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> Maralic Models News; Nissan 240 RS
Posted by JEXY1 - 21-06-16 17:14 - 1 comments

News from Maralic Models;

New liveries on the Nissan 240RS;

Description: Set formed by the two car of Nissan team that played the Rally “Corte Ingles" in its 1984 edition.
REF: C-1602
Units: 25 ud.
Price: 290€

Description: Reproduction of the winning car of Corte Ingles Rally in 1984, piloted by Terry Kaby-Kevin Gormley, who carried the dorsal number four.
REF: C-1627
Units: 50 ud.
Price: 150€

Description: Reproduction of the car driven by Shekhar Mehta-Yvonne Mehta in the Rally El Corte Ingles in 1984, he finally got the fifth position.
REF: C-1601
Units: 50 ud.
Price: 150€

Description: Street version of Nissan 240 RS, specifically is a scale replica of one of the units to approval for competition model.
REF: C-1604
Units: 25 ud.
Price: 135€

For more info; www.maralic-models.com

Images and info as supplied by Maralic Models.
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> Slot.it News - New Porsches and motor
Posted by JEXY1 - 21-06-16 16:49 - 21 comments

News from Slot.it;

Porsche 956LH n.33 3rd LeMans 1984
Drivers: D.Hobbs, P.Streiff, S.van der Merwe
Code: CA02h
Official selling date: June the 24th

The 956 model was created by Porsche in 1982 to compete in the new Group C category. It was replaced in 1985 by the similar 962 model.
It was one of the most successful racing cars ever: it won four 24h Le Mans competitions consecutively, in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, and the World Car Manufacturer title three times.

The car was powered by a 2.650 cc engine. Its monocoque aluminum chassis was new for Porsche, previously known for their space frame design. Through this change, the regulated minimum weight of 800 Kg was reached.
This car, driven by Philippe Streiff, Sarel van der Merwe, David Hobb, they reached 3th place at the 1984 Le Mans 24 Hours racing for the Skoal Bandit - Fitzpatrick Racing.

Porsche 962C 85 #4 Le Mans 1988
Drivers: M.Reuter, F. Hunkeler, K.Lechner
Code: CA34b with new motor MX16
Official selling date: June the 24th

The Porsche 962 is a sport-prototype racing car which was designed to replace the all-conquering Porsche 956, in order to comply with the updated Americans IMSA and WSC Group C rules which mandated a different positioning of the driver's feet. The Porsche 962's body and aerodynamics were routinely modified by various private teams during the racing season.

For this reason, Porsche 962 came often with modified nose and tail, as well as with custom wheel arches, air intakes and wings. Almost all private Porsche 956 were converted to 962 specification between 1985 and early 1986. The '962C' appeared for the first time at Le Mans in 1985. The engine was a liquid cooled, 6 cylinders boxer unit, with two turbos, 4 valves per cylinder and double overhead camshaft.

This car raced for Brum team at Le Mans in 1988, driven by M. Reuter, F. Hunkeler and W. Lechner and painted in Camel livery.

V12/4-23K RPM motor
no pinion, no cables

The CURRENT orange motor MX06 (v12/3 as we know it) is a 23K rpm. A few years ago the factory changed the metal case of the orange endbell motor, from the old one with rounded off edges, to the one with squared edges. This, for whatever reason, increased the RPM from 21.5K to 23K. We never rectified the ratings.

The new 23K motor (v12/4 from now on) is exactly the same as the V12/3 you're used to, except for two things:

1 - a different endbell, which is now a single piece in order to keep the brushes more firmly and hopefully have a more stable production

2 - a electrical noise suppressor (varistor ring) inside the motor

Performance wise, they are the same.

Images and information as supplied by Slot.it
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> Le Mans Miniatures Ferrari 330 TRi LM 1961
Posted by abie321 - 17-06-16 09:57 - 5 comments

News from Le Mans Miniatures ;

Historique / Historical background :

Among the 11 Ferrari's entered in Le Mans 24 Hours 1961 in the “Sport” category, three of them are TR61. T
But the design of the body has been deeply revised. Enzo Ferrari is finally allowed convince by Carlo Chiti of the necessity of a new body in order to
improve the aerodynamic of the car. So, the new cars have a coupés shape without roof. To meet the requirements of the new regulation in
term of slope of the windscreen, this one is curved and extended on sides and links in the back, very enhanced. The wheelbase of the new TR61 is
now 2.41m. The profile of the oil pan has been modified and it allows to lower appreciably the engine, which is always placed in front and moved
to the left. The front hood is consequently modified, the front mouth is divided in 2 partitions. The short exhaust pipes of the TR60 are replaced
by long ones. In the course of the numerous tests, a rear deflector appears on the rear bonnet, first to avoid the return of exhaust gases in
the cockpit and which turns out to improve the high-speed stability. The car number 10 was specially built for LeMans 24 hours race. The
one of team Mairesse and Parkes is a hybrid, a successful mixture of the TR58 / 59 with the improvements of the TR61. As for the car of the
Rodriguez brothers it is a new frame also that is confided to the NART. The three TR61 entered in the race thus have each a different body.
Thanks to the tenacity and the moderate boldness of the team Gendebien - Hill, the TR 61 car number 10 ends victorious.
Olivier Gendebien wins here his 3rd victory in LeMans, the second beside Phil Hill and it is the 5th victory for Ferrari who also beats the
record at the distance. It is the last time official Ferrari 250 TR161 appears; it is already decided that the World championship of 1962 will be reserved for GT cars.The 12 cylinders engine Testa Rossa, where the name comes from, has been trusted in front position.

All Picture and background info courtesy of Le Mans Miniatures
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> Scalextric News - First BTCC model available
Posted by JEXY1 - 16-06-16 14:18 - 19 comments

News from Scalextric;

The first of the new BTCC cars are now available;

BMW E30 M3
BTCC 1991
Ref; C3782
RRP; £39.99
Available now

The BMW M3 dominated the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) in the late eighties and early nineties, but Steve Soper was not able to contain Andy Rouse and his Toyota Carina in rounds eight and nine at Donington Park in 1991. While Soper was able to claim second place in the first race, he was forced to retire in the second. Despite never becoming a BTCC Champion, Steve Soper was hugely successful in motorsport, earning the nickname ‘Soperman’ from his fans.

Ford Sierra RS500
BTCC 1988
Brands Hatch
Ref; C3738
RRP; £39.99
Available now

Steve Soper finished 2nd at Brands Hatch in the 1988 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), behind rival Andy Rouse. Overall Steve finished 15th due to a combination of entering less than half of the races that year, with one being cancelled (where he had pole position). Of those races he entered, Steve achieved some fantastic results (one first, two second places and one DNS).

Touring Car Legends Twinpack
Ford Sierra RS500 and BMW E30
Ref; C3693A
RRP £84.99
Available June 2016

Andy Rouse is regarded by many people as one of the most successful drivers ever to appear in the BSCC. His 60 overall wins in the category was the highest total by any driver for many years, until being overhauled by Jason Plato at Brands Hatch in the opening round of the 2011 season. The BTCC underwent a revised structure for the 1990 season and catered for GpA-specification cars in two classes; up to 2000cc and over 2000cc. Rouse finished 3rd overall and 2nd in class in the 1990 British Touring Car Championship.

Frank Sytner's BTCC career started in 1982 when he started racing a Rover 3500S for Team Sanyo Racing, after a season of mixed results Frank naturally gravitated towards BMW and started to race for Grace International Racing. Solely driving BMW's from then on, Frank achieved his first overall BTCC win in 1988 and became British Touring Car Champion – a title he would earn again in 1990 in the up to 2000cc division with the BMW M3s enjoying a 27 race/class-winning sequence. Frank Sytner took the class honours, with five wins in the division in total.

Ford Sierra RS500
BTCC 1990
Brands Hatch
RRP; £39.99
Available June 2016

Robb Gravett and his Ford Sierra RS500 was able to win the 1990 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) with his team Trakstar Motorsport. Despite a disappointing start to the season, Robb was able to bounce back and win nine times that year, including this race at Silverstone in 1990. Robb got the fastest lap time and claimed another win for the imposing Ford Sierra RS500.

Text and images as supplied by Hornby Hobbies.
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> Teamslot News; Limited Edition Lancia Stratos & kit
Posted by JEXY1 - 16-06-16 13:36 - 0 comments

News from Teamslot;

Lancia Stratos
Ref; 11515
“Tour De France 1980”
RTR Limited edition of 300.
Kit version also available - Ref KIT010

A new livery from Teamslot with RTR tampo printing and the latest chassis that can take the anglewinder pod. The kit version will be supplied with decals.

Images and info as supplied by Staff Slot Cars UK.

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