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Vintage Racing Resource
In an attempt to share with others a "scratch-builders' resource" I am working towards developing an online reference index of the various articles within each issue of a number of vintage automobile magazines i have collected over the past decade.

I will be developing a category within my blog labeled "Vintage Racing Resource" - a temporary destination where, along with this reference index, original photos, magazine articles and newspaper coverage related to historic motor racing and classic automobilia will periodically be posted.

The content within these posts is meant solely for personal reference / interest and is not to be used for any means of commercial gain or profit. If any material posted herein infringes upon a rightful party's copyright please contact us and said content will be removed immediately.

Hopefully this will allow others to track down information on a particular car or race which they may have interest in or are attempting to model (or simply provide a few minutes of enjoyment browsing through some fantastic old cover images and articles!).

(in progress - patience please!)

a bit about myself
Hi all - i am an architect residing and working in Vancouver BC Canada. Here is a little blurb about my interests and how i became re-aquainted with slot cars.

Although born in 1971 just after the glory days of slot car racing some of my fondest memories are of racing tycopro / afx ho cars with my father and brother in the mid '70's.

About 8 years ago i discovered vintage slot cars - this time in 1/32 scale. I was looking to find a momento for my brother - a '68 charger rt for him to display on his tv set (he had just purchased a fully restored 1:1 vesrion from Salt Lake City - a real beauty!). At any rate, as this was well before the large die cast model craze the only '68 charger models were the odd hot wheels or matchbox diecasts, or old plastic model kits. Then i found an eldon slot car - a white dodge charger (1/35?) ... and ever since i have casually been collecting vintage slot cars and accesories (mostly in 1/32) - a great hobby to focus on when work gets to be too much!

My interest in the history of slot cars - models / makes and manufacturers has grown in parallel with my passion for vintage automobiles and racing. When i first moved to Vancouver BC from southern Manitoba I was fortunate to have stumbled across a great local automobilia store. I quickly became a regular and got to know the owners very well. In the early years the store proved a treasure trove of vintage motorsport literature which i couldn't get enough of - and before i knew it i had amassed a fairly serious collection of automobilia literature - which i continue to read and re-read.

Most recently i have also become quite interested in the 'scratch build' game. This forum has been a wonderful resource for learning about frame and body building techniques. As time permits i look forward to trying my hand at creating some of my favourite cars that currently aren't available.

At any rate - thanks for taking a few minutes to read my ramble - as time permits i look forward to sharing some of my interests / collections / projects with others through this blog - as i have mentioned to a few of this forums members before - the genuine comaradarie and spirit of sharing within the hobby is very impressive!

Regards - R. Baron

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entry 12 Jan 2012, 08:49

here is a project that stalled out a year or two ago that i am revisiting

as i have posted before, i, like many others, find auto transporters / carriers /
haulers quite interesting

at some point i came across this odd but fascinating photo on the interweb and
filed it away - i have no idea of this hauler's story but i liked!

thinking i might want to give a 1/32 slot version a try i picked up a cheap 1/32
vw 'pull back' van at the local toy store, brought it home and with my trusty
hack saw sliced out its midsection

i like to sketch out ideas and often use google sketch up as another aid in design
and visualization - knowing they would have available a 'stock' model of a vw van and
vw bug i figured i could quickly noodle with some ideas for my version of the vw transport

also a fan of the '50s influences in auto design, i opted for a bit of a vintage feel for my trailer's
simple profile and set up

then it was back to the sectioned van ... a bit of work on a rear deck, rear window, hitch and
trailer bits with styrene and primer - et voila

i jammed a sporty revell driver up front - and added a working tailgate to the rear - the ho wheels
worked nicely with the teeny tiny scale of it all -

so, now - having never scratch built with styrene till this project, i still need to learn to do a bit of
tidying / filling and sanding to get as 'professional' a finish as possible

of course the payload has to be some version of a vw bug ... race or drag ... or special deliveries ... we shall see smile.gif

the biggest reason this one had stalled is that i still cannot decide on a '50s flavor paint scheme ...
am still leaning to a mean gloss black - off white / cream combination .. .. suggestions please!?!?!

cheers, Ron

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post 13 Jan 2012, 12:38
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Sir Slotalot
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That looks fantastic, I've never seen a VW Transporter like that before. I do recall seeing a VW T1 Porsche Transporter, but that had an extended wheelbase rather than a trailer, I recall it was a pale yellow colour.

Hope you get the colour decided soon as it would be great to see this project finished.

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post 14 Jan 2012, 01:27
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..looks dandy!....now you will work the little "bugs" out tongue.gif ...get it bugs..vw beatle...nevermind!....Nice job Ron! clap.gif

Goodday, eh!
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post 15 Jan 2012, 04:37
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Racer Dude

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What about light blue and cream?

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post 21 Jan 2015, 13:59
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As it seem's that Masmedia are now talking to Ian and the Mod's, I thought
I would try and revive some interest in past Topic's that are of interest to me.

Hopefully there are other's that share these interest's.

I've not had time to 'look through them yet' a pleasure to come, so I won't
be adding any photo's etc. for the moment.

I'm also not sure if we should "continue with an old thread" or start a new one.

I think reviving an old one is probably best, otherwise all the 'historic posting's'
will be lost - forgotten - passed over.


P.S. Hope you don't get sick of reading this posting, as I'm going to 'copy & past' it on a number of revisited Thread's.
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post 21 Jan 2015, 16:14
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Team Owner

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not sure what you are referring to with masmedia?? I haven't been on this forum much of late but am curious that you are alluding changes may be coming??

regards, Ron
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