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> Penelope Pitlane Range - 4 New Chassis added
Posted by Ian B - 28-02-15 09:31 - 4 comments

Penelope Pitlane New Chassis

4 New Chassis added to Penelope Pitlane Range of Nickel Silver adjustable Chassis kit.
All PP chassis follow the same easy assemble basic layout with separate main chassis plate, guide plate & front axle plate.
Each Part has etched fold lines enabling the user to build the chassis in minutes with only basic tools required.
The chassis are designed to be compatible for use with standard running gear, although oilite bearings or ball race bearings can also be fitted.
Nickel silver is ideal for soldering so parts can be fixed together permanently if desired.

Formula E -
Minimum Wheel-Base 64mm
Maximum Wheel-Base 75mm
Chassis Width 17mm
Motor – Slimline Short Shaft

Formula E - Based on the popular SMJ chassis, we have moved the motor back towards the rear axle by 6mm. This has resulted in a greater range of wheel-base.
Front axle to guide adjustable.
Rear motor mount is also drilled to accept fastening screws.
Available Now £9.95

Concours -
Minimum Wheel-Base 64mm
Maximum Wheel-Base 75mm
Chassis Width 17mm
Motor – Short Slimline (Beardog etc)

Concours is an ideal option for the scratch builder with the short can slimline motor leaving the maximum amount of space for interior / driver detailing.
Compared to the SMJ chassis the front of the motor is 15mm further back.
Front axle to guide adjustable.
Rear motor mount is also drilled to accept fastening screws.
Available Now £9.95

Picture shows a comparison between (Left to right) SMJ, Formula E, Concours.
AW Sport 250
Minimum Wheel-Base 71mm
Maximum Wheel-Base 95mm
Chassis Width 34mm (widest point)
Motor – S Can, can End Drive
Gear – Slot.it GA16**
AW Sport 250 is an option for saloon / sport car bodies where a standard angle winder chassis would be too wide.
Front axle to guide adjustable.
Rear motor mount is also drilled to accept fastening screws.
Available Now £13.95

Clubman Lowline
Minimum Wheel-Base 65mm
Maximum Wheel-Base 79mm
Chassis Width Minimum 21mm
Motor – Slimline Short Shaft
Clubman Lowline is an option for saloon / sport car bodies where a slimline motor is the preferred option
Front axle to guide adjustable. Chassis outriggers can be bent to shape or reduced in length / width to suit the body / wheel size.
Rear motor mount is also drilled to accept fastening screws.
Available Now £9.95

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> Slot.it News; Alfa Romeo 33/3 n.2 2nd Targa Florio 1971
Posted by JEXY1 - 23-02-15 12:43 - 3 comments

News from Slot.it:

Alfa Romeo 33/3 n.2 2nd Targa Florio 1971
Drivers: A. De Adamich, G. van Lennep
Reference; CA11g
Official selling date: March 4th

The Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Sport Prototype was designed in the mid 1960s to race in the World Sports Car Championship. Eventually it succeeded and won the Manufacturers' Championship in 1975, and again in 1977.

Designed by Carlo Chiti, a famous Italian engineer, the several variants of the car were raced by the Alfa factory and by many privateers as well.

After the initial victories in the 2-litres Prototype category, the 'T33/3' version made its debut in 1969 and gained its best results in the 1971 World Championship: the Autodelta 'open' Prototypes won the overall ranking at Brands Hatch, Watkins Glen and the Targa Florio, being even faster than the 5-litres 'Sport' cars.

The 'T33/3' cars featured a monocoque chassis, paneled in aluminium and magnesium, a V8 2998 cc engine, and a 6 or 5 speed gearbox. Top speed reached 330 km/h, at Le Mans with long tail.

In 1971, the most important victory for Alfa Romeo was the Targa Florio race, where two 'T33/3's finished first and second. The race was won by Nino Vaccarella and Toine Hezemans on car no.5, followed by car no.2 driven by Andrea de Adamich and Gijs van Lennep.

This model is part of 'The Targa Florio Winners' collection - special limited edition box available separately.

Images and text as supplied by Slot.it
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> Slot.it News; Porsche 956 KH n.12 Mugello 1000km 1983
Posted by JEXY1 - 23-02-15 12:20 - 9 comments

News from Slot.it

Porsche 956 KH n.12 Mugello 1000km 1983
Drivers: V.Merl, G.Moretti, D.Schornstein
Reference; CA09f
Official selling date: March 4th

The Porsche 956 and later 962 models could be assembled with two different rear wing configurations: “low downforce”, used mostly in Le Mans where the 6.5 km Hunaudières straight required a very low drag at the expense of downforce, and “high downforce”, for twistier circuits.

Regardless of the configuration, Porsche 956 and 962 cars were the cars to beat in any Group C competition in the early 80's.

Gianpiero Moretti prepared and led a team with a Porsche 956 (chassis No.105) to race the 1000 km of Mugello in 1983. The classic New Man livery was camouflaged with extensive use of red adhesive tape to reproduce the Momo livery. After obtaining the seventh place in qualifying, the race ended when the body of the car, running sixth, was damaged following a puncture. In addition to Moretti, No.12 car was driven by German pilots Dieter Schornstein and Volkert Merl.

Model CA09f comes with a new Porsche 956 KH body, weighting only 17.5g and a new chassis CS02t-60b.

Images and text as supplied by Slot.it
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> Chase Cars - New narrow chassis
Posted by JEXY1 - 16-02-15 10:02 - 4 comments

News from Chase Cars;

New narrow chassis
Three options

In case you didn’t know, chase-cars has been making a chassis for the last 4 years with steering and suspension, because sometimes realism is more fun than outright speed.

Together with a range of bodyshells from 1970s America, it’s everything you need to recapture the golden age of car chases from the movies, just add your own tyre squeals!
The chassis fits under a range of barge-like bodyshells, but if you want to build a 1960s European rally car you can now choose a chassis which is narrower.

The new chassis measures just 27mm across the front hubs, so with a typical 7mm wide wheel you can fit it under a 42mm wide bodyshell. The chassis pictured above is for a VW Beetle which is 45mm wide, so it uses 7mm wheels with an inner hub.
The wheelbase is adjustable from 103mm right down to 66mm so most saloon cars can now corner with more realism.

Want to see it in action? Check out the YouTube clip: http://youtu.be/1DRSf-FGuLc

Just as with the other chase-cars chassis it’s available in 3 levels of build:

Chassis Kit 1 includes all the custom parts you need, the plastic chassis components, stainless steel linkages, alloy front stub axles, coil springs and all fasteners. You need to add your own S-Can motor, 3/32” rear axle, guide, bearings, wheels and tyres. It’s £25 plus postage.

Chassis Kit 2
includes everything you need to build the car yourself right down to low-resistance silicone motor wire. It’s £64 plus postage.

Chassis Kit 3
is fully assembled and ready to go, just e-mail the wheelbase length you need and it’ll be shipped ready to fit. It’s £80 plus postage.

For more details, full assembly instructions or to place an order head over to www.chase-cars.com

Images and text as supplied by Chase Cars
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> Pre-Add Kit 16/2 Ferrari 625 1955
Posted by Ian B - 12-02-15 20:11 - 18 comments

Pre-Add Kit 16/2 Ferrari 625 1955

First released in 2004 Pre-Add Kit number 16 - Ferrari 625 GP body has undergone a serious make over by expert modeller Bryan King.
Minor modifications have been made to the shape of the body including the shape and angle of the front nose and extending the rear tail. All shutt lines have been re-scribed with rivet detailing added. The windscreen now fits neatly into a recess behind the flared lip of the body. Separate parts such as exhaust, interior & driver figure will be moulded in resin to keep the overall weight of the complete shell to arround 15grams. The whole interior & driver figure has been re-designed and will be supplied separate to aid decoration of the instrument panel etc..

Even the underside of the body has had a make over, being smoothed out and mounting posts fitted to accept the Penelope Pitlane SMJ chassis.
The kit will be supplied with waterslide race numbers & Ferrari badges.
We hope to have stock of the kits in March. All new Pre-Add kits will retain their origional kit number but will also carry the suffix /2
Price TBA.
You can register your interest via the Pendle Slot Racing website or by email to sean@pendleslotracing.co.uk.


After two years of F2 regulations grand prix racing returned to F1 regulations for the 1954 world championship. The new regulations allowed for 2.5 litre naturally aspirated and 750 cc supercharged engined cars.
Ferrari modified their 1952-53 world championship winning 500 F2 car, by boring out the cylinders and lengthening the stroke of the four cylinder engine, renaming it the Ferrari 625 F1. The same Webber side draught carb’s fed the cylinders were twin sparkers resided. Two valves per cylinder were operated by twin overhead camshafts, giving a maximum power rated at 250 bhp at 7,200 rpm. Little else changed from the F2 500.
Minor chassis enhancements did not help the 625 in 1955 leaving it basically out paced by the Mercedes and Maserati contenders. The team still coaxed the 625 to two wins, the frist Ferrari F1 win by Froilan Gonzales in the 1954 British GP and the other an equally famous win By Maurice Trintignant at Monaco in 1955 The car was campaigned alongside the 553 Squalo and 555 superSqualo until finally being replaced by the Lancia Ferrari D50 for 1956.

The 1955 Monaco grand prix, 100 Laps of the 3.145 km city circuit, was dominated by Mercedes, Fangio and Moss....But not when it counted.
Fangio took pole position and set fastest lap in the race, but failed to finish due to transmission trouble. Moss, as ever baking Fangio up, took the lead only for his Mercedes engine to blow on lap 80. Ascari (who had matched Fangio’s pole time, but not in an official timed session) then took the lead until he misjudged the chicane and launched his Lancia D50 into harbour.
That passed the lead to Maurice Trintignant who was steadily driving his Ferrari 625, a car that was otherwise uncompetitive, who hung on to scored his first Formula One race win, and the first for a French man at Monaco too!.

Other Updates.
We are currently working on several other bodies in both the Pre-Add & Penelope Pitlane Range.
Kit 17 Ferrari Super Squalo - currently being moulded for release in March
Kit 4 Maserati 8CTF - currently being remodelled
Kit 6 Mercedes W125 - currently being remodelled

Penelope Pitlane
PPRB05 Birkin Bentley - currently being moulded for release in March. Body now includes driver figure
PPRB09 Healey SR LM 68 - currently being moulded for release in March. Body adapted to accept New PP AW chassis.
4 new chassis kits to be released in March.

All dates are provisional and may change without notice.

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