focus on the Ferrari as the Renault arrived front steering damaged, wheels off, rear bushings pooped out and structurally flimsy….pretty though.

I am Canadian and Gilles Villeneuve's car was a natural choice, as it appeared in Canada.

The complexity of gearing at the rear leads to issues of severe magnitude. Reminds one of Vanquish cars when diffs lasted three laps and stripped or more recent Fly boogy boos.

To add rigidity to the rear I fashioned a bracket for the left of the car from thin brass, tacked to the inside of the bushing carrier and winding its way to the motor. All is silicone glued in place. I could also suggest JB Weld epoxy to hold things down.

Same concept on the right side but worked on the outside of the bushing carrier to clear the gears. Had to trim a tab holding the exhaust detail away and glue back outside the brace. The motor was siliconed in place as well as all bushings holding the complex gearing and rear axle. By the way the severe binding of the rear was due to the brass bushings of the Ferrari being so tight that the axle barley spun. I openned the bushings carefully with a 3/32 Dremel ream and all was well and spun freely but it would come as no surprise if some cars need to have all the works of gears taken out and carefully set and adjusted. Non of this is for the "newbie" and all is disappointing for a car at this price. Huge goobs of lubrication and the reassembled car now does lovely quick parade laps but will never be raced in anger.

As for the Renault…shudder….the front end was so damaged and tabs that held things together in the steering mechanism so ripped apart that I had to Crazy Glue things together and cut a small tab that attaches the guide to the upper control arms. The steering no longer turns but the wheels run true and straight. The rear bushings are plastic and located at the end of the suspension arms. Lots af flex and expected real challenges, however having siliconed motor and bushings carefully in place and reassembling everything…OMG…it runs well…so no more mucking about for now.

The cars run well now…not brilliant but well. Would I recommend the cars to others? Only if you have a deep affection for the era and its history. And if you are going to run them get ready for work. I expected some issues reading posts by others but never this from a car straight from the factory. SRC I do hope your new collaboration with another slot firm improves the quality of assembly and running ability.

entry 6 Jan 2016, 22:08
This year's VRAA proxy will feature two classes of cars. The 1.5 liter cars are joined by their 50's predecessors. My Honda R272 and venerable Vanwall are ready to roll.

The Honda is a British Slot Bodies resin body.Lots of grinding, triming etc. to make things fit in it and under it. The Vanwall is an MRRC body that I opened the cockpit and mounted a DArt driver in.

The Vanwall has a modified MRRC chassis with a floating front axle that I have stabilized. It was supposed to act like a sledge design but…meh…kept tipping…bit better now. So its just a brass pan with MRRC rear, ground out to hold bushings…slot.it running gear and BWA S can. Dart wheels and inserts, TSRF guide.
The Honda has a piano wire chassis with DArt brackets front and back and slot.it running gear,RS wheels and DArt inserts. Both cars use my Cupcake urethane tires.
Working hard on tuning and set up. Honda is very smooth now but needs giddy up. Vanwall was tippy but is coming along.
Both cars will be "hand delivered" to Montreal for the start of the proxy. I'll be there to participate and drive. Then off they go till coming back to the Autodrome for the final race in January or February next year. tongue.gif

entry 24 Dec 2015, 00:55

" Sir Nige; why is the big guy who writes stories about us asleep?", squeaked little Cindy Loo Who.

"Well little Cindy Loo he has writers block…yas…that's it… and his imagination is not working too well, " hrumphed Sir Nige.

"Is he OK?"

"Oh yes , he's fine just a tad busy and tired tonight, nothing the magic elixer won't cure."

"Datsa for shure," piped in Benzo Pherrari, " he"sa gonna take a longa winter nappa…sleepa lika baby…..sugara plums ora somtinga danca ina his head. Den he gonna wake up anda wish everybody a Merry Christmas and he gonna race like crazy ina da new year."

"I'm so happy to hear that Mr Pharrari. Merry Christmas to all and too all a goodnight," whispered Little Cindy Loo.

entry 14 Jul 2015, 00:20
Our newest club member is a Cornwall resident who raced years ago and is a superb prize winning static modeller. Glen has done a couple of things for me upon request before, like refinishing my two Cox Ford GT bodies. Lovely. He does have one severe weakness. Orange cars. Orange Jager cars to be specific.

His first repaint and his first purchase was a Fly Capri. Lovely car relivery.

Soon after I asked him to do a couple of my NSR cars for a series I run infrequently in Montreal. The oranges had blossomed.

Now I have a certain proclivaty towards the odd and humorous so the Carrera VW Grp5 car was talking to me. Only two liveries so far and I have a three lane track. What can I do for an IROC series?….hmmmmm

Why of course. get a third Bug and hand it over to the Jager mister. And Glen out did himself.

Look at those cute vents added for brake ducts.

Nice detail. Brilliant orange.

If I may humbly suggest to Carrera. Make this livery. Its a winner. And Glen I bow to the master. Thank you for the great looking car.

Things are popping up orange.

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