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> NSR News - BMW Z4 GT3 - Liqui Moly 2011 Dubai 24hrs
Posted by JEXY1 - 5-10-15 16:21 - 5 comments

Liqui Moly
2011 Dubai 24hrs
Team Engstler
Ref; NSR0001AW

Due into the UK in a couple of weeks is the latest model of the BMW Z4 from NSR. The car is the Liqui Moly Team Engstler entry as raced at the 2011 Dubai 24hours. This GT3 event is often described as the greatest motorsport event you have never heard off, and features top GT3 teams from around the world duking it out at the desert circuit every January.

Images and text as supplied by Gaugemaster.
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> SRC News - Porsche 914/6 Jagermeister
Posted by JEXY1 - 5-10-15 16:10 - 0 comments

Porsche 914/6
Jagermeister- Wolfenbuttel (D) 1972 - E.Schimf
(German Limited Edition)
Ref; SRC01608

We all know Jagermeister cars are orange, right? Wrong!!! Before they settled on their bright orange livery seen on Porsches and other brands during the seventies onwards, a car raced just once in green in 1972. If any of you have seen the bottle this curiously tasting alcoholic drink comes in, you will know this is also green so possibly this should have been the correct colour! The model has been commissioned by SRC's German distributor, but the UK will be getting a few units.

Images and info as supplied by Gaugemaster.
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> Scalextric Test Track
Posted by Chappy - 30-09-15 19:29 - 1 comments
Pro Chassis Ready - top the podium with Scalextric and Slot.it!

Date: 25/09/2015


In this edition of Test Track we’re focusing on our new Pro Chassis Ready (PCR) system and what it means for Scalextric cars and for slot-racing as a whole. We also have the premiere of a brand new Scalextric TV advert which will be launching next month – be sure to let us know what you think! Finally, some updates on three 2016 models discussed on previous Test Tracks.

It was great to see the discussion on the last installment of Test Track online, however we did notice some trepidation about water labelling. The results from water labelling are fantastic and for those who aren’t truly convinced yet, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time. With more releases due using this technique, we’re positive you’ll love the results!

Pro Chassis Ready


Announced at the beginning of the year, Pro Chassis Ready (PCR) is a new feature on selected Scalextric cars in the 2015 range, and will feature on all newly tooled cars from 2016. The PCR feature allows you to customise and change various components of the Scalextric car to improveperformance, and compete at the highest level of slot-racing.

With PCR the Scalextric car will run out the box as normal, but for those that want to change components and upgrade their performance, PCR makes this quick and painless. This keeps things simple for beginners, and veterans can now take advantage of the wealth of high-end performance parts available from brands such as Slot.it. Hopefully this will also encourage beginners and more intermediate racers to make the leap and participate in slot racing, perhaps even with their local Club.

PCR works by having a separate underpan that can be fitted to the PCR car. This specialist underpan has been designed so that Slot.it parts can be easily added, with all the necessary spaces and mountings for the various parts you’ll want to upgrade. The PCR underpan will need to be purchased separately but these are incredibly low cost (the first two available are £4.99 each). Once you have the PCR underpan, you simply swap it out for the one fitted to the car and get customising!

Quick Guide

The quick guide above shows just how much there is to upgrade with the PCR chassis and Slot.it performance parts such as motors, gears, axles and wheels. This guide doesn’t even mention the electronics (digital chips, lighting etc.) or other parts such as magnets!

The specially engineered chassis is the perfect fit for the Slot.it range of parts, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect combination for the layout. With these top of the range performance parts we hope Scalextric will become a common sight in slot racing clubs around the world.

Scalextric's relationship with Slot.it goes back more than ten years, back when Scalextric Digital was first released. However, the Development team first started talking to Slot.it about a PCR-type project about five years ago as a result of constantly crossing paths at slot racing events. We'd chat at length with Slot.it about hundreds of possible projects but PCR kept coming up. It was then about two years ago that the idea was more formally discussed and plans put into action.

PCR is a fantastic project to be working with our friends at Slot.it on, combining both our strengths to offer slot racers the best slot cars around. Through sharing our skills and expertise, we are confident that we can provide Scalextric fans with race-winning cars.

Through PCR we hope to link Scalextric cars with enthusiasts and slot car clubs. Remember though that feedback is incredibly important so please let us know what you think, and if you do upgrade a PCR car we’d love to know what you did and what your experience was like. Let us know through our Forum, Facebook page or Twitter using #scalextricpcr.

PCR chassis are currently available on two Scalextric toolings (one set and four cars): the McLaren P1s, and the McLaren P1 set, plus the BMW Z4s. The PCR underpans (C8533 McLaren P1 and C8536 BMW Z4) and one of the McLaren P1s are available now, with the remaining lines available to pre-order now, due for delivery in November and December.

P.S. the McLaren P1 set (C1342) has already sold out, but with more stock due in before Christmas you can also pre-order this set now.

From 2016 all new tooling will feature PCR wherever possible. While there may be circumstances that it’s not possible to have a PCR chassis, we want to include this with as many cars as possible. We’re also hopeful older tooling Scalextric cars will be able to benefit from PCR. While tests haven’t been completely finalised, it looks possible that 3D printing may be utilised to create a PCR chassis for old Scalextric models

New Scalextric TV advertising

As we mentioned in the introduction, we’re very pleased to be able to show you the premiere of our new Scalextric TV advertising, launching on children’s TV next month. Showcasing the upcoming ARC F1 set (C1346) with its 2014 McLaren and Mercedes cars, we hope it’ll be a hit with younger racers. Who knows, it may even tempt some Test Track readers into trying out ARC for themselves!


Ford Sierra RS500 (part of the C3693A Touring Car Legends Twinpack)

Following on from the First Shot from the tooling that we showed off in the last Test Track, we’re now able to update you with the Final Engineering Prototype. There are some amends we need to make to the model (like some alterations to the seat, grill etc.) but in general we’re very happy with how the model is progressing.

Remember that the Ford Sierra RS500 is available to pre-order in the Legends Twinpack with the BMW M3.

VW Campervan ‘Hippie’ (C3761) & Monster Truck ‘Rattler’ (C3711)

We also have the Final Samples for both the Campervan and Monster Truck we spoke about last time. You’ll be hard pressed to find any differences between the Decoration and Signed Samples but it’s really any excuse for us to show off this amazing artwork!

Both of these models are available for pre-order and are due for release in January next year.

Phew! Well that’s it for this edition of Test Track. We’ll need a bit of recovery time before the next blog but we’re hopeful we’ll be back around this time next month when we’ll have some very exciting news for you!

Lots to talk about from this Test Track and we hope to see you on the Forum, Facebook or Twitter using the #ScalextricTestTrack

Happy Racing!

The Test Track Team

© Hornby Hobbies Ltd. All rights reserved.

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The third edition of Test Track has just been issued on the Scalextric website and the article takes an in-depth look at PCR. There’s also the premiere of a new Scalextric TV advert plus some updates on previously announced models.

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> Racer Sideways News, Whats Coming and When
Posted by News_reports - 22-09-15 16:41 - 26 comments

Sideways is expanding again on its Group 5 Series with the newest livery
of the BMW 320 Jaegermeister,the Zachspeed Capri and the new Mustang,
they are also bringing more Pit Girls and Gas Pumps in 1/32 scale.

Wait did you say Mustang ?

Yes and for the first time we have a number for the Group 5 Mustang RCSW46, although not yet confirmed,
livery is widely tipped to be the Miller Car as shown below.

Some shots of the pre production moulds

RCSW41A BMW 320 Jaegermeister Tm DRM Nurbergring 77Grohs should be with us before Christmas

In addition to the successful Grid Girls , Sideways are to produce a limited run of 1/32 scale classic petrol pumps .
The first should be with us next week in Gulf Livery.

Also in next weeks delivery will be the JPS Francoise and Playboy Grid Girls,
along with the new RCSW36 Capri Zakspeed Turbo SACHS Racing livery

Sideways Racer pictures and Information provided by Guagemaster.
Miller Mustang image courtesey of Motorsport.com
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> Avant Slot Scenery
Posted by tamar.nelwan - 18-09-15 14:26 - 10 comments

News from Avant Slot
Due out in the next weeks !
Track Scenery White Plastic Kits.

Ref 70011 Marshalls Tower

Ref 70012 Pit Lane Tile

Ref 70013 Pit Box Team White

Ref 70014 Pit Box Team Black

Text & images provided by Avant Slot
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