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entry 16 Aug 2007, 22:17
Mid America Raceway and Hobbies, Montgomery, IL
July 15, 2007
All races on the Midwest Monster by Gerding

Event Gallery

Formula Falcon
12 Entries

Laps / Best time / Driver

131 6.749 O Dave Fiedler
129 6.589 B Brian Meharry * Fast Lap
128 6.698 B Kevin Van Pelt
120 6.981 B Jeff “JayGee” Goldberg
119 6.922 G Ken Swanson
114 7.359 B Rick Brown
114 7.460 Y Bill Sebinek
111 7.519 G Larry Kelly
111 7.577 O John Austin
100 7.469 B Eric Staehlin
100 7.469 B Basil Michael
096 7.738 O Jack Beers

Vintage Closed Wheel (Can-Am)
13 Entries

Laps / Best time / Driver

132 6.637 G Ken Swanson * Fast Lap
130 6.858 P Brian Meharry
130 6.711 G Dave Fiedler
125 6.808 B Jeff “JayGee” Goldberg
120 7.078 B Rick Brown
119 7.988 R Kevin Van Pelt
117 7.136 G Larry Kelly
117 7.140 O Jack Beers
116 7.249 Y Bill Sebinek
113 7.359 O John Austin
111 7.391 R Bill Worden
111 7.093 G Eric Staehlin
098 7.690 B Basil Michael

Flexi Falcon GT-1
13 Entries

Laps / Best time / Driver

135 6.481 O Brian Meharry
130 6.262 O Dave Fiedler * Fast Lap
129 6.531 B Kevin Van Pelt
125 6.648 O Jack Beers
123 6.488 P Eric Staehlin
122 6.703 G “Go” Bob Allen
121 6.918 B Bill Sebinek
121 6.921 O Jeff “JayGee” Goldberg
120 7.089 O John Austin
119 6.636 O Ken Swanson
119 6.867 G Rick Brown
109 7.359 W Larry Kelly
102 6.917 B Basil Michael

1/32 Eurosport (C-Can Superwasp)
5 Entries

Laps / Best time / Driver

132 6.417 G Ken Swanson * Fast Lap
123 6.808 G Jack Beers
118 6.699 O Kevin Van Pelt
103 7.468 O Larry Kelly
084 6.808 G Dave Fiedler

Euro 12
8 Entries

139 5.500 G Brian "Son Gun" Meharry * Fast Lap
138 5.820 Y Ken Swanson
138 5.992 B Jeff “JayGee” Goldberg
134 6.042 G Jack Beers
133 5.816 O Kevin Van Pelt
129 5.867 G Dave "Obi Wan" Fiedler
121 6.308 G Larry Kelly
113 6.311 Y “Go” Bob Allen

Thank you to all of the racers who stayed to help turn marshall!
Thank you to Laura Schmitt for the fine job directing the races.
Congratulations to Doug Meharry for demonstrating that getting practice track time pays off...and thanks to all the racers that participated.

The 2007 NIFS Winter Spring Season Final Standings are here:

2007 Final Standings

Congratulations to Ken Swanson who swept all of the classes.

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Background- my history
Some people have asked me to post a bit about myself so here is my story:

My earliest experiences with scale model cars were prompted by my maternal grandfather; (who was a regional sales manager for Ford motor company) In my pre-school years he would frequently give me "dealer promotional" 1/25 scale plastic model cars to play with. I remember having fairlanes, t-birds and other models that I would run on the sidewalk, bash together, and I think even some of them I set on fire. Today these models are very collectible and command big money. I wish that I or someone had just packed them away in a box until I was old enough to appreciate them.

As far as slot racing was concerned, I think my very first slot set was an Eldon 1/32 figure 8 set; the one where if you hit the front bumper parts of the car flew off. The home that I grew up in had hardwood floors recycled from bowling alley lanes (honest!) and I did a lot of floor racing in those days. Later I went from 1/32 to HO at home... a few of my buddies had Revell or Strombecker sets so I kept what cars I had if I wanted to go to their houses and "play". My favorite 1/32 homeset car was the Strombecker Ferrari 365P2 that as you can see if you click the link has a certain sensual beauty about it that modern sports prototype racers are missing.

When I was in my early teens I bought my first "serious" 1/32 car which was a Strombecker Aston Martin DB5 kit that the Marathon petrol stations were selling (cheaply) as a promotion for the movie "Goldfinger" or "Thunderball" I forget which. I had done a terrible job of assembling it and Dave Gautheir (who I would later race with and had an uncanny resemblence to the "Radar O'Riley" character in M.A.S.H.) who was sort of tending things behind the raceway counter helped me rebuild it so it ran semi decently on their routed commercial track. Oddly enough I never had anything other than toy cars at that point and never raced at commercial raceways during the "boom". A couple of times I went to "big" races that were held in my area but just to watch.

I mostly dabbled in 1/24 club racing through my high school years and there were a hand full of small routed club tracks in people's basements. Now and then I would travel to commercial tracks with some of the club members to race. I remember the night at Chauncey Reynold's house that I put an X-acto knife blade clean through my finger trying to get a tyre off of his truing machine. I bandaged it up and still was able to race that night!

During my college years I mostly ran NCC Group 20 (Stock car and sports car bodies) and later Group 27 wing cars. In 1976 I raced Group 20 and 27 in what many people called the biggest slot racing event ever in North America; "The Bicentennial" at Joel's Race Place located in Greenbelt MD which is more or less a suburb of Washington DC. Everyone brought their "A+" equipment to this race in hopes of glory. So a casual racer such as I who had no sponsorship also had no chance. It was huge fun though and I will never forget Bob Rule of Champion standing on top of a pool table doing yo-yo tricks to entertain the crowd. I later learned that Bob had a financial interest in the Duncan yo-yo company so what he was doing was more of a product demonstration.

Other 1/24 tracks I remember running on regularly in the mid 1970's were Fantom Raceways in Watervielet MI, Bob's Hobby and Collectors Shop in Hartford MI, (also) Bob's Hobby in West Allis, WI, the raceway that was in the Basement of the Bowling alley in Cincinatti, OH (what was the name of that place???) and a American Orange that was tucked in a corner of a motorcycle shop in Battle Creek, MI.

Just before I got married I built a replica of the Auto World/AFX championship 4-lane circuit on two 4x8's in the basement of the condo that my eventual wife and I lived in. My race track hosted several club events and the very first Tri-State HOPRA event held in my home town of Battle Creek, MI (the track was moved to Cereal City Raceways, whom I was a partner in, for the HOPRA event). I forget how many racers participated that day- probably 30-40 or so. It was a big deal because few HOPRA races had ever been held in western Michigan.

Most of my racing in the middle 1970's was on John Babcock's immaculate full landscaped 4-lane T-Jet track. We mostly ran hard body Trans-am cars with A/FX chassis and limited mods on his track. The racing at John's was tough as nails but friendly and everyone sat down afterward with a soda and shucked and jived. I wish I had pics of these TA cars because everyone went way out of their way to make them look good and authentic. John always seemed to have a car that looked a cut above; which is to be expected since he is a professional auto body man.

Our West Michigan racing team as I remember consisted of John and Jody Babcock, Rick and Phil "blue racer" Sloan, John "reed rattler" Morris, Bill Brown (no relation), Chauncey Reynolds, Jim "the thin man" Stevens and a few other folks that I have probably forgotten.

I dabbled in and out of 1/24 and 1/32 in the 70's and 80's- mostly running the odd HOPRA race and usually doing well in concours. I forget which year I finished second in the overall amatuer tri-state HOPRA season standings? I also belonged to the Jackson MI HO club that raced in "Big Al" Miletech's basement. He had not one, but two HOPRA spec tracks set up and both were computer controlled with overhead monitors for the laps and timing which was high tech for the late 70's even though it is common now. I Think he had two TRS-80 (Radio Shack) computers that the race director system ran on.

In the 1990's I just built static models and collected a raft of diecast (I really should thin the herd a bit). In the late 1990's my replica of Joest Racing's Daytona 24 hour winning 962 was selected to be displayed at what was then called "The RCHTA Show" which is now called the iHobby Expo, held at the 840,000 square foot Rosemont Convention Center. I felt my model was a for sure contest winner but I didn't realise that to really WIN a model contest you had to place the model in a diorama setting to catch the judge's eye. Needless to say my beautiful and very authentic Porsche sitting by it's lonesome did not win.

During that period I wrote stories for and contributed photography for "Motor Racing Replica News" which is now a defunct magazine for model builders. I remember fondly the trip that I made with Mike Quarterman (editor of MRRN) to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway "Hall of Fame" museum where we were allowed to photograph the cars on display and were taken to "the basement" (sans cameras) and I got to sit (barely) in Mickey Thompson's infamous "sidecar" indy race car.

Sometime in the late 1990's or early 2000's the local purveyor of diecast cars started carrying Fly 1/32 cars and then Scalextric. At first I wasn't that interested- but before long I was collecting and also running 1/32's but very casually.

In 2005 I started building a competitive national-class USRA category 1 (wing/glue) racing program. I run 1-2 wing races per month and have begun reporting race results as a freelance contributor to the "Old Weird Herald" online slot magazine and Scale Auto Racing News print magazine (published by longtime slot racing cheerleader John Ford).

I am working on my building and driving hoping to make a main event at the 2006 USRA Nationals which will be held at my "home" raceway. I have a Scalextric "sport" 4-lane layout that is currently disassembled due to plans to move it from my basement to a ground level room. Hopefully if I get that room cleaned out and new tables built this summer we might have some 1/32 club racing at my house?

I also own about 375 1/32 RTR's from all of the major companies and because I am a single guy without too many vices I have a pretty healthy budget for slot racing stuff. I have about 30 1/32 cars prepped for scale series plastic track magnet racing, 4 or so 1/24 USRA div 1 cars and perhaps 30 additional USRA motors, 5 USRA Div 2 cars and spares, and 4-5 other cars built for regional racing series. I own 6 Professor motor 1/32 controllers; a Difalco "Fanatic" and a JayGee "Linear 100" for 1/24 racing.