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entry 28 Jun 2013, 11:32
.......well for a little while. I'm slightly surprised I've got to this milestone. Perhaps I'll get back to it when I fall off the front page. I'm presuming of course there are more than a dozen people who blog.

In going I can also report quite an event. Whilst watching this year's Le Mans 24 Hours I became aware of a jet noise getting louder and louder. Slightly concerned that an airliner might be crashing down on me I went outside to see what it was. It turned out to be the Avro Vulcan flying very low under the cloud cover from East to West right over my house. TERRIFIC.

entry 23 Jun 2013, 16:56
I don't know what has been happening this year with the 24 Hours of Le Mans but there has been a remarkable number of cars spinning or crashing out since the test weekend at the start of June through to the race weekend. Yes the weather certainly hasn't been great this year and there has been almost 50 new drivers to the event but I don't remember quite so many safety car periods for a long, long time.
Unfortunately we also had the first race fatality since 1986 and it happened just 10 minutes into the race when Allan Simonsen crashed in his works Aston Martin DBR9 at Tetre Rouge. Some time later after the race had restarted after a safety car period it was announced that he had died in hospital.
The race had started pretty much as expected with the Audi works team running in the lead after taking the top three spots on the grid. In the first hour or so in the difficult conditions the Toyota works team really took the fight to them and were soon running second and third. That didn't last and the Toyotas started to fall away again. Then it suddenly all changed in the evening when the Audi team were looking very comfortable. The number 1 Audi suffered an electrical failure seemingly underneath the engine, pitted and had to go back into the garage so that a veritable army of mechanics could work on it. It dropped down to 23rd place. Almost at the same time the number 3 Audi suffered a tyre failure at the Dunlop bridge and had to limp all the way round the 8 mile circuit to get it replaced. So the Toyotas got back into second and third place as night fell.
Perhaps the biggest event to happen at Le Mans this year was the entry of Patrick Dempsey with his team Dempsey/Del Pirro Porsche 997, co-driven by Joe Foster and the works Porsche driver Patrick Long in the GTE Am class. Whether he is as big a draw as Paul Newman who raced in 1979 (incidently, the first time I went to Le Mans) but he certainly wowed the press and the girls. He has actually done a fair amount of racing in America in both the GrandAm and the ALMS and at times was leading their class. Eventually they fell back down a bit but finished fourth in class.
The weather continued to play it's part in disrupting the racing and in the last hour or so came the incredible sight of Nicolas Lapierre in the #7 Toyota sliding off at the Porsche Curves and under a tyre wall. He managed to get himself out and scramble away and that seemed to be the end of him. A few minutes later the cameras cut back to him driving the car back to the pits where it was put back together again and it went back out to eventually finish fourth.
At the end it was the #2 Audi of Kristensen, McNish and Duval which won the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours from the #8 Toyota and the #3 Audi.

entry 2 Jun 2013, 12:21
It was touch and go if I would be able to make this first round of the third series but as I enjoy club racing so much I was determined that my sciatica wasn't going to crab my style (so to speak). In fact twelve of us turned up for racing on quite a reasonable evening weather wise. I have to say that my left leg started to ache a bit as the evening wore on but I enjoyed some good dices in all the class so it was worth it.
We start of with SCX GT's and I brought three of mine along to try; the Corvette C6R, the Ferrari 550 and the Aston Martin DBR9. I gave each of them two races which probably wasn't the best thing to do as I haven't run them for a long while and they 'suffered' from the usual SCX motor warm up thing. The Corvette seemed particularly down on power and my DBR9 seemed to be the quickest but as I wasn't clocking any of the lap times I put in it was only subjective. I was running the Team Modena livery DBR9 as were several other people. The quickest car was possibly Peter's Ferrari 550 (without rear wing), Rueben's thing (I can't remember the name of it!) or Tony's Porsche 911. I do remember there was some great racing at the front and in midfield and I'm pretty sure Peter ran out as the class winner. I was definitely a midfield runner, generally coming in fourth.
We then moved on to Scalextric Group B rally cars and it would be fair to say that the new cars are not a patch on the old cars. When there was any sort of mix of old and new cars the old cars would invairably run off into the distance. We did have at least one race when five new cars formed up on the grid and had a great battle for second place. I had a Ford RS200 and a Ferrari GTO and I prefered to run the Ferrari in this first round. It did alright as a midfield runner and I even scored a second place finish, whoopee! I'm also pretty sure that Will was pretty good at collecting wins and second places and came out on top running one of Jim's old 4WD Audi's.
After the break we start again with Pioneer cars of which quite a lot had been supplied and lent out by DaveL. For some reason I couldn't seem to get to grips with it's racing characteristics or perhaps my leg was giving me some grief! They seem to be a bit like Carrera cars; no sort of braking effect but quicker in a straight line. I also discovered the knack of throwing it off at the first corner at any stage of the race. Consequently I didn't score many points with my car and I not sure who came out on top.
We finish with NASCAR and I ran my SCX version in my first race. It too suffered from not being run for some time so I resorted to a Scalextric car for the rest of my races. Once I got used to it being quicker; especially into the corners I did have some good midfield races with it. Tony and Peter also ran Scalextric cars. The quickest car seemed to be Jim's SRS2 version and he probably ran out as class winner. We did have the occasional classic NASCAR pile up but that all adds up to the enjoyment.
At the end I'm pretty sure that Peter ran out as overall winner from DaveL and Jim. Hopefully my leg will be feeling much better for round two.

entry 22 May 2013, 10:55
NOT recommended, because it jolly well hurts!! A simple case of bending down in my chair at work with a bit of a twist to put a memory stick into a computer USB port and "ping" INTENSE PAIN! My left back and leg felt like I'd just had a severe electric shock. I leapt out of my chair like a rocket and staggered off to the crew room to suffer in private. The trouble was I was in such intense pain and sweating buckets that when I started to feel a bit faint decided that the support of one of my blokes was better than falling over. He was that concerned that he insisted on ringing 999 for an ambulance. When they turned up a bit of gas and air helped a lot (and made me feel a bit light-headed) and eventually I was stretchered out to the ambulance. After some more tests and investigation it became obvious that I was in no fit state to drive myself home so they rang my doctors surgery and fixed up an appointment for that evening and took me home. I have to say a ride in an ambulance is NOT to be recommended as it seems to have the suspension of a formula one car and you feel every bump in the road.

So ten years at working at the harbour without any sick leave at all and then I do hurt myself and get ambulanced away. Shows it was the real deal. The doctor gave me some naproxin to take twice a day. I feel a bit better now but my expected trip to Silverstone this weekend for the British GT series race is definitely not going to happen. Will I be at round one of the next NNRC series?

entry 19 May 2013, 16:48
Having missed round four I was quite keen to turn up for the fifth and final round of this series. Unfortunately I was that keen that I completely forgot my blog sheet to record all the scores, wins and some other stuff. In a way that was quite refreshing and I think in future I will just blog a small piece from memory; so that will be a small piece! biggrin.gif . Ten of us turned up for racing and the weather was really quite nice considering what had been happening a few days earlier.
60's rear engined Le Mans cars start us off as usual and as usual my Slot.It Ford GT40 struggled somewhat. First against DaveL's Fly Lola T70 and then against the NSR Ford GT MkIV's that Peter and Steve got working really well. Peter's car has become the car of the class and it was no different this time. My Ford seems to suffer from front end "brake chatter" but is a solid mid-field runner at least. Mind you that is against mostly Scalextric opposition at the back end.
For the Grp 5 class I was running one of my Fly Porsche 935 cars which are fun to run. Ruebens runs one as well and we discussed how much weight we put right at the front to compensate for the motor being behind the rear axle. It's a lot! Jim had brought along his Class A Racer Porsche 935 "Moby Dick" but this certainly wasn't as dominant as the Racer Ford Capri and Lancia cars. Peter ran off to probably a whitewash of a class win with his Racer Ford Capri against the other Class A cars. Keith's Fly Lancia again proved quite quick and competitive. I lent Trigger my Fly Ford Capri after he threw his version off the road quite quickly in two races. I like to think he raced better with my version. On the strength of how well the Racer Ford Capri goes I certainly quite tempted to get one.
The 60's front engined Le Mans class has been my most successful but in my first race I struggled somewhat. It picked up after that with three wins. I was well in the lead in my fourth race on the white lane when it did the usual thing and came off at it's favourite spot; coming off the "radio corner". Slightly frustrating to say the least. I think I took a final race win in my final race.
So onto 70's Rally and I have really struggled with my Spirit BMW 2002. This time around it seemed much better and I had some great midfield dices, one of which was a tremendoes race long battle with Will's club Escort and Steve's BMW. Great stuff. Either Peter or possibly Jim took the class overall win. Jim turned up with a Porsche 911 which was just a bit slow on the long straights but kept it's speed up on the twisted bits.
As ever there were some great racing in all the classes and I think it was possibly DaveL who ran out the overall winner on the night.

entry 11 May 2013, 14:37
My youngest daughter decided to pay us a flying visit from Japan and flew in to Heathrow on a Sunday and flew out of Heathrow on the next Sunday. Well she is young. Unfortunately she hadn't been very well just before she left Japan (whisper it; D & V) and unfortunately my wife and I caught whatever bugs she was breathing on us and we went down with a dose of it in a sliding scale of severity. It fact it seemed to "half-life" as my wife had half the effect my daughter had and I had half the effect my wife had. My eldest daughter seem to miss it all together. We did manage to get out and about and do most of the things we planned to do with and for her but there is some truth in the rumour that we were glad to wave her off biggrin.gif .

entry 27 Apr 2013, 13:53
It was still a bit chilly and wet on Thursday race night but eventually nine of us mustered for what turned out to be quite a close battle for the overall win.

As ever we start with 60's LM (RE) and my Slot.It Ford GT40 seemed to be struggling for grip at times. The man on fire this time around was Peter, who had really got his NSR Ford GT40 sorted for this round and only dropped one point on his way to being a runaway class winner. In second place was Keith, who only took one race win with his Fly Ford GT40, but managed 28 points to just out-score DaveL. Dave actually took three race wins with his quick Fly Lola T70 but somehow dropped enough points to come in third on 27 points. The best that I could manage were three second place finishes but still ended up in fourth place on 25 points. Not unnaturally the scores started to drop away after that and also not unnaturally there were plenty of Ford GT40's involved. Wes was running a club version to 20 points and just beat in Jim's Fly version by one point. Will followed in with another club GT40 to 17 points. Ruebens was running an oddity in the shape of the SCX Renault Alpine and it didn't give him much success but he just beat Trigger in 10 - 8. This was one of Triggers two best scores on the night.
So onto Grp 5 and this time around there were only two "Class A" cars in the shape of Peter's Racer Capri and DaveL's Racer Lancia. Remarkably we also had a "Class C" car in the shape of Jim's old Scalextric Capri! The rest were "Class B" Fly cars. Peter really did run off with this class as he took six wins and a perfect score of 36 points, his best score on the night. Not surprisingly the other "Class A" car DaveL's Lancia took two wins on his way to second place on 32 points; his best score on the night. The battle of the "Class B" cars ended with Keith with his Lancia just beating ME and my Capri 25 -24 with Will a bit behind on 20 points with another Lancia. Wes, on 16 points, was running his BMW again and just beat in the final race winner Rueben. Rueben was running a quick Porsche 935 and might have done better than 15 points had he stayed on more often. He actually took his race win when the three ahead of him all came off under the bridge! Jim was only two points behind with his "Class C" Capri but did out-point Trigger who got his other best score of the night of 8!
At the break it was easily Peter in the lead on 71 points from DaveL 59, Keith 53, ME 49 and Will on 37 points.
We start again with 60's LM (FE) and at last I started to have some success. My Scalextric Corvette L88 gave me my best score on the night of 33 points as I took three races wins and three second place finishes on my way to class winner. It was tight though and I needed to be racing as hard as I could all the time. DaveL, running a Pinkar Ferrari GTO, also took three wins but dropped a couple of points to end up in second place on 31 points. This was a competitive class again and Keith showed that by taking a class win with his quick Ninco Austin Healey on his way to third place on 28 points. The scores dropped off a bit then to Peter in fourth place on 24 points also running a Pinkar Ferrari GTO. The final race winner was Wes who scored two wins but somehow lost points but got his best score on the night of 21 points running a club Austin Healey. Tied on 17 points were Wes and Ruebens with Ruebens taking his best score on the night running yet another Pinkar Ferrari GTO. Will was running another of the club Austin Healeys. Jim decided to run a Revell Grand Sport and struggled somewhat to 11 points. Trigger strolled in on 7 points which he would see again in the next class. At the end of this class Peter's lead had shrunk somewhat over DaveL and I had just managed to bounce over Keith into third place by one point.
So onto 70's Rally and I had got a new rear axle for my BMW 2002. Bizzarely I got three second place finishes with it but also two fourth places and a fifth. My second places came courtesy of everyone else falling off but I wasn't complaining about that! In dominant form was Keith who took six wins and a perfect 36 score, his best on the night to completely demolish the opposition. It was very tight for the midfield places and in joint second place were DaveL and Jim on 25 points. Jim took two race wins and his best score on the night running a SCX Fiat 131 whilst DaveL took a win with his Spirit BMW 2002 which for some reason didn't seem so quick this time around. One point behind him was Peter running an AvantSlot Alpine Renault. One behind him was ME and one point behind me was Will getting his best score on the night of 22 with a club Ford Escort. Ruebens managed 16 points from Wes on 11 and Trigger getting his second 7 point finish of the night.
Peter ended up as the overall winner on 119 points but only just. Davel tried hard but failed by two points on 117. Keith's perfect score of 36 in the final class saw him leap over me into third place on 115 from ME on 105 points. There was then a big drop down to Will in fifth on 76 points from a tied Wes and Jim on 68, Rueben 58 and Trigger on 30.
I'm going to miss the next round, which is also the "picking night", because my youngest daughter is coming back from Japan for a weeks holiday.

entry 15 Apr 2013, 17:40
This year the WEC race moved from being the fourth round run in August last year to become the first round of the championship run on the weekend of 13/14 April. Fortunately for me, the rather dire weather we've had recently only affected the WEC qualification and the ELMS race on the Saturday as Sunday was sunnier if very windy. There was some light rain at times but it didn't really affect the racing (or me!). I also took my traditional route into Silverstone; using the country lanes up from Tingewick village through Stowe village and South end of the circuit. It still seems odd to me to find the start/finish line, the paddock and "The Wing" at this end but no doubt I will attend enough races to get use to it.

I was without my wife this year and managed to get into Silverstone early and hike a considerable distance around to the paddock behind the pits in time for the pitwalk. I know Silverstone has a bus service that runs around the circuit but I really do think they should invest in a bridge or tunnel or both to make access to that area much easier and quicker. The old pits had it. Anyway, I really enjoyed getting into the pits area to see all the cars and drivers up close and it seemed like lots of other people did as well. Once we were ushered out at the end of the session I then had to hike it back to the stands opposite "The Wing" for the start. I'm also equipped with a little radio and ear-pieces tuned into the commentary (provided by the Radio Le Mans team and others) with ear defenders over the top so listening is not a problem.

Qualifying this year in the WEC is now based on the aggregate times of two drivers manageing at least three laps within the allotted 20 minute session. In LMP1, Toyota had qualified first and second with Audi third and fifth and Rebellion fourth and sixth. The only other LMP1 team, Strakka, managed to "balls up" their qualifying and ended up 30th and very last. The top three LMP2 cars were the 25, 24 and 26 cars of Delta-ADR, Oak Racing and G-Drive Racing. In the GTE grid the Aston Martin Racing Team managed to lock out the top three places with the 97 (Pro), 99 (Pro) and the 96 (Am) cars. For some strange reason Toyota had come to Silverstone with their 2012 cars whereas Audi had two brand new 2013 cars. Is this a case of "corporate Toyota" putting a spanner in the works?

Anyway at the start the Toyotas maintained their grid positions for a while but the Audi's quickly began to pressure them. By the end of the first half hour both Audi's are at the head of the field and looking very comfortable with it whereas the Toyotas seem to be struggling on pace, a complete contrast with last year's race. The P2 class is quite close with 25 Delta-ADR leading from the 35 and 24 Oak Racing pair. In GTE Pro it is the 97 Aston Martin from the 51 AF Corse Ferrari whilst in the GTE Am class the two Aston Martins are comfortably at the top. At this time I start to wandered around the entire circuit although for some strange reason I take a clockwork route which means of course that the cars are coming from behind me all the time. I don't know how I managed that. Lunch was on the go and I enjoyed several breaks in my walk to watch the action. It quickly becomes apparant that the Audi Team will only lose this race if they make a problem for themselves. LMP2 remains close and the quartet of Aston Martin's look and sound great as they seem to be the class of the respective GTE Pro and AM fields. Mind you I like the look of the new works Porsche GTE Pro cars with a stack of works Porsche drivers no doubt getting some useful experence of WEC racing before the new Porsche LMP1 car arrives for 2014. In the last hour the two Audi's had a really battle between themselves and the "old team" got past the "new team" in the last 10 minutes or so to take the overall and LMP1 win. The 24 Oak Racing took LMP2 honours, the 97 Aston Martin won GTE Pro from the 71 AF Corse Ferrari and the 95 Aston Martin took GTE Am from the 50 Labre Corvette.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and the drive back home and now I'm looking forward to round two at Spa on 4/5 May which I will be watching on MOTORS TV.

Some photos will follow in due course.

entry 6 Apr 2013, 19:55
It was a bitterly cold night with a howling easterly gale force wind and snow showers but that didn't stop twelve of us turning up for round two of the second series. Were we mad? Of course not because we thoroughly enjoy the racing. This included a certain person who, before the series started, doubted that he would bother to turn up for any of the series because "Well! If ever there was a group of classes to put me off racing this has to be it!", Well having won the first round he was certainly back for more. We were also going to see two racers get two same scores twice but one would get a lot more than the other twice. We also welcomed the return of Karl to Thursday night racing as well.
We start with 60's LM (RE) and I seemed to have sorted out my initial problems with my "RAF" Slot.It Ford GT40 as I started off with a win in my first race and followed that with a win in my second race. Three second places finishes and a third place follow as I take my best score on the night of 31 points and joint second place with PeterP. He's running a couple of NSR Ford GT40's and takes three race wins. Who needs Slot.It or NSR when you've got a Fly Lola T70? Well obviously not DaveL! He took FIVE race wins on the trot with his yellow Lola and looked like he was going to get the perfect 36 score but suffered like I think all of us did on the black lane which seemed to have no grip on the night. He dropped two points with a third place finish but did end up a clear winner on 34 points and that was one of his two top scores on the night. Ade was quite close behind the top three with his Slot.It Ford Gt40 on 28 points with surprisingly no race wins. The two right behind him took the final two race wins; one a piece. First up was Wes who was also running a Fly Lola T70, albeit not in the same league as DaveL's version, on 23 points. SteveP came in sixth place with his NSR Ford GT40 on 21 points. The next two up also showed the extremes of slot car racing as Karl and Jim were tied on 18 points, this being Karl's best score on the night. Karl was running a "up to the minute" NSR Ford GT40 and Jim was running a Scalextric Ferrari P4 which was probably a lot older than Karl! Keith was on his lonesome on 15 from a tied Tony and Will on 13 points from Trigger on 8 points. Keith was running a Fly GT40 whereas the bottom three were running club GT40's. Nuff said! So five people took race wins although DaveL almost got half of them.
So onto Group 5's which is definitely a class of two halves. Class A run the Racer Sidewinder cars and Class B consist of anything else. There seemed to be more of the Class A runners this time with PeterP and Ade running the Ford Capri and SteveP, DaveL and Karl running the Lancia. In my first race I pursued the Class A cars as hard as I could for a third place finish and was doing the same in my second race when I to spun off for one point at the 'faraway corner'. There was obviously less of the Class A cars in my third race as I finished second. I then swapped to a Porsche 935K3 and managed a couple of fourth places but at least the car looked great. In my last race I tried my Fly Lancia but obviously selected third gear at the start as I bogged down. It then took off like a rocket and I was off at the first corner. So not a great points haul for me. As it was, Class A cars took the first four places with PeterP taking his best score on the night with five race wins and 35 points. Ade took second place on 33 points, his best score on the night, which included four race wins. Both were running the Ford Capri. DaveL was the first of the Lancia runners taking a couple of wins on his way to 31 points. SteveP was in fourth on 24 points, his best score on the night, running a Lancia. The last race winner was Keith who managed a win with a Fly Lancia in his first race and ended up just two points behind SteveP. Will also did quite well with a Fly Lancia ending up just one point behind Keith. The rest of us trailed in with ME 17, Wes, Jim and Tony tied on 16, Karl on 13 and Trigger with his second score of 8. There were a coupleof oddities in the class (apart from Karl running a Racer Lancia and finishing that far down). The first being the Carrera Ferrari 512BB gallantly run by Jim and the Fly BMW as run by Wes.
So at the break PeterP had jumped up to first on 66 points from DaveL 65, and Ade 61. I had slumped down to fourth on 48 points from Steve 44 and Wes 39.
We start again with 60's LM (FE) and my Scalextric Corvette L88 demonstrated it's love for the radio corner by falling off there when in the lead. At least it looked better now it had a proper wide yellow stripe on it's bonnet. This was a hard fought class as I battled to two second place finishes and a third before finishing with two hard fought and flat out all the way wins. I ended up second in class on 29 points. DaveL scored his second 31 pointer on his way to being class leader with a Pinkar Ferrari GTO that gave him three race wins. Wes took his best score of the night of 26, which included two race wins running a Ninco Cobra to third place. After that the scores fell away a bit but it was all very tight. PeterP, running another Pinkar Ferrari GTO and Keith, running a Ninco Cobra, tied on 22 points. Jim took a couple of wins on his way to 21 points with his Ninco Austin Healey so obviously succumbed to some bumping and banging. Steve took a race win on his way to 20 points running another Ninco Healey. Tony was on 19 from Will 18, Ade 17 with a race win, Karl 15 with a race win and Trigger on 12 points one of the two he got which were his best scores on the night. So competitive racing from top to bottom with seven race winners coming right across the field of talent. DaveL had jumped PeterP for the lead and Wes had jumped Steve for the fifth spot.
We finish with 70's Rally. It's not my favourite after my Spirit BMW 2002 went sour. I'm start off with a club Ford Escort but it's motor seems strangled for power so revert to my Spirit VW Golf. That's dire as well as it likes to just lift out of the slot on a whim. I can do no better than distant thirds three times and have my worst result on the night. DaveL meanwhile is romping away to another 34 points, his second best score on the night, with another five race wins and top spot with his Spirit BMW 2002. Jim has his best class on the night with his best score on the night of 31 points, taking two race wins with his SCX Fiat 124 Spyder. It was another tight class because in third place was Keith, who took his best score on the night of 24 points which also included two race wins running a SCX Fiat 131. Right behind him was Ade who took three race wins and three not so great races with his lovely TeamSlot (I made a point of asking and writing it down this time) Lancia Stratos. Tied with Ade on 23 points was Will so scored his best result on the night running a club Ford Escort. On 22 points was Tony running another club Ford Escort. Peter was on 20 points with a very lively Avant Slot Alpine 310. Down the bottom end Wes on 18 points led in Steve 17, Karl and ME tied on 14 and Trigger with his other best score of 12 points.
So at the end DaveL took a convincing overall win on 130 points. Fly Lola T70's must be in hot demand. The next three stayed as they were with PeterP second on 108, Ade third on 101 and ME on 91. Jim on 86 led in a tied Keith and Wes on 83 with Steve close behind on 81 points. Will was in ninth place on 75 from Tony 70, Karl 60 and Trigger 40. Some sort of symmertry going on there.

entry 25 Mar 2013, 20:50
It's been a little while since a Formula One podium looked distinctly uncomfortable. I can remember the first US Grand Prix at Indianapolis when only six cars took the start and the crowd rightly heckled the podium for the barking mad inability of the teams to come up with a working solution to provide a proper race. Before that event of course was the shameful handing over of a race win between the Ferrari drivers in the Austrian GP for which they were rightly booed for when they were on the podium. Funny how both instances involved Michael Schumacher.
Anyway, last weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix came pretty close to fisticuffs I reckon. The driver room at the end of the race was a pretty tense place to be and it didn't get any better on the podium as Mark Webber made it perfectly clear what he thought of Sebastian Vettel. Then there's Lewis Hamilton feeling awkward because his Mercedes Team has kept his team-mate behind him for the sake of fairness! At least Lewis and Nico have grown up racing each other and seem to be pretty good friends. What's more despite all his 'pleading' Nico obeyed team orders and stayed behind. Will it be remembered???
With Red Bull it's quite different in my opinion. Sebastian Vettel is undoubtably the 'star' driver having come up through the Red Bull academy from the beginning and been the only one to become World Champion and three times at that. It's his team and he undoubtably has the backing of Dietrich Mateschitz and Helmet Marko. He is the one they want to win the races and no amount of 'team orders' is going to change that. What's more his apology seemed a bit too scripted to me, a case of PR working overtime. I don't expect Red Bull will censure him in any way as I'm pretty sure they are not expecting to be re-signing Mark Webber for 2014. Would he want to stay?
As for team orders. Well if you're going to have them then go back to the old days and have a number one and number two driver. At least everyone knows their place. Or perhaps they should do away with radios and just let the drivers race each other. Is this racing or management?

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