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entry 4 Sep 2015, 02:09
This year's VRAA proxy will feature two classes of cars. The 1.5 liter cars are joined by their 50's predecessors. My Honda R272 and venerable Vanwall are ready to roll.

The Honda is a British Slot Bodies resin body.Lots of grinding, triming etc. to make things fit in it and under it. The Vanwall is an MRRC body that I opened the cockpit and mounted a DArt driver in.

The Vanwall has a modified MRRC chassis with a floating front axle that I have stabilized. It was supposed to act like a sledge design but…meh…kept tipping…bit better now. So its just a brass pan with MRRC rear, ground out to hold bushings…slot.it running gear and BWA S can. Dart wheels and inserts, TSRF guide.
The Honda has a piano wire chassis with DArt brackets front and back and slot.it running gear,RS wheels and DArt inserts. Both cars use my Cupcake urethane tires.
Working hard on tuning and set up. Honda is very smooth now but needs giddy up. Vanwall was tippy but is coming along.
Both cars will be "hand delivered" to Montreal for the start of the proxy. I'll be there to participate and drive. Then off they go till coming back to the Autodrome for the final race in January or February next year. tongue.gif

entry 14 Jul 2015, 00:20
Our newest club member is a Cornwall resident who raced years ago and is a superb prize winning static modeller. Glen has done a couple of things for me upon request before, like refinishing my two Cox Ford GT bodies. Lovely. He does have one severe weakness. Orange cars. Orange Jager cars to be specific.

His first repaint and his first purchase was a Fly Capri. Lovely car relivery.

Soon after I asked him to do a couple of my NSR cars for a series I run infrequently in Montreal. The oranges had blossomed.

Now I have a certain proclivaty towards the odd and humorous so the Carrera VW Grp5 car was talking to me. Only two liveries so far and I have a three lane track. What can I do for an IROC series?….hmmmmm

Why of course. get a third Bug and hand it over to the Jager mister. And Glen out did himself.

Look at those cute vents added for brake ducts.

Nice detail. Brilliant orange.

If I may humbly suggest to Carrera. Make this livery. Its a winner. And Glen I bow to the master. Thank you for the great looking car.

Things are popping up orange.

entry 1 Jul 2015, 01:35

Bob and Glenda, two typical Canadians would like to wish all fellow Canucks a Happy Canada Day July 1st, while proudly waving our flag and standing by GM Canada's Canadian product (Camarou, Americans leave off the u like in colour) which in typical Canadian fashion is an American product made here till this year and production now shifts back to the USA. That is GM's way for thanking our feds in Ottawa for bailing them out in 2008.
By way of a bit of history Ottawa our capitol city came by its name in an unusually Canadian fashion. You see back in 1867 our first Prime Minister Sir John Eh McDonald ( we named a restaurant chain after him, come to think of it we named a chain of donut shops after a hockey player but I digress) was in England ready for Queen Victoria to officially declare Canada a nation and pick our capital city. Sir John Eh, as was the tradition of his Scottish heritage partied late into the night before the official event and was on quite a bender. He passed out after wandering the halls of Buckingham Palace, in the Queen's bed chambers right before a large map of our great country. As Victoria and her entourage entered the room, she in her great flouncy ruffles and skirts, she held a dart in her hand to throw at the map and whence it landed there would be our capital. Not even seeing Sir John Eh prone, face up on the bedroom floor, she stood directly over him completly concealing our Father of Confederation. At the very moment that she drew her arm back to pitch the dart Sir John awoke and looked up….startled and cantankerous he opened his eyes uttering "why I otta…WHHAAAA!" This so startled the Queen that her dart landed on the map where a small lumber town stood called Bytown. Realizing our first minister was beneath her skirts and not wanting to be discovered in such a predicament before the royal entourage, she repeated what Sir John had cried out. "Yes we shall call it OTTAWA", and so it came to pass and the beaver is our national symbol, obwiously and rightfully so. Good night fellow Canadians.
Now back to Canada's national drink Crown Royal.
Good day, eh! tongue.gif

entry 12 Jun 2015, 01:05
Well suffering from a burst of creativity and with no need to weed the yellow wax bean plants in the garden as the rabbits have devoured each young shoot as it poped up I decided to complete my two Last Open Road Proxy cars well before the fall.
The MGA is a Lindberg body as was last years Triumph and the 'vette is clearly a Ninco car modelled after a Sebring entrant.

Just needs numbers and set to go. Driver by Dart Hobbies.

No changes for the class B Corvette body save the number nine artistically placed to make an erzates 50's look #69B.

Cut the pan so chassis allows body float. BWA front wheels and Penelopy Pitlane rear. Stock Ninco guide, spring removed, spacers used….stock Ninco front tires. Rear rubber my own casting. Inserts by Dart. Gears by slot.it. I fabricated an L bracket of thin sheet brass from rear of motor mount to bushing carrier to remove flex in the chassis. Motivation provided by a Carrera S can. Presently the car runs as fast as last years top qualifier so there is some promise here.

The MGA chassis has been gently tweaked and things freshened but otherwise its last years winning class A under pinnings.

And this could be a record for early preparedness. tongue.gif

entry 8 Jun 2015, 23:37
Having recently been given membership in the Polish Racing Drivers of America I was inspired to create a Mazda 787b kit that had been an unexpected gift ( thank you Vince!) and create the car run by the Canadian Polish race team. Of course I meet the rigid criteria of being a member of prdaracing.com

1.Be a racing driver and be Polish
2.Be a racing driver and not be Polish
3.Not be a racing driver and be Polish
4.Not be a racing driver and not be Polish.

My Polish/Canadian team car is done up in Polish and Canadian racing colours, red and white. Red represents the colour of your nose after fueling up on Crown Royal Canadian wiskey and white signifies the pale colour you blanche to after several shots of Polish vodka. God bless patriotism…I'll drink to that. tongue.gif

Brings a tear to my eye lmfao.gif
If I may quote one of the founders

"Motorsport really has no need for a group like ours, but we will endeavor to serve regardless."

entry 4 May 2015, 00:37
Christian, of SCC CANADA came up with the idea of a one make, one car proxy to travel across Canada east to west. And so the Mazda 787B by Mr. Slot Car ( Ernie Mosetti of Canada ) was chosen. The world famous Autodrome in Cornwall Ontario was the second stop after the start in Quebec city Quebec.

The results of qualifying are in and it looks to be a battle between at least the first six but one never knows what can happen at the 'drome. Welcome and we look forward to the race and results by the end of this weekend weather permitting.

Crowds were large and completely absorbed in the quali run.

Heh…chew know nooobuddy cares where dey quali mans…is de raze man…I chiwawa!

Yes well over to Benzo Pherrari in the pits for comment.
"Whtsa matter of you eh….alla de car de same…no Ferrari?….I go focaf…you lika de cappuccino…datsa good coma on…

Till then ciao. Shesa good day, eh!

Welcome back to the 'drome for our race report. And what a race it was. Fast!Close! Intense. With full coverage……why….wait….really…..oh he did….mmm….. oh my…Benzo wants a word before we leave you after Christian published the results ahead of us…oh boy…Beenzo Pherrari and the Palermo family ( who have a controling interest in all that happens here.)

"Datsa fer sure I gotta somting to say…heh…wad a yew do! stronze!…My cousino Dom Palermo would lika da talk. I'ma nut gonna teal you car 7 lost mirror…car 44 fronta grill pop outa and car17 breaka rear winga ona de tire barrier…fix all up now…little silicona lika Sophia Loren..boomba boomba..you no"

"Wid all dew respect Christiano we write da report, you publish wad we tells ya. Capish. A few of da boyce waz upset if you knoow wad I mean? Only da padre interceded on your behalf…so fer now fowget aboud it…some day…I may ask you for a big favour…we'll be even eh? We'll make you an offer you can't refuse"

On that forgiving note from the village and the 'drome, great cars, thank you. Thanks to the WIMCC crew and new guy Vince for a fantastic afternoon and super driving. Cars are off to Winipeg Manitoba.


entry 27 Apr 2015, 02:02
I've been hosting this proxy since its inception as the CPR ( Canadian Proxy Race ) some eight years ago. Other proxies come to the 'drome but when the CanAm is on urethane tires its great fun here. Friend and retired slotter Dr.Vanski started this proxy at the Autodrome when I was in Oakville. I started reporting the race with a fictional cast of characters inspired by the Grand Prix if Gibralter record by Peter Ustinov from the '50's and cotinue the tradition to this day. Club members from a number of groups have helped out over the years and many great friendships have been made. The cats from the WIMCC are the current keepers of the flame here in Cornwall Ontario with me. Thanks to them and all the others who continue to make this hobby great fun.

Now for the race we take you to the top of the control tower at the Casino corner and Chris O'KindaWacky.
"Thank you Dick and welcome to our coverage of the 6th round of the CanAm from the World Famous Autodrome in Cornhole."
Don't call me Dick and its Cornwall.

"The crowds here have been going ape to find the best vantage point to view the races."

"The whine of the GTU cars is scorching our ears as the dominant Opel screams through the Penguin House curve.

"Good Lord there has been a tragic incident at the Tim Horton's bend. Emergency crews have arrived. Apparently a family of resident ducks were run over during an early heat. There is no health care coverage for this sort of tradgedy in Kanada but it was suggested to to put it on the duck's bill."

"A GTPorsche blasts past a group of supporters on the carnival straight."

"The all conquering Matra heads for the home stretch, victory in sight."

"And another incident! oh…the Spitfire…an altogether too familiar sight."

"Back to you Dick"
Don't call me Dick. The dust has settled and the Opels have dominated GTU once again.Aloha ran81.7 laps to pique 34Ever by .2 and SouthernSloter posted 79.1. Comments Sir Nige.
"Bloody Bosch…we showed them in WWII…hrrumph."
Thank you for staying on topic Sir Nige.

And a fine trio on the podium in GT. MadDick's Porsche at 87.3 laps finishes .7 of a lap up on the Ferrari of AJK. Benzo is proud.
"Datsa ma boy." and the Bov's Falcon rounds out the top three at 82.3 laps. Comments from those down under fans?
"BBBBUUURP!…Bloody good beer lads. The cars fine too."

The Prototypes were a French affair , two dominant Matras and a quick 917 Porsche.
"Bloody French, surprise they didn't surrender before the start."
Nige that is enough. I see that the German contingent has arrived informing their driver that he has won a free trip to summer camp.

All the stats are here fans. Some of the racing was amazingly close and the day was great fun.

I'm a bit surprised that Jack E. Stewart has failed to arrive and comment on the cars. Perhaps soon.

Till then. Good day! cheers.gif

Ah, Jack E. you are late why the delay?
"OCH laddy, the carr is a wee bit of carp. not Scotish. Since I paid ferrr it and dinni git it fer free I paid too much. I watched the rrrace on the telly, an' I dinna see a single Scottish karr….sssoooo they're allllll krrrrap! By the way lad wherrrre arrre the karrrrs?"
Ready for shipping this afternoon Jack E. But the next proxy has arrived with full coverage on a Canadian Slot Car sight related to a Corner of the world we all love…hint…hint…big clues. Stick around you old curmudgeon.

" Aye lad safe travels to the land of the Frrrrenchies in Canada and gued luck to the CanAm boys."

Special thanks to the WIMCC crowd who once again came through with stellar support and driving. Our cheif statistician the 'wart…always in need of a mouse and not a clue in Windows Excel…….Sparky good to see you…great driving and tech support for Steweee, the 'wart…PeterA…superb driver and dog sitter, Peter McG…wonderful driver and could you please tell the tiny "Jack E." character to settle down he's a Scot and yours truly who always enjoys quali and race management. Thank you all! Till next time!

entry 12 Mar 2015, 02:29
A prestigious and long history of hosting proxy races at the World Famous Autodrome in Cornwall continued . Yet again a cast of little people made the event most enjoyable.

After a series of technical difficulties that started the previous night, seemed to resolve themselves the next day, in the sober bright sunlight and then again a complete discumbooberation, a quick switch to TrakMate and an hour and a half later we were running the final round.

Sir Nige care to comment?
"YASS..indeed…I remember WWII when we had some issues with the Enigma decoding machine and switched to German Google translate…brilliant…wot?..oh the race…well a track length covered the top three cars…hrrumph…much as the Grand Prix of Gibraltar in'48…wot…have to stay on task then…the next three bl**dy close wot..a tie..good show for fifth….and close on down the line…steady then…wait for the comments from the podium…"

Thank you Nige…I can hardly hear you as the Royal Princess Fridgidaires of her Majesties Colonial Canadian Guard continue to march past us behind the bejewelled turtle, their mascot, whom they must stay behind at all times and have been marching in place since last years proxy, as the turtle has stopped to pass gas….the contingent from Down Under is ecstatic with their upset win…Billy Boil, a comment please.
Thank you for you erudite expression of your deepest thoughts.

..and so as the sun slowly sinks on Calgary's oil patch, teams here in Cornwall pack up. The Gilby is loaded on the transporter transmission shot, duck bill nose intact.

But what of the final season results. My goodness! Stubo piped Geno, but oh so close…Chris' charge carries the day with a lovely car to drive.

Some of the other racers got a bit "tanked" so to speak with Billy and headed over to take a closer look at the winner. No hard feelings, fine sporting gentlemen.

The winner's low profile allowed the BRM to pass beneath the revellers unscratched.

A lot of hand gestures with mysterious meanings and shouting at the Ferrari camp regarding a mediocre season.

RIR's car was literally taken to the cleaners as it suffered with a "washed up" motor

Sir Nige what is the commotion by the pits?
" Good Lord man wot do you think you are doing, sir?"
"VEE are taken ze computer tecky for sum training. Ya! NO MORE TIMING ISSUES! Das iz enuf! Und no pictures pleeze…you have relatives in za pits purr haps?"
"This is outrageous. Billy old chap say something!"

BURRRRRRP! Beauty eh?

And so another fabulous season winds down with a great finale at the World Famous Autodrome at the wall in the corn. What would our report be without a final comment by Jack E. Stewart about the cars,
"If they'rrre no Scottish…they'rrrre crrrap!"

Good night,eh?cheers.gif

A word to the boys. THANK YOU for your patience as we solved the timing issue. Art….great to see you, thanks for the box of brilliant prize merchandise from D'Art Hobbies and delivering the cars in person. Any time dude. Stew your work with Excel excels, PeterA, Peter McG, Big Bri genius proxy supporters …Glen..in time for pizza and beers….thank you gentlemen. To the others in WIMC who couldn't make it…Ken, hope your narcolypsy clears…MIke sell his house while he sleeps…and Sparky…really…relax no one in Montreal blames you for the latest blackout.

entry 12 Mar 2015, 02:19
Never thought I'd miss my blog so much as when things were down here for some time. New management has struck quickly and fixed things up. I am again a satisfied customer. Its a shame while things were changing here at SlotForum the previous masters gave not a sh*t. Welcome to the new kids in town (I say Canadian, eh?)…hope springs eternal as we are known to punch well above our weight and work hard with noses to grind stone, toques on head, clad in plaid and clutching a beer…..now on to further blogs this year.

This feels good, like an old pair of driving shoes. smile.gif

entry 29 Jan 2015, 02:02
Having spent some considerable amount of money on recent Scalextric releases of classic F1 cars of the late sixties and early seventies I was struck by the fact that Ferrari (due to licensing issues) was not represented. So off to epay and the procurement of Scalextric c.025. Not one to leave things alone I updated the car with rather good results.

That's the real car and the Scalex original.

According to the Ferrari web page I quote.
"The 312 B2 was unveiled in January 1971, but didn’t debut until the Monaco GP at Monte Carlo. Rather than a further development of the 312 B, this was a practically new car with an engine with shorter stroke which allowed it to increase its power at higher revs. The nose cone was low and squareish, the flanks straight, and the rear wing attached to an appendage of the roll-bar. The rear suspension was also innovative with twin struts and spring/dampner groups mounted above the gearbox and connected to the hub with thrust arms. The car was interesting enough but its performance was affected by other factors.

In the year before Jackie Stewart’s World title, Ferrari scored two wins in the first part of the season (one in South Africa with Andretti and the other in Holland with Ickx), but couldn’t keep up the performance in the second half. In the end, the Scuderia managed 33 points, to take fourth position in the Constructors’ classification. Fourth was also as good as the Prancing Horse drivers could manage in the Driver’s, thanks to Ickx. 1972 was an in-between season for Ferrari with the same performances in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships. Its only success came in Germany where Ickx beat his team mate Regazzoni. The Belgian was the best driver that season, but still ended up way behind World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi in the rankings. The car was an update of the 312 used in 1971."

Started with some paint to detail the trans and engine, wheels,etc.
The motor assembly was removed to be replaced by a modern Scalex FF can.

Made a pan to fit the engine bay from .010 brass glued in place.

Couple of drops of crazy glue to place the new motor correctly and then siliconed in position.

View of the bottom with new NSR guide in place. Shaved some tabs off the body and removed a plastic strip attached to front of guide holder. The car sits lower and front wheels touch now. Made for a very stable platform.

Car looks good after I narrowed the track at both ends by cuting axles with dremel and glued new urethane tires on rear which I cast from Scalex newest classics on Lotus.

Car runs very well and looks acceptable with the others of the era.

According to Wiki:
The Ferrari 312B was a series of Formula One racing car models, designed and built by Scuderia Ferrari. It was the successor to the Ferrari 312 and was used from 1970 until early 1975. Several versions were made: the 312B, 312B2 and 312B3.

The early 1970s saw the return of success to the Scuderia; the unlucky Chris Amon left, while Jacky Ickx returned and was joined by Clay Regazzoni. A Flat-12 engine, colloquially referred to as a "boxer" (although not a real boxer engine), was developed for use in the new Ferrari 312B, giving a lower center of gravity.

During the design's first season, in 1970, Ickx battled with Lotus's Jochen Rindt and won 3 Grands Prix, while the emotional Italian Grand Prix was won by Clay Regazzoni, following the death of Rindt in the week preceding the race. In the remaining races, Ickx could not pass Rindt's point score for the drivers title, and Lotus won the Constructors Championship ahead of Ferrari.

1971 started with a win by new signing Mario Andretti, followed by another GP win for Ickx, in the Dutch Grand Prix. Ferrari ultimately came second in the Constructors Championship, as Jackie Stewart and Tyrrell dominated the season.

In 1972, Ferrari could not keep up with the progress of the competition, dropping to 4th at the end of the year. Ickx won the 1972 German Grand Prix at his favorite track, the Nürburgring, but this was to be his last GP win. The sports cars season was a success for Ferrari though, with the Ferrari 312PB based on the F1 car.

In 1973 the Ferrari 312B2 was no longer competitive, and Ickx only managed one 4th place, at the opening GP of the season. In addition to the sports cars, which were beaten by the French Matra, the F1 program of the Italian team was outclassed, and they even skipped some F1 races, notably the Nürburgring. This was not acceptable to Ickx, because the Nürburgring where the German Grand Prix was being held that year was his favorite race track.[citation needed] As a result, he left the team halfway through the season in order to contest the 1973 German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in a McLaren, where he took 3rd place behind the Tyrrells of Stewart and François Cevert.

Ferrari signed BRM drivers Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni to rebuild the team in 1974. A new model, the 312 B3, based on a prototype called the "spazzaneve" (snow plow) was introduced.

The car was succeeded by the 312T which was introduced for the 1975 Formula One season.

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