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entry 4 Jan 2017, 15:23
In this picture the flexible perimeter board had been added. The board can be removed at any time so that contours can be cut into the perimeter to
follow any scenic additions that may take place as construction continues.

The track as seen here temporarily placed in its vertical storage position. Next I will add two posts to the wall so that it can be safely locked in position.
My wife loves this slot car hobby and so she is letting me store the circuit in our bedroom as wall art. This means I really need up my game and make
the scenery extra nice, but I have a plan for that. smile.gif

entry 4 Jan 2017, 15:10
This is a picture of initial construction that shows the arrangement of the thin plywood top.

Note that some 2x2 blocks have been added to the front perimeter. More blocks will be added all around the circuit. These will provide attachment points for the
flexible 1/4" perimeter board seen at the top of the picture. This will give a nice finished edge to the table and add rigidity without adding much extra weight.

entry 4 Jan 2017, 15:04
I am designing this circuit to be as light as possible and so I am constructing it with this in mind. Three 1x2 beams will be used to support a thin plywood top.
The plywood top is needed in order to utilize Scalextric track clips since this circuit will store vertically. Added rigidity will be provided by the addition of a
1/4" thick perimeter board around the entire circuit.

I have added to this rendering some of the track shoulders I plan to add. These will provide a "racing line" look to the circuit and will be made of painted
extruded foam.

entry 4 Jan 2017, 14:55
I am beginning a new, small circuit that will be more portable than my previous efforts. This is due to the fact that I will be moving in the near future
and want something that can accommodate. After several attempts at track design, here is what I came up with:

This circuit features three lane changers and uses no R1s so it should behave well with digital pacer cars.

entry 13 Jun 2016, 21:03
This circuit, to my measurement, has to be one of the finest I have ever worked on. I feel like I extracted all I could from the materials and I found the piece to
be very satisfying. But it is gone now, and it is time to move on. I saved everything of importance. I have had modules on my mind for some time and so
that's what I'll be working on. I have designed several and checked the design with actual track pieces so all is well. Eventually, construction will take place so
watch here for progress!

entry 31 Mar 2016, 21:12
I have been working on the side sections of my track. I left these for last as they are the easiest to reach due to some cutouts
in the scenery that allow good access. Here is an overall view of the right side of the track:

I completed the backdrops. These are painted on mat board and then cut out and put in place. They are not attached to the
blue sky background so that I may make changes in the future if so desired. Here is a close-up of the area:

Nothing except the tarmac is fastened down here. It is meant to serve as another live area in which to stage cars, figures and accessories.
I plan to build the corner of a structure into the scene but I have not finalized what this might be. The tarmac is made of
extruded foam, cut to approximately 1/4" thickness and then textured/painted.

Here is an overall view of the left side of the track:

And a closeup of the same area:

The foundations for two buildings (yet to be constructed) can be seen here. Again, the foundations are made of foam. I also carved the brick
pavement a bit differently in this section. This is one of the things I really like about working with this material...it is so easy to deviate from a set pattern.

A few more small grass sections to add and then I have some buildings to construct.

entry 14 Mar 2016, 18:17
Here is an update on my current track. Most of the middle section is presentable, so here goes:

The flags were cut from a 1/64" thick lead sheet.

Work is continuing on the side sections, but that may take some time as I am planning some special structures for these sections.

entry 11 Feb 2016, 15:04
So here is my new project in its current, under-construction state. Because of the elevation changes found on this circuit, I decided to use Spa as my inspiration…not in a literal sense, but just a certain vibe.

I tend to build my tracks in a “slot-car-as-theater” style, which admittedly is a pretty odd approach. The track area is a kind of stage with a more-or-less fixed viewing area, blocked off on top and sides. The tracks also have flexible, overhead lighting and feature a full scenic backdrop.

To better accomplish this, the space above track is now enclosed to accommodate whole-track lighting…fluorescent fixtures for daytime, blue LEDs for night. The enclosed top also helps keep dust down, as do the front removable panel doors which also serve to hide this “work-in-progress” just in case I need to be focused on something other than my hobby for a time.

Each time I start a track, I seem to have a set of things I want to experiment with. This time I wanted to play with stacked layers on the backdrop scenery and expand my use of pink extruded foam as a building material. You can see this in the pictures. The track shoulders are made of foam as are all of the brick walls.

I'll explain more about my process for working with foam to accomplish various effects in a future entry. It's interesting stuff to work with.

entry 9 Feb 2016, 19:30
The new track is housed within the same space as my former Grand Prix track. That’s just over a 4’ x 11' area. The new track is not a perimeter track, but rather a standard tabletop arrangement. Looking down from above, what follows is some views showing how the framework is constructed.

First, here are the two endcaps (light blue) that support the entire enclosure. 2x4s (red) span between these two endcaps to provide support for the middle of the circuit.

Over the framework sits a piece of 1” thick foam, seen in light pink. This provides a semi-rigid base between the two endcaps.

Next comes a bigger layer of 3/8" foam that covers the entire circuit. This can be easily made to flex (with foam supports) in order to accommodate smooth elevation changes.

Atop this foam layer sits the track itself. The track generally lies in conformity to the foam below, but very slight track bends have been introduced where needed to ensure the track is fully supported by the foam base.

Regarding the track layout for the circuit...I has designed several options for this track but in the end went with something less complicated rather than more. In this design, each sector of the track requires a different driving style that is fairly consistent within that sector. It is designed without R1s, which will allow pacer cars to run faster. Other iterations were a bit more complex, but perhaps unnecessarily so. Anyway, this arrangement presents a nice balance for what I wanted to accomplish. There are three straight lane changers on the circuit, although these are not noted in the diagram above.

entry 24 Nov 2015, 19:51
Just because it's been quiet in here all year doesn't mean things haven't been busy on the slot car front. A friend and I completed our modular 3-lane routed track with full scenery. It was a massive effort
and was received by kids young and old with great enthusiasm. Only problem...we were too busy at the event to take any pictures. Maybe next time.

Now that that project is finally complete it's time to move on, so I have dismantled my wonderful perimeter Grand Prix track so that a new project can begin. Stay tuned.

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