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> Carrera News - Corvette Race set
Posted by JEXY1 - 28-07-15 14:29 - 0 comments

News from Carrera North American;

Corvette Race set
Ref; #30186
1;32 Scale

A new set will arrive this fall which we’re very excited about. The #30186 Corvette Race set is the first Carrera Corvette set we’ve offered.

It will feature the C6.R and C7.R racing cars together in one set!

This set will have 2 wired controllers, the Control Unit and nearly 25 feet of track.

The set will be available in the 4th quarter (we’re estimating late October, but until it’s on the water of course we cannot say exactly the arrival date).

This set is exclusive to the U.S. market.

Images and info as supplied by Carrera North America.

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> MB Slot News - Endurance race lighting kit
Posted by JEXY1 - 28-07-15 14:02 - 4 comments

News from MB Slot;

MB SLOT has developed a lights kit with some features which make it very peculiar and suitable for endurance races.

The main characteristic is a CPU which controls a PWM, which allows to have a magnetic reed switch to switch on and off the lights and to control the LED lighting times.

When the kit is completely out of power, after 3-4 seconds the lights are already completely on and functioning, when the kit is charged the lights remain functioning for at least 30-40 seconds.
When the car is out of the slot or it is stationary on the track, after 2 seconds the lights start flashing for 20 seconds, then they switch off to save the charge for the start.
In an endurance race, if the lane change took some minutes, the car would start again with the lights immediately on.
The magnetic sensor allows to switch the lights on and off with a magnet, making the operation easy and quick.
If the car is not used for a long time with lights on, and the kit runs out of power, at the very moment when the car is put back on the track, the lights kit will keep the ON position and viceversa.
The front lights flashing is different from the rear lights flashing, making the car out of lane very visible.

The leds have high brightness and they give a very bright light, but directed by the protective lens.
When the car brakes the rear lights light up more than at usual driving.

The kit PCB is the smallest you can find for sale with these features, and it is one of the smallest and lightest of all.
Every single led is directly connected to the PCB so, in case a led broke, it would not compromise the functioning of the other leds.
We have added an inductor, which was not essential but necessary with some motors which send interferences and impede the perfect functioning of the lights kit.

The lights kit can also work with a standard switch, but it must be connected to the kit power supply and not together with the magnetic switch.

Art. 15407/A complete light kit
Art. 15407/B basic kit without lights

Info, images and video as supplied by MB Slot
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> SRC News - Porsche 914/6 & Lola T600
Posted by JEXY1 - 28-07-15 13:26 - 1 comments

News from SRC;

Attached are the artwork diagrams for the next two releases from SRC, the Budweiser T600 Lola and the Sunoco Porsche 914/6. While we known of the Lola for sometime the Porsche is a new announcement for 2015 introduction. Both models will be available in the UK sometime during August.

Porsche 914/6 GT
1971 Daytona 24hrs
Duval/ Bailey/Nicholas.
Ref; SRC01602
Retail £54.95

Lola T600
Mosport IMSA 1981
Chris Cord and Jim Adams
Ref; SRC01711
Retail £54.95

Images and info as supplied by Gaugemaster.
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> OTERO Scale Models News - Citroen AX Sport
Posted by JEXY1 - 23-07-15 16:11 - 2 comments

News from OTERO

Citroen AX Sport
Resin Kit
1;32 Scale
Available; September 2015

Spanish model company Otero Scale Models shared the progress of their second slot car model (the first being the Opel Kadett C GT/E 1976 gr.4). The Citroen AX Sport is nearly ready for sale and Víctor Otero hopes to have the first livery edition ready for sale in September.

The first edition will be a resin kit supplied with vac formed interior and decals to make the press/presentation livery as seen in these photos.

Following the initial release OTERO will produce a limited edition RTR of 150 units depicting a rally livery (livery TBC).

Kits are available direct from OTERO

Information and images as supplied by OTERO
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> NSR News - Ford P68 Limited Camel Edition
Posted by JEXY1 - 23-07-15 13:46 - 2 comments

News from NSR;

Ford P68 Alan Mann
Limited Edition 'Camel' - fantasy livery
Ref; NSR0004SW
Limited edition of 500
Sidewinder with Shark 20K motor.
Available August 2015
RRP £69.95

Images and info as supplied by Gaugemaster

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