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entry 13 Nov 2016, 10:04
A purchase from Shapeways, though sold as the Opel Kadett GSi it's more familiar to me by its UK name the Astra.

Back in the late 1980s the Astra/Kadett 16v created a major buzz in the hot hatch wars. With around 150bhp a 0-60 time of about 7.5 seconds and top speed of 135mph it was a very quick car, in terms of bragging rights on paper it was faster, more powerful and lighter than its arch rival the Mk2 Golf GTi 16v.

The bodyshell required the windows to be cut and body mounts added to fit a PCS32 chassis and needed a lot of rubbing down and sanding to get a smooth finish, these 3d printed cars have a grainy rough finish.

entry 8 May 2016, 15:53
Following on from the Skoda another wonderful rear engined Czechoslovakian automobile this time the Tatra 603.

A Chase-Cars resin bodyshell, the Tatra certainly looks like a car of the future and using the decals supplied with the kit painted in the livery from the 1960 Monte Carlo rally.

entry 7 May 2016, 10:44
This is my first car purchased from Shapeways, it's a 3d printed Skoda 130rs Supersaloon made by coop500.

I like cars that are a little different and this Skoda is rather cool looking. Never having sprayed a 3d printed car before I wasn't quite sure what approach to take with the preparation. As part of the 3d printing process the shell has a slighty grainy finish, so I rubbed it down a little with wet and dry paper and then cleaned the shell up in warm soapy water. Other than the cleaning and rubbing down the shell doesn't require any other work prior to spraying.

The car is sprayed VW white and is fitted to a PCS32 chassis. The Martini decals are the ones for the Scalextric Porsche 911 and suit the Skoda rather well.

Windows are made from clear plastic and it was necessary to make chassis mounts which are fitted in place with araldite.

I'm very happy with my Shapeways purchase, the order process was very easy and I will be getting more 1/32 3d printed shells in the future.

entry 1 Sep 2015, 14:38
This a resin kit from Chase-Cars, the Thorndyke Special and its a very nice shell indeed.

I have wanted a slot version for many years. My version uses the MRRC Sebring chassis with Ninco wheels.

Featured in the Herbie movie The Love Bug, in reality an Apollo 3500GT, it was driven by Peter Thorndyke the nemesis of Jim Douglas.

The Apollo 3500GT is certainly a good looking car.

entry 4 Aug 2015, 17:58
A conversion of the Airfix Herald kit. I've been meaning to have another go at one of these kits for a few years.

A simple conversion using the PCS32 chassis, the wheels are Scaley MGB Minilites.

entry 22 Mar 2015, 14:17
An Ocar Ferrari TR61 an enjoyable build using the PCS32 chassis and the decals supplied with the kit. I found cutting and trimming the vac formed windscreen and light covers a bit of a challenge.

The paint was from Poundland on a red primer base.

entry 2 Dec 2014, 21:09
This is one I did for a bit of a laugh.

After watching a recent episode of Top Gear on 'Dave' I thought it would be a little bit of fun to have a slot version of the Eagle Hammerhead I-Thrust, the G-Whizz bashing eco car designed from those boys at Top Gear and perhaps the only only car with a moustache.

I found some plans for a paper model and decided to make a version out of plasticard.

A combination of humbrol glue and araldite binds it together, the roof is a little too high but its not meant to be an exact scale replica. I'll add a floppy front bumper at some point.

It trundles round the track at a gentle speed, no lap records for this one.

entry 30 Jul 2014, 15:35
This is a slot car that I have wanted for years and when I managed to pick up this French made Renault 12 for not a lot I was a happy chap.

When I received the car it was in a sorry state, the body had been cut about and most of the stckers were missing. After cleaning and rubbing down I gave it a quick lick of paint and added a simple livery from various decals in my spares box.

The running gear is original and at some stage I will add some lead weights and perhaps change the wheels to a set of Minilites.

entry 16 May 2014, 18:06
A very nice resin kit from Chase-Cars is this Ford Consul GT. One to race whilst shouting "Guv" very loudly.

Another thumbsup.gif to Chase-Cars

entry 11 Apr 2014, 20:36
A resin Alfa Romeo 2600 nice and straightforward build using the MRRC Sebring chassis

entry 30 Dec 2013, 20:13
Recently finished this AA Bodies Talbot Lago, it's the first AA Bodies resin shell I've done and was very pleased with the way it turned out.

The bodyshell sits on a PCS32 chassis and uses Scaley motor etc.

entry 13 Dec 2013, 10:36
This is the new resin bodyshell made by Choc-ice on this forum (Chase-Cars).

Excellent quality bodyshell. I really enjoyed doing this one.

entry 27 Sep 2012, 14:06
I've always having had a soft spot for the 1966 Batmobile so I couldn't resist this Polar Lights kit.

Though the kit is moulded in black plastic it still requires painting to get a nice finish. The decals were a nightmare to apply, but with a little bit of luck I managed to get them to go more or less where I wanted them.

The kit is fitted to a PCS32 chassis with plenty of lead weight. The Batmobile is very quick on my track, but I now realise the motor I used from my spares box is actually a Scalextric 30K sport motor.

I used Penelope Pitlane alloys and the inserts supplied with the kit.

A very nice kit and always good to have something a little different.

entry 5 Jul 2012, 13:35
This is my third attempt at an Airfix E-Type as I've never really had much luck with these kits before.

But having seen the prices of the recent Ninco E-Types, I decided to have another attempt at converting one of these into a slot car using a kit I got a couple of years ago.

I'm pleased with the way it's turned out and this means that I won't have to attempt to do 4th one.

I've used a PCS32 chassis which does fit nicely, it's certainly low and the Revell E-Type I have towers over it.

entry 14 Jun 2012, 13:05
This is one of the resin body kits produced by the Forum's own Choc-Ice and based, I believe, on a 1972 Cadillac Sedan Deville. It's always nice to have a car that's a little different and this one suits the bill. It's a huge car and certainly used its fair share of black paint.

With lots of chrome foil, sporty rims and a low ride helps to give it a custom look.

I've used the chassis (extended by an inch or so) and running gear from an HPI Nissan Skyline R32 which I picked up from TK Maxx last year for 5. I've heard mixed reviews about the performance of these HPI cars, but I'm rather surprised how well this big car goes and the amount of grip the tyres have on my wood track. It certainly gives the Batmobile a run for its money.

entry 4 Jun 2012, 16:40
Another fine kit from George Turner, really enjoyed doing this one, they require very little work prior to painting, his kits are a joy to build.

entry 15 May 2012, 11:39
One of the fantastic George Turner resin kits which comes supplied with decals and chassis.

Fantastic quality kit and one of my favourite cars, great fun on the track as well.

entry 26 Apr 2012, 11:11
On Ocar Ferrari 275 GTB. I never realised what a stunning car the 275 GTB was, this one's fiited to an old Scaley Ferrari F40 chassis which was sat in the spares box. I'm still getting to grips with chrome foil, but it's easier than painting window frames.

entry 19 Apr 2012, 11:55
A resin Ocar Volvo 544 fitted to a PCS32 chassis. Despite its size it does go surprisingly well on my track.

entry 13 Apr 2012, 11:20
I recently picked up this MRRC bodyshell kit for 11. Though the shell was moulded in red plastic it certainly needed painting, so I primed the body and gave it a few coats of bright red paint and then added a few Ferrari decals.

The wheelbase and body mounts fit the GOM chassis so it makes for a trouble free build and pretty good value.

The gold hubs will be changed for a set of wire rims when they arrive.

The GTO LM is certainly a stunning looking car.

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