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> MSC News
Posted by Savage - 29-03-15 12:50 - 0 comments

MSC news:

MSC-6042 Subaru Impreza WRC Safari.
Subaru Impreza Safari participant in the Rally of Kenya in 2000 at the hands of the renowned driver Richard Burns.

MSC-6041 Porsche 959 "street car", with attractive and eye-catching Martini decoration.
Models are equipped with Montecarlo Chassis, 4 x 4 using pulleys, 22,000 rpm Endurance Motor In-Line, rims in aluminium and 9/27 gearing.

MSC-6020 Mg Metro 6R4 participant in the Canary Islands Rally of 1991. #1 and piloted by Fernando Capdevila sponsored by Camel.
Models are equipped with Montecarlo Chassis, 4 x 4 using pulleys, Motor In-Line and 9/27 gearing.

Images and text supplied by IBB
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> Chase Cars - Smokey and the Bandit
Posted by JEXY1 - 17-03-15 09:37 - 15 comments

Chase-Cars Smokey and the Bandit

Back in 1977 there were some movies released, one was called Star Wars – it did quite well, perhaps you’ve heard of it? The second most successful movie of the year was similar except the Millennium Falcon was replaced by a Firebird TransAm and the weird talking wasn’t done by a Wookiee but on a CB radio. That’s a big ten-four, good buddy.

Burt Reynolds was the star of the film but Jackie Gleason got all the best lines, and while Bandit's black TransAm achieved superstar status poor old Smokey's car never had a single model kit made of it in any scale, ever. With or without a roof. Until now.....

There have been Firebird kits made before, but if you want a black one you'll have to dig deep as they're very sought after. For this reason chase-cars made a new mould, graphics set and interior to fit on the leaning and steering chassis.

After watching the film again you'll notice how much time Sally Field spends with her rear pointing at the camera.

Which inspired the slot car's interior.

More difficult was Sheriff Buford T Justice's Pontiac LeMans, a specially commissioned 3D artist got busy with some photos and once again a 3D printer produced the master model.

Using SLA technology the roof lights and wheel centres were made then resin cast, and waterslide graphics were designed for the Montague County sheriff's car. Finally a new vacform interior was made with the driver a little fatter than usual.

Have a look at www.chase-cars.com for details of the bodyshells, the unique chassis and to e-mail about ordering. Remember that nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes Sheriff Buford T. Justice look like a possum’s pecker!

Images and text as supplied by Chase Cars.
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> ScalextricPassion - SP018 - Fiat 131 Abarth
Posted by JEXY1 - 10-03-15 10:06 - 4 comments

News from ScalextricPassion

Fiat 131 Abarth
Hunsrück Rallye 1980
Walter Rhörl & Christian Geistdörfer
Ref; SP018
Limited Edition of 50
Price 140 euros + 19 euros shipping

Chosen to be the first reference for 2015 is none other than Walter Rhörl, in my opinion one of the best rally drivers of all time.

Fiat 131 Abarth piloted by Walter Rhörl and co-driver Christian Geistdörfer with which participated in the Hunsrück Rallye 1980 finishing in first position.

As usual unreleased decoration in slot using as always Scalextric/SCX-base. Also the process of making the same of the above references. Body completely disassembled, cleaning and pickling of leaving it totally unspoilt, unvarnished, pad printing or painting and Manel working hands one by one until the completion of the work. Of course keeping chassis, mechanical and original lights. The complexity of the work is demonstrated by the combination of five colors. Undoubtedly the most beautiful decoration on a 131 Rallye.

Images and information as supplied by ScalextricPassion
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Posted by Rafael - MasMedia - 9-03-15 20:55 - 153 comments
It is with great excitement that we at MAS Media Inc. have decided to transfer the operations and ownership of our Hobby communities, including slotforum.com to a best-in-class community manager, Verticalscope Inc.

The decision to transfer our communities to one of the largest and most experienced operators at Vertialscope, a focused owner of more than 400+ communities around the globe, in targeted vertical markets; operating on forums, blogs and other Internet-based social markets.

It has been our belief that an important site and community such as slotforum.com would benefit from the capability of a manager who understands how to make the member and visitor experience among the highest in the world. We had multiple choices to choose a new manager and Vertialscope was top on our list because of their long history, investments in communities and experience.

To that end, Verticalscope invests in their communities with specialists, assets and a great process and human resources, something that a smaller company such as ours could not offer in the same manner.

Thank you very much for your past patronage and we certainly expect the future to be a bright one.

All the best,

The MAS Media Team.
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> FlySlot News - BMW M3 E30 - Rallye Canarias 2014
Posted by JEXY1 - 9-03-15 15:05 - 1 comments

News from FlySlot;

BMW M3 E30
Rallye Canarias 2014
J.M. Ponce/C. Larrode
Retail £49.95
Ref; FS038105

Just in from Fly is this BMW M3 E30 as entered by J.M. Ponce. Jose Maria Ponce has become a familiar face among fans of the Spanish Rally Championship. Born in 1955, he entered his first event, the Rally El Corte Ingles in 1977. In 1985, piloting a BMW 635 CSI, he won the Rally Isla de Gran Canaria. Over the years he has driven a wide variety of machinery, but he his best known for his long association with BMW. Driving a number of different models, from the old 2002, several 323i and 325i’s, M3’s and of course, his 635 CSI. He has competed in national Spanish national events every year since 1977, as well as a number of WRC and ERC rounds. In 2014, he was once again at the wheel of his trusty E30 M3 and finished a creditable 5th in last year's Rallye Canarias .

Images and information as supplied by UK distributor Gaugemaster.
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