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entry 10 May 2011, 08:57
On Saturday we decided to kick up our Rally championship for the season. The first race would be the 2wd category. We will run 6 races for the season, 3 races would be 2wd and 3 races for the 4wd class, adding up all points to decide the championship standings. We had 3 special stages running 3 times, and one super stage (that was our 4lane track running the opposite direction) to form a 10stage rally. We gathered 18 racers with a diversity of cars, so to add some flavor, we set a S1600 class, a rally classic class and a R3 class (but this one had only 2 entries, so no medals for these guys...).
See the park ferme area:

The winner of the super special stage, would get one extra point for the championship, so most people raced hard, but at the end it was Petros with a Fly Porsche 911 Evo3 that edged Kostas with the Clio NSR to take that point.
Results of the super special stage:

Then, off we went for our first loop of the 3 special stages.
The first would be the most difficult one, with a slippery down section, a bridge, narrow passes through rocky terain and a high, up the mountain, section with rough spots (we use real sand, glued to the track and painted over, to simulate a rough and bumpy section). Here, careful but still a bit agressive driving is the key, if you are too careful, you end up slow, if you attack too much, you slide, and the rocks are very near the sides of the road. Petros wins again, Dimitris with a Fly Lancia 037 is second, then Timos with another Fly 911 Evo3 and Kostas with the very fast NSR Clio.

The next stage is a mostly tarmac stage, with some slippery parts, and a few rough spots, but it's a very nice stage, it also has a bridge. Here, you need a good pace, to know exaclty were to push hard and were to lift off.

You can see the slippery section, some rough spots and the bridge are located to the other side. The Fly Evo3 Porsches are well suited here, so Petros and Timos take the 2 top spots. Giannis is next with his NSR Fiat 500 Cup car, then Alexis with a Ninco Porsche and Kostas with the Clio:

The third stage is the shortest (so more laps here). It's a tarmac twisty section up the mountains, were the road is slippery, grassy at a part and a bit wet sometimes. Weather would play it's part here, as drizzle came and went and changed traction during the event.

Porsche trio in this one, Petros, Alexis and Timos, followed by Giannis with the Fiat 500 cup car and Dimitris with the 037.

After the first loop of stages, it was service time. A 10 min service was granted to try to short the cars out, do repairs, work on setup and tires and whatever may be needed. Results after 4 stages were:

Petros was already far ahead, Timos with some consistent driving was second and Kostas, still adapting to his new Clio, was third, but showing promising speed, was definetely a threat. Top S1600 entry was Thanos with a Ninco Citroen Saxo. Seemed that the race would be a Porsche battle, but still a long way to go....

For the next loop, after the service park, stage4 would be reduced from 6 to 4 laps, due to its extreme length. Kostas and Dimitris attack, Petros resists, and Timos gives up some seconds, as in this stage he is weak. Giannis and Alexis are close and Freddie tops the S1600 class.

Stage 5 is a strong stage for the Porsches, so Petros and Timos are again on the top2. Kostas splits the Porsche armada, Alexis follows and George Zourbanos cames in th top5 for the first time with the Gauloises 911.

Stage 6 is on the mountain, but this time a light drizzle starts in the lower part near the end. A couple of guys run this stage a bit more slippery, so results vary a bit. Top spots are close however and the overall rankings are not largely affected:

After stage 6 another 10 min service time was granted. Timos missed this one, and left the car unattended, Petros on the other hand, took the opportunity to take care of his tires. Kostas was getting more and more accustomed to his new weapon, Dimitris was trying to sort his low Lancia but had trouble on the rough.
Results after the second loop were:

The final loop of stages would determine the results.
On Stage 7 Kostas takes all risks and comes on top, with a fantastic time, Petros and Dimitris hold their own but Timos has an accident with an off resulting a rear axle coming off the car and looses 10seconds to repair in the stage. Second to third place difference is covered by Kostas and both he and Timos were almost equal with 2 stages to go.

In stage 8 Petros wins but Timos loses more time, due to deslots, so all Kostas has to do is to avoid risks. Petros wins, Kostas grabs 6 seconds from Timos and secures second place, Dimitris drives well at a non suitable for the 037, stage and Timos deslots twice to lose another 10 seconds.

Final stage would be the mountain stage, were the drizzle is more consistent now, and affects all participants significantly. Kostas wins, Timos comes second, but Dimitris slides the most. Petros just cruises to avoid damage and takes the win overall.
Stage 9 results:

And overall standings after 10 stages:

S1600 class and classic rally classes had a seperate classification, with the top finish taking a medal so both classes results were:


Podium and trophies:

Petros win both overall and classic, Kostas is second, Timos third and Thanos takes the win in the S1600 class with his yellow Saxo.
Some more photos on cars and scenery:

Dimitris' Lancia:

Christos' Fiat 131 Abarth:

Kostas' NSR Clio R3:

Thanos' top S1600 Saxo:

Petros' ultra fast Porsche 911:

Stelios' Citroen C2:

Timos Porsche 911:

Nikos' top Renault 5 turbo:

George Zourbanos nice Porsche:

Next race in 2 weeks time, this one will be with 4wd machines and it seems already that it will be a tough one, as Spirit Peugeots 205, MSC Metros and RS200, various Nincos, the Avant Slot 207 and the Xsara Pro by SCX are all very fast and really close. Until then, take care and race hard!!!

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