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entry 15 Jan 2012, 13:26
Start of a New Year, a new series and four new classes. I had chosen one of them, the (to give it my full title for it) 'open cockpit, sports prototypes, any era, including CanAm, Open class'. Sensibly it's been reduced to 'Open Prototypes (open)'. I had plenty of cars available to run and possibly too many to choose from as I found out! I also regarded the first two classes to be my best for scoring points and the second two to hanging on for points. The racing would see if that was true.
We start though with SCX F1 (Narrow track) and I had bought one of the new Lotus Renaults from DaveL (Circuit to Scale). It seemed to go really well on my test track but it was when I started racing it racing it that I noticed that the front wheels were tracking over to nearside. Now how much that actually slowed down my car I don't know and perhaps it was all in my mind but the car was definitely a midfield runner as four third places and two second places confirmed. One of my second places I lucked into because on the last lap PJ came off as he was fighting for the lead with Jim. Jim took four wins and 33 points on his way to the class win running a Ferrari. Keith took three wins and 29 points that took him to second place overall running a Lotus. I ended up in third place on 26 points. This turned out to be my best score on the night. The last race winner was DaveL running a Renault to 24 points closely followed by Will on 22 points with a BMW Sauber. There was a bit of a gap to the bottom three led by Wes on 15 and then Trigger and PJ on 10 and 9 respectively. This is quite a competitive class but I feel I've got to do something with my car to improve it. Whether I can or not is another matter.
'My' class, Open Prototypes were next. I had brought along a stack full to try, mainly in practise I have to say, but decided to run four in the races. I started with my Vanquish Shadow CanAm but in trying too hard too soon I came off on the second lap taking the lead and ended up fifth. In my second race I ran my Spirit Dallara and scored a win. My standard 'Pepsi' Fly Joest has always been a very good racer but in a field of Open class cars it was definitely up against in and pushing hard I came off to score just three points. Next up was my standard Scaleauto Radical which is fast but doesn't have the grip in it's tyres but I stayed on to gain four points with it. Back to the Dallara in my fifth race but I was up against Jim's quick Spirit Dallara. We had a cracking race long dice in which we lapped the final runner, Will, almost twice. Jim won. In my final race it was back to my Vanquish Shadow but I was up against an 'on fire' PJ with his Slot.It Ferrari 312 and it was a repeat of my previous race in which we had a race long dice but PJ won. Remarkably there was a tie for top place with Jim and Keith both scoring 28 points, but Jim scored 4 wins and Keith didn't get any! Considering I had a couple of naff races I was surprised to see that I ended up third on 25 points with one win. A bit behind was DaveL who also took a win on his way to 21 points with his quick SCX Audi R10. Tied one point behind him was Will and PJ on 20 points. PJ took two wins and his best score on the night with his very quick Slot.It Ferrari 312 but he had my problem in trying too hard too soon sometimes. That car could be a 'thirty sixer' for him. Will was using a club Ninco BMW LMP1 which was fast but a bit leery. Bringing up the rear was Wes on 14 running a Fly Joest and Trigger on 13, his best score on the night which included a second place with his Fly Joest. This was quite a competitive class until Jim changed the tyres on his Spirit Dallara to Ortmanns and changed his fortunes as well.
At the break it was Jim on 61 points from Keith 57, ME on 51 and DaveL on 45 points.
We start with any make WTCC and it's generally regarded that the SCX Honda is the car to have. This was proved correct when Keith waltzed off into the sunset with his version scoring four or five wins and getting his best score on the night of 34 points to take the class. He was way ahead of Jim who ended up second with his Alfa Romeo 156 on 27 points. It started a bit slow in typical SCX fashion and then got faster as the races went on and he ended up taking a win with it. Tied in third place on 25 points with both taking their best scores on the night and both taking a race win were DaveL and Will. DaveL started off with a Volvo (not strictly WTCC we know but we allow it) but changed to a Honda. Both cars had pickup problems but unfortunately it didn't stop scoring points. Will was running a club Honda. I ended up one point behind them. I started off with my Alfa Romeo 156 for three races scoring a second and two thirds. I changed to my BMW for a fourth and a third and ended up running my Seat Leon in my last race. After yet another race long dice, this time with Wes, I came out just ahead of him in third place. Wes led the bottom three followed by PJ and Trigger on 13, 11 and 9 respectively.
We finish with 1 litre saloons (pre 85) which has never been my favourite class especially as I have only a Revell NSU to race. My old Airfix Mini has a broken front axle support and I couldn't find any SCX Abarth at the Swindon Swapmeet. Why did I want a SCX Abarth? Jim demonstrated why by scoring a perfect 36 with his version to take the class and his best score on the night. In second place came Keith with his SCX Simca taking the other two race wins. A long way behind was DaveL on 24 points running a Scalextric Mini. I tied with Wes, who was running a Scalextric Mini, on 20 points, his best score on the night. I amazingly scored two second place finishes in my second and last races. A third second place was on the cards in my fifth race but whilst holding that position very comfortably behind Jim it decided to do one of those graceful but frustrating front end drift out of the slot and I ended up with two pints rather than five! Will scored 17 points with his Scalextric Mini and led in PJ and Trigger on 11 and 8.
At the end it was Jim back on top with 124 points from Keith 123, ME 95 and DaveL on 94 points so very close between the two pairings. Will led in the rest on 84 points from Wes, 62, PJ 51 and Trigger on 39.

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post 15 Jan 2012, 15:45
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Jim Moyes
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The Volvo has been raced in WTC by this bloke. In 2007.

I don't think your half time scores are right - 72 is the most anyone could have question.gif

Keith's 1.0 saloon is a Renault.

Apart from that unsure.gif top job as ever, Nick.

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post 16 Jan 2012, 19:56
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ohmy.gif Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh what a plonker, I was looking at the wrong class. It will be put right.

I knew Keith's car was French at least and it goes almost as well as your Italian stallion.
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