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entry 10 Mar 2012, 13:12
We were missing all three of the Dave's from the last round of the first series which meant there were only seven starters and it turned out to be a roller-coaster trip for me.
We started as usual with SCX F1 and in my first race I had a terrific race long duel with Jim's Ferrari which was only resolved right on the line when I just pipped him by 1/10th of a second. Unfortunately in my next race I had Keith sitting beside me on the grid with his identical black Lotus Renault. At the start of the second lap PJ spun off and collected 'my' Lotus; except it wasn't and I then came off at the starters hairpin with realising it. I then took a third, a last, a second and another last place when I was "Wes'd" at the first corner. So a win and a second place and some duff scoring saw me down in fifth place on 20 points. One point ahead of me was Wes getting his best score on the night running a BMW Sauber. Ahead of him by one point was Will, also running a BMW Sauber, the wingless front version. Keith was in second place with two wins on 26 points with his Lotus Renault. In top place with four wins and on 31 points was Jim and his Ferrari. One point behind me was Tony running yet another BMW Sauber and bringing up the rear was PJ. He has a very fast Renault and always streaks into the lead but somehow always manages to fall off. He could have been the runaway winner of this class with some more consistency.
My choice of class is next, the Open Prototype (Open) and I started with my RAA Spirit Dallara which took a runaway win. It was a bit closer in my second race with my Rollcentre Dallara but a another win followed. For my third race I was pacing myself against Tony's fast but noisy Fly Chevron with my Scaleauto Radical until he had a big off and I ran out a comfortable winner. In my fourth race I was back in my RAA Dallara against a hard charging Jim Fly Chevron when he spun off as we came onto the start straight and I 'bulldozed' him straight into a bit box! I ran out with my fourth win. I ran my RAA Dallara again in my fifth race to another race win but it all changed in my last race. I was running my Scaleauto Radical again and straight away I was having a problem on the sweeping last bend as for some reason my car was losing power. I thought at first it was the re-occurance of an old problem where this particular car had cut out on me in round one and DaveH in round four. However, as the race wore on, it became apparant that I had a controller problem so I had to settle for a second place finish behind Jim. The perfect 36 score alluded me but I did run out in top place on 35 points with five wins and my best score on the night. I was also well ahead of second place man Keith who didn't score any wins at all with his Fly Porsche 917 Spyder (I must admit I always thought it was a 908) but did collect 24 points. Tied in third place on 22 points were the two other race winners, with one race win apiece, Jim and Tony with their Fly Chevrons. Wes, with a Fly Ferrari 512 Spyder beat Will's Fly Chevron home 17 - 15 which left PJ at the back with his Slot.It Ferrari 312. This is another car of his which doesn't realise it's full potential as he spun off far too often when well place or in the lead! What's more it has been a race winner.

what a great car with 3 wins out of 3 races

At the break I had bounced up from fifth to first on 55 points from Jim 53, Keith 50 and Tony 41.
We start again with WTCC and I worked out during that class that I had to keep my controller hand still and not 'wave' it around to minimise my controller problem. I was back on my SCX BMW M3 as I will using it again in the next series. Well it's a good midfield runner if I don't get 'pinged' off but I did at least end up as the 'real' Andy Priaulx. WTCC is for some reason very much a Honda Accord class which is borne out by the top three places taken by the three Honda runners. Tony and Keith took all the wins, for for Tony and three for Keith but ended up tied for the top spot on 33 points. Ten points behind them in third place with the other Honda was Will. All three of them took their best scores on the night. Jim came in fourth running a Volvo (yes, not strictly WTCC but hey) on 20 points and I followed him on 16 points. At least I was ahead of Wes who managed to knock me off twice in his quest to be the 'real' Andy Priaulx with his SCX BMW M3 but only scored 11 points and tied with PJ and his Seat Leon in last place. At the end of this class I had bounced down to fourth with Keith up from third to first.
We end the night with 1 litre Saloons and I'm quite glad we're finished with them as I struggle with my Revell NSU. Bizarrely I started quite well with two third places and a second but a last and a fifth followed until I ended the night with a third place and 20 points. Runaway leader however was Jim with his Fiat Abarth, which he took to a perfect score of 36 with six race wins and obviously his best score on the night. Quite a way behind was Tony on 24 points who took the other race win with his Scalextric Mini which really went when he had poured some 'comm' drops on the motor. Two points behind him was Keith on 22 points with his Renault 8. Remarkably tied in fourth spot on 20 points were me and PJ both running Revell NSU's. This was PJ's best score on the night with quite a much quicker version which suffered from PJ's familiar malaise; STAYING ON! Bringing up the rear, Will just beat Wes 13 - 12 with Wes's Mini not really benefitting from the 'comms' drop treatment at all.
At the end it was Jim who stormed up from third to take the top spot with 109 points from Keith on 105, Tony 98, ME 91, Will 73, Wes 61 and PJ on 51 points.

New classes coming up and an urgent need to sort out my controller problem before the 12 Hour Endurance race this weekend.

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post 10 Mar 2012, 15:00
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Jim Moyes
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Not a WTC!!?? Race no. 60

In the prototypes, Tony and Will had Fly Lolas and I used a Spirit something or other.

While looking for the Volvo entry I noticed that the BMW is a 320i not an M3. Oh dear!! tongue.gif

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post 10 Mar 2012, 17:32
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Hello Jim

Yes you're right about the Volvo but in my defence it didn't feature much in the series and I did use to watch it on Eurosport. It's not quite the same now.

I actually had Tony and Will down as having Lolas so where I got Chevrons from I don't know and I have to be honest I thought your car was the same.

As for the BMW. Bugger! That's put paid to my running it in the next classes. I wonder if Wes knows or does he have one of the new SCX ALMS cars?

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