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entry 11 May 2010, 13:36
Hi Again.
On Saturday, we ran another Vintage LM friendly event. We had fewer competitors than last time, so most people decided it was time to try something new and different than usual. Some new arrivals, most cars ran stock, some others ran mildly modified, the faster guys tried new things and some newbies drove faster cars and managed to come closer to the top. A nice and relaxed afternoon overall.

We had 12 cars divided in 3 heats.

No we did not run the Lola MkIII, it was swapped for an Alfa after initial testing.

So we started with heat1:

Freddie ran a Fly 917/10 from a Duo Kit, so no driver figure for this one, it was on the other body.
Vasilis Fillipoglou ran a stock 312PB, Kostas borrowed an Alfa from Christine, a really fast car and Thanos drove his dad's Ferrari 312PB

Then we had heat2:

Here Kostas' dad Zafeiris, drove his Alfa, Vasilis APR drove a modified Fly Porsche 906, George Dilmperakis and George Damato ran identical Ferraris (both with offset motor pods and F15 tires I think)

And finally heat3:

This was an interesting one.
Petros drove an almost stock Fly 906, it only had a 21.5k motor and slot it gears, wheels and tires where stock.
Christine drove the Racer 250LM, a heavy but powerful car, it had a Spirit SXXX inline underneath.
Timos drove the new Slot it Chapparal, this had only a mag suspension in it and loosened screws, but it still had the stock tires.
Christos drove a Fly GT40 with a slot it 19.5k 'teal' motor and P4 rears, but no interior... wacko.gif

After the first 5min run, Christine was on top with 31 laps, but Vasilis, Timos and Christos all scored 30. Although Kostas is a young kid (about 10-11 I guess), he drove the little Alfa good enough for a 29lap run so did Petros with his 906. George Dilperakis and George Damato tied at 26 laps.
For the second run Christine got away a bit, Vasilis followed, then Timos and Christos all drivers having a lap distance from the guy in front. Kostas got a lap from Petros and George Dilperakis beat Thanos by 3laps. But on this run, George Damato ran into trouble with his Ferrari and had to abandon the run with only 12laps.
In the third run, Christine, Vasilis and Christos all scored the same number of laps (31), but Timos lost one, so both he and Christos were tied now, while Christine and Vasilis got away. Damato came back with the problems solved and scored the most laps in a 5min run for the race, he got 33. Kostas got another one from Petros, while Thanos, Zafeiris and George Dilmperakis continued to battle it out, with the same number of laps for this one.
In the final run, Christine cleared the win, taking another lap from Vasilis, and Timos edged Christos for third place. Damato scored again the top laps, equal to Christine now (32), but with a better time. Kostas clearly beat Petros, while George Dilperakis finished on top of Thanos, and Zafeiris, beating Damato as well, as he had lost too much time in the second run.

Results after 20 mins:
  1. LOUKISSA CHRISTINA / Racer Ferrari 250LM : 126laps - best lap: 9.205s
  2. APR VASILIS / Fly Porsche 906 : 124laps -best lap: 9.126s
  3. KOULOURIDIS TIMOS / Slot it Chapparal : 122laps - best lap: 9.287s
  4. NISKOPOULOS CHRISTOS / Fly Ford GT40 : 121laps - best lap: 9.564s
  5. KAPETANAKOS KOSTAS / Slot it Alfa Romeo 33TT3 : 117laps - best lap: 9.426s
  6. KOULOURIDIS PETROS / Fly Porsche 906 : 112laps - best lap: 10.033s
  7. DILMPERAKIS GEORGE / Slot it Ferrari 312PB : 107laps - best lap: 9.807s
  8. NISKOPOYLOS THANOS / Slot it Ferrari 312PB : 105laps - best lap: 9.592s
  9. DAMATO GEORGE / Slot it Ferrari 312PB : 104laps - best lap: 8.475s
  10. KAPETANAKOS ZAFIRIS / Slot it Alfa Romeo 33TT3 : 101laps - best lap: 10.175s
  11. FILIPOGLOU VASILIS / Slot it Ferrari 312PB : 89laps - best lap: 10.768s
  12. VAGGER FREDDY / Fly Porsche 917/10 : 89laps - best lap: 11.335s

The podium of the winning cars:

Some technical info...

The winning car:

This is a 250LM racing kit from Racer, running with an inline offset pod and a Spirit SXXX boxer type motor.
Powerful but heavy, lacked the brakes and nimbleness of the slot it cars.

Second place:

A Fly Carrera 6, modified with slot it parts and a 21.5k motor. It also had F15 rear tires on slot it wheels with the stock wheels trued down to inserts. Fast, steady and reliable.

Third place:

This was a stock Chapparal, with all stock wheels, tires, motor, gears etc, but with a mag suspension added. The stock tires were quite slippery on our Ninco track, and this handicapped the car, but still added plenty of sideways action all over the course!

Fourth place:

Another Fly choice, with P4 rear tires and slot it motor (19.5k) and gears, and very light as the owner had neglected to add the interior!!! mad.gif

Fifth place:

Kostas borrowed that Alfa from Christine, which was really fast, having a Slot it 21.5k motor, offset 0.5mm pod, 11/32 gears, mag suspension and Fly racing tires, an overall good setup for Ninco track. This allowed Kostas to score a very respectable 5th place, despite his age, beating Petros in the proccess!! Good job for Kostas!

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post 14 May 2010, 06:27
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Learner Driver

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Hello Timos and thanks once again for the documentation. I see you raced the new Slot. It Chappy. I ran that car at the hobby shop the other day and was very impressed. Although I see the lady with the Racer got the better of you all... wink.gif After reading many of your blogs, she seems to be quite the formidable opponent!

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post 14 May 2010, 12:02
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QUOTE (slothound @ 14 May 2010, 08:27)
Hello Timos and thanks once again for the documentation. I see you raced the new Slot. It Chappy. I ran that car at the hobby shop the other day and was very impressed. Although I see the lady with the Racer got the better of you all... wink.gif After reading many of your blogs, she seems to be quite the formidable opponent!


Hahaha, yeah Christine is fast!! thumbsup.gif
The Chappy is good, I will test it with good tires some day and I' ll see how it fares against the Alfa and the 312PB.
However, I disagree with the guys, about the new Chappy tires on Ninco track. They are not so good, at least, not as good as the F22 ones.
I will test the Chappy with the same tires as our Alfa and Ferrari (Fly Racing rubber) and see...


"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
Mario Andretti
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