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entry 21 Sep 2011, 00:01
It's time for another build for the Vintage Race Across America ( and Canada) VRAA. This year the Ferguson is parked in the museum and out rolls a Ferrari 1512 in NART colours. Body and chassis are Penelope Pitlane.

Here we go. Chassis is carefully bent along scored lines into shape. Three motor choices were allowed in this years race and after carefull testing the Vanski long FF can proved worthy over the BWA can and the short can.

Motor is held in place for testing with tape, siliconed later, tabs on chassis removed so can can be more central for balance. Ranch design tiny gears were tried but again after much testing settled for slot.it combo.

The PP inserts were carefully ground around the edge to fit wheels supplied to last years VRAA entrants and the body was primed and painted Tamiya white. Engine detail paint is started.

TSRF giude was used, post held in brass tube soldered in place. The decals from the kit were great, though I cut them at the rear cowling to make them easier to apply in sections.

Some suspension detail is needed for the "look" After a strugle I reverted to the tried and true paper clip. Upper siliconed to body.


Lower arms are soldered to notches Dremeled in chassis

Rear detail. Silver paint on all parts.

Front upper detail cut from sheet plastic and glued in place.

Moving along. Little gold on tips of intakes.

Driver head ready. Front lower suspension bent and glued in place. Legs from Fly driver installed and paint started. Boots are brown now. Transmission and rear is painted silver. So is the gear to be less noticeable. Exhaust pipes are cut from cheap paint brushes

Trial fit and decals on nose and cowling now applied.

Wind screen cut out and glued with Testors clear parts cement. Map pins sanded flat on one side become mirrors. Makes for a sturdy fit for long travels and much racing. Little strip of electrical tape cut thin makes a nice band for goggles.

Not fantastic but a sturdy car that looks darn good.

According to Wiki:

Curiously, Ferrari ( John Surtees) in a 158 varaiant won the 1964 World championship by competing the last two races in cars painted not in the traditional Rosso corsa but in white and blue, as these were not entered by the Italian factory themselves, but the US-based NART team. This was done as a protest concerning arguments between Ferrari and racing authorities regarding the homologation of a new mid-engined Ferrari race car.
Ferrari also raced a 180 degree V12-powered car, called 1512 or 512 F1. In the years 1964 and 1965, both the V8 and V12 were used. The 1965 56.0 x 50.4 mm 1,489.63 cc V12-cylinder engine developed 220 bhp (164 kW) @ 12,000 rpm compared to the 210 bhp (157 kW) @ 11,000 rpm of the 1965 67.0 x 52.6 mm 1,489.24 cc 1965 V8-cylinder engine.

And from the web page of Ferrari Magazine:
It was a touch of rebelliousness at Maranello in 1964 that resulted in the British driver John Surtees claiming the World Championship for Ferrari at the wheel of a car painted blue and white. At the time, Enzo Ferrari was having difficulty in persuading the international sporting authority to homologate (recognise) a new car for the following seasonís sports car championship.

Convinced that the Italian national body was not giving him the support he deserved as a licence holder, he called in Luigi Chinetti, Ferrariís united States dealer, and invited him to enter the cars for the two final races of the season under the name of Chinettiís privately owned North American Racing Team. Thus it was that Surtees claimed his title in Mexico in a car wearing uS colours. Despite the rules (which were never seriously enforced), national colours were worn by most of the formula one teams until 1968.

And my number 69 is the race number for the VRAA and not based in reality so there you have it.

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post 22 Dec 2011, 23:23
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Tom Brown

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Just started this car myself, Did you have any problems with weak points on the body? yours looks great finished I might steal the way you did your extra suspension details.


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post 23 Dec 2011, 01:51
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...sent you a message Tom!
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