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> Racer Sideways News - 2015 plans
Posted by Savage - 28-01-15 15:46 - 12 comments

Sideways have sent us news of their plans for 2015.

SW32 - 935/77A Jaegermeister DRM 1978 M.Schurti

SW33 - Kremer 935K2 Vaillant DRM1977 B.Wollek

SW34 - Moby Dick JDAVID Le Mans 24hrs 1982

SW35 - 512BB NART - Le Mans 24hrs 1979

SW36 - Capri Zakspeed Sachs - DRM 1980 H.Ertl

SW37 - kremer 935K2 - Team Willeme - SPA 1980

SWLE04 - LImited Edition Moby Dick JPS

Still without stock code - first sample of BMW 320Gr 5
This car will be available in various configuration since we may mix
between 2 body styles, 4 different front spoilers and 3 different aerofoils.

Also we have started 3D work and development on the Mustang IMSA and the brand new 935K4 in DRM and IMAS versions as well.
Availability dates still unknown but we will try our best to have at least one of the two ready within end of the year.

Information and text as supplied by Racer Sideways
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> SRC News - 2015 brochure
Posted by JEXY1 - 28-01-15 15:39 - 6 comments

News from the German Toy Fair as SRC release their 2015 brochure;

After a short break, SRC is back with great enthusiasm and major projects therefore we want to share our plans for 2015.

We have spent considerable time analysing, studying and selecting which 1;32 scale slot models (to make) trying always to satisfy the requirements that the vast majority of customers’ demands.

Finally, after many technical efforts we will launch the long awaited 1970's Formula 1 slotcar starting with McLaren M23, followed by the Renault RS10, Ferrari 312 T4, and Hesketh 308 and probably other surprises....

SRC is sure that you will enjoy analysing each of these reproductions, appreciating every single detail that we have introduced onto these historical racers.

We cannot forget the GT's that will arrive by mid-year, led by the BMW's (E9) 2.8 CS and 3.0 CSL, or the rally Opel Kadett GT/E reproductions, that many of you have (asked for).

SRC published their entire brochure - we show all the new products here for you;

Mc Laren M23

Ferrari 312T

Renault RS10

Hesketh 308

Porsche 914/6

Lola T600

Matra 670


Opel Kadett

Porsche 914 Street

Images as supplied by SRC - text taken (edited) from SRC brochure.
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> Slot.it News - 2015 New models
Posted by JEXY1 - 28-01-15 09:10 - 29 comments

Slot.it - Nuremberg International Toy Fair 2015

LMP Cars

Audi R18 etron 2013: It was already announced for 2014, but production has been postponed to 2015, for the first time ever in slot car racing, an LMP car is modeled with a fully working, and effective, miniaturized 'grand complication' 4WD system, based around a toothed belt with special front shaft differential effect, never seen before in slot cars.
Coupled with the unique Flat-6 aw LMP setup, we proudly believe that this will be the benchmark for slot car models reproducing the Le Mans winners of 2012 and 2013.
Two models are planned for 2015: the 2013 winner, in a beautiful celebrative, limited edition case on stock at the end of the year and the black Le Mans test car on stock in April, both faithfully reproducing the 2013 'long tail version' of the Audi R18 e-tron racer.
These models take advantage of existing Slot.it Audi R18 chassis.
Audi R8 LMP 2000

The 5 times Le Mans winner, one of the most successful sports cars in motorsports history, will come out with a limited edition box, code CW19.
Lola Aston Martin LMP
The beautiful British racer, total new Slot.it car, new body and new chassis, will also be available later this year.

Group C cars
Porsche 956C 85
New car, this is the standard inline configuration, with the 962 common chassis and front body, but the rear body is the 956C LH. The first car have the famous Leyton House livery.
Lancia LC2-85
New decoration for this car, new chassis and cockpit to install Slot.it chip, Oxigen and D132 Carrera chip.
Porsche 956KH / 956LH
New decorations have been planned for existing models.

Classic DTM cars
Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
The new Classic DTM line, this new category includes reproduction of the best cars that raced in the Germany Championship in early years '90. The first model that will be released is the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI in official colors and the famous orange livery. These cars will be sold in the inline version but with the possibility of being able to install our 4wd system.
Opel Calibra
This is the second car of the new DTM Classic Line, with same configuration of the previous Alfa Romeo 155.

Classic cars
Chaparral 2G
This car has new body but the same chassis of Chaparral 2E.

New decorations have been planned for existing models.

Spare parts
The range of Slot.it parts is continuously updated. We'd like to draw your attention on a few special items;

Torx T3 grub screws
Sometimes small things start a big revolution: we know it well, as Slot.it reinvented the market for racing and tune up parts for slot car racing using M2 hexagonal grub screws.

Now, for the first time ever, the same grub screw is available with a Torx T3 head: it's a custom screw, made for us specifically, and is compatible with any 'T3' torx drivers.
Torque limiting screwdriver
A complete redesign of the traditional Slot.it screwdriver, made with new and very special hard steel, this indispensable tool will come for M2, M2.5, and Torx T3 grub screws.

oXigen digital
After four full years of development, Slot.it digital wireless 2.4GHz system has evolved into a mature technology able to adapt to different digital systems as well - Scalextric SSD and Carrera Digital included. Raced in clubs and homes in Italy, UK and Spain, by analog as well as digital enthusiasts. Supported by popular third party applications like PC Lap Counter, and RCS64 (Minnaard/Schmidt)

External battery pack
A piggyback box, including a LiPo battery, and a recharge circuit, for all Slot.it controllers: recharge your battery from a mini-USB phone charger, and run wireless with oXigen, or with any system together with the Common Radio Interface and SCP cartridge.
Reprogrammed Scalextric Sport Digital Lane Changers
This is exciting news for all digital racers: Slot.it will release during 2015 both the code and the preprogrammed track pieces as well, so that Scalextric Sport Digital Lane Changers will benefit of anticollision and return to straight position features. For oXigen racers, the same parts will be compatible with Selective Lane Changing. This firmware upgrade enhances SSD lane changers for analog, SSD, and oXigen racers alike.

Information and text as supplied by Slot.it
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> Teamslot News - Ford RS2000 Road Cars
Posted by JEXY1 - 23-01-15 17:53 - 13 comments

News from Teamslot;

Ford Escort RS2000
Ref 12701
Red - Roadcar - Righthand drive
Due (UK) 2nd week Feb 2015

Ford Escort RS2000
Ref 12705
Yellow - Roadcar - Lefthand Drive
Due (UK) 2nd week Feb 2015

Images and info as supplied by UK distributor Staffs Slot Cars.
Read 912 times - last comment by gordonzz   

> SRC News - 2015 plans
Posted by JEXY1 - 16-01-15 14:49 - 15 comments

News from SRC regarding 2015;

SRC will not be attending the Nuremberg toy fair, but UK distributor; Gaugemaster, have the following information regarding SRC's plans for 2015;

SRC02305 Yardley McLaren M23 - 1973 Austrian GP - Peter Revson

SRC02304 Marlboro McLaren M23 - 1974 Argentine GP Winner - Denny Hulme
SRC02307 Marlboro McLaren M23 - 1974 Belgian GP Winner - Emerson Fittipaldi

SRC's recently appointed CEO Pedro Cieza spoke to Gaugemaster;

He explained how they (SRC) are constantly improving quality which has implemented a move back to assembly in Spain and also the decision to limit each release to just 1020 individually numbered units. They also see a big future in high detailed classic F1 cars as you will see from this news post, something some of us will be excited about. Sadly this does mean that RRP will be going up - no specific details at this time.

A full release schedule for the year we be available soon along with the 2015 prices which will affect all models after the next Matra which remains at the 2014 price.

We have been aware from sometime that they had transferred the future production of the Renault and Ferrari Turbo cars from resin to plastic, however these will not be the first F1 offerings from this company, the photos above will be the first cars. The pictures are for reference only as the first release will be the Marlboro car #6 driven by Denny Hulme, which should be with us within 6 weeks!

All three listed cars are due for delivery in the first quarter of 2015.

We will of course confirm prices and news of other new models for 2015 as soon as we get the information, but we can tell you that after these first three models expect a model of James Hunts F1 Hesketh!

Images and info as supplied (edited) by Gaugemaster.
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