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entry 21 Feb 2011, 02:35
After several weeks of work, 2011's racing circuit has finally come together. Here it is in a panoramic view:

As you can see numerous runoff borders were added to the basic track layout. Some I had previously created, others were newly built to add to the inventory. I find that almost every circuit requires one or two odd pieces that will likely never be reused, or modification of existing pieces that will render them unusable in the future. I have had to just resign myself to this reality....it's worth it to have things fit perfectly.

The next task was moving around pit, grandstand, and other modules in a arrangement that looks interesting, seems reasonable, and allows appropriate areas to relate one to one another. This year, for the first time, I actually placed the two grandstands opposite to each other.

The paddock and pit are now on either side of the grandstands.

I made a few additions thus far this year: flags for atop the pit, and some additional trackside signage. Some of my previous signage was off-period or crudely done...I tried to dial that in a bit by finishing the off the back of the signs, giving them a proper base, and by recreating some period signage found in old racing pics. I'll probably continues to work on that in the days ahead.

A note on painting the table. Given the technique I use, I am finding it works best to prep and paint the table to the middle green color first, then add track and structures before adding the lighter green seen in the infield sections. By roughly following track curves and such when adding the lighter green, it helps make everything look like it is more planted in the landscape. It's a good effect.

Anyway, cars have yet to run on the track, but that is just around the corner.

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post 21 Feb 2011, 04:48
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absolutely splendind - thanks so much for posting - i love the simplicity and style you achieve with your work

the less is more approach - in my opinion - can be extremely effective - put just enough bits together properly and each of our brains will 'fill in the blanks' smile.gif

very very well done indeed

your grandstands are proof positive that one need not always load a few hundred spectators to give the race and track some life and great character (not that there is anything wrong with that either!!)

regards, Ron
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post 21 Feb 2011, 15:38
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Thanks manitouguy! Yes, my approach is very deliberate as you know. I have moved towards these forms (and way from others) because it is the best fit for me and the way I have come to engage the hobby. The overall look does not translate as well in pictures, perhaps, but on race day the elements all come together to make the illusion complete, and that is what I am after....a well thought out, internally consistent, yet not too fussy racing vibe. When the cars are out flyin' around the track, this balance works out just great for me! smile.gif

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