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Entries on 12-October 10

entry 12 Oct 2010, 19:25
Hi all, Just thought i,d drop a line about my new project. I am about to embark on building a scratch built Aston Martin DBR1. I have the resin body now i need to sorce the rest. I have found pictures of the car and now time to Dremel all the extra bits off the shell. As soon as i have some pics [and find out how to put them on here] i will post them.

Entries on 27-February 10

entry 27 Feb 2010, 17:27
Hi all, Been a while since i was on here. But now the season is in full swing i will try to get on here more. Friday night saw me racing at MusselBay in Kings Lynn. At the last round of Gt,s there my Slot-it Audi was flying and i made the A final and was 4th in the championship. The car has been flying at ASR and NSR as well. So out of the box it came along with the Slot-it controller and i could do nothing with it for the first two heats. On inspection the controller had slipped from linier to curve so the settings where all wrong. Happy i had found the problem i headed for the third heat and won it although the car was still not on song. A few adjustments for the fourth heat and a third but the car was still poor. A third in the C Final and a poor night. On further inspection one of the tyres had come unglued causing the car to hop and corner poorly. The annoying thing is that i had Friday off but was convinced the car was going to go forever so did,nt check it. mad.gif Had i spent a little time to check things the night could have been different. So a lesson learned and from now on i will be taking a bit more care of the cars etc and hopefully cause a lot less stress to my self... rolleyes.gif

Entries on 1-January 10

entry 1 Jan 2010, 20:49
Now the festivities are out of the way we can all gat back to the important things in life.. Talking of slot racing Santa brought me a spanking new NSR Fiat 500 Arbath to go with the Punto one. It is a cracking little car and I can,t wait to race it. Greig is still working onour new track to get it up and running for mid Jan and now the family have gone back to cockanee land I might be able to get up there to help him. First i must lose the Xmas weight so i can get near the track or longer arms.. rolleyes.gif . With new classes and another new club in our neck of the woods it should be a cracking year. 2009 ended with me winning the raffle at ASR and taking home a nice Fly GT car, The first time I have won a raffle so maybe its an oman of things to come. smile.gif So its back to the stilton and Quality street untill next week.. wink.gif

Entries on 19-December 09

entry 19 Dec 2009, 16:33
Well.. Last night saw the first real racing of the 1/24th BRM Porsche,s. What a racket they make, I have never raced such a noisy car. Kev at ASR put up a trophy for this event on a new track layout that was a very good challenge. NSR had a good showing of drivers for this event and with the trophy up for grabs the racing was fast and furious from the off. With the cars sounding as if they had had enough from the first race we where amazed they stayed the coarse, But they did and after some reserved opinions on this class I think everyone had a good night. Martin Smith took the trophy for the Arse shaggin rude boys [ASR] tongue.gif and NSR's Greig Nairns was a close second. Thanks to Kev for hosting a great night and its full steam ahead for the classic F1 event at ASR on the 27th. So to all those who might know me and to those who wish they did,nt know me can I wish you all a very merry Xmas and a happy new queer.. rolleyes.gif

Entries on 15-December 09

entry 15 Dec 2009, 21:28
Well last night saw a end of season fun night... happy.gif A good attendance with Jim from asr making a appearance. With the relaxed atmosphere of no championship points to fight for and a wild assortment of cars from nsr to classic F1 huh.gif there was a lot of fun and laughter plus crashes... I won two got a second and a retirement and was all set for the finals ....When...... some nutter suggested we hold the finals on the HO track... Thanks Greig.. tongue.gif Jim Kelly had set a HO track up two weeks ago for us to try the craze of racing scarub beetles.. [sorry Deane]. Well i have never seen slot cars go so fast and i think they could keep up with Dan going up the lap dance club stairs.. rolleyes.gif . Marshalling was a problem for me as i knew a car had come off but i did,nt see it and could,nt find it amongst the fences. Having found it and put it back on..[the wrong way] huh.gif , the race continued at a great pace and after what seemed like 5,000 laps a winner was declared. Then it was my turn and the lights went out and we where off.. Well i was and again and again.. rolleyes.gif . I soon found the problem.. The car was 1 bend ahead of my brain. ohmy.gif . I persevered and to my suprise came third. biggrin.gif. It was a great introduction to HO and i am now the proud owner of my own HO Nascar.. Thanks to JK [ not Rowling] for setting up the track and lending us the cars. So now i can,t wait to have a go with my own car and hope to maybe enter a round of EHORIC next year. Its off to race 1/24th Porche,s at ASR on Fridy [At least i can see those buggers] and to Spec Savers for some powerful goggles. biggrin.gif

Entries on 29-November 09

entry 29 Nov 2009, 15:32
Still getting to grips with the controller and its going well i think. The last two meetings has seen we win two finals a B and a C. I cant see me going back now and infact have sold my beloved Fly controller. On a different track both ASR and NSR are now getting into 1/24th BRM racing. They are a totally different thing and are showing promise for next season. There do,nt seem to be many clubs racing them, So it would be good to hear from anybody who has raced them and what they think.

Entries on 22-November 09

entry 22 Nov 2009, 18:54
Hi all, I have recently purchased a Slot it controller and my racing has suffered because of it mad.gif I have to add here and now its not the controller.. It is a fantastic product but takes time to get the best out of it. Every one has advise on do this and do that and i began to wonder if i should go back to my Fly controller. huh.gif . But the best of the advise was stick with it and it will come. After some shocking meetings it was like being a starter again. I read the manual over and over but still had good and very bad laps. Then Martin at ASR took me to one side and said give it here and again twisted knobs and moved switches as others had done before. Now try it he declared and to my amazement i was back to my best, Well almost. He then explained what he had done and why and how to get the best from it and i won my next race. I now love it but still wonder how all those people use it in completely different ways and find it ok for them. I would be interested to hear how others got on with thiers and how they overcame any problems. I now would not swap it and love it, I am still learning but am going from strength to strength. So.. How is yours? smile.gif

Entries on 7-November 09

entry 7 Nov 2009, 18:42
Hi avid readers.. Wednesday was GT,s at Presto park. After last weeks near disaster i was pleased to have a better night and qualified in the D final. After 30 laps i had won and moved up to the C final where i came third to end my night of racing. It was a very good night with around 16 racers and the A final was raced at breakneck speed with Mike winning from Andy. If you are ever in the Norfolk area i would strongly recommend a visit to Presto park, A more friendly club you would be hard to find and i can guarentee you will be most welcome. cool.gif

Entries on 3-November 09

entry 3 Nov 2009, 21:30
First meeting for Norwich Slot Racing in thier new unit at Norwich airport. A really super unit with plenty of room and great facilities. Awaiting the new track to go with the room now.
So it was down to racing Slot it GT,s and out with the McLaren, Put into green lane [long way round] for the first heat it was great to get the first win under my belt rolleyes.gif . After four heats i found myself in the B final and coming third so not as good as i would have hoped for but a great fun night. Off to Presto Wednesday for GT,s..

Entries on 30-October 09

entry 30 Oct 2009, 23:30
Down to ASR in Suffolk for more fun with the saloons. 18 lined up to race with some very good racers ready and waiting. ohmy.gif . So it was out with the troublesome Megane from Wednesday and it seemed to go ok in practice cat.gif On to the first race and i came second.. tongue.gif banana.gif That was the pattern for the night with 3 2nds and a 1st in the heats and a B final. The car was as good as gold on this track and I came a close second in the final completing a very good night in contrast to Wednesday. Same car two tracks? who knows. I guess thats slot racing at its best and worse dry.gif . So its back to Norwich on Monday for a round of Slot it GTs and who knows what will happen ermm.gif . So you millions of avid readers stay close and wait to hear. cool.gif

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