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entry 27 Mar 2012, 20:47
Sometimes my test track bites my bum in the shape of making cars look great during testing, but when they get on the club track they're all over the place and I experienced this phenomemon (yes I had to look the spelling up) when it came to the first class.
I had picked Scalextric Group C (with permitted mods) because they seemed great around my test track. It didn't start off too bad with a second place finish, although my re-painted green and yellow Jaguar seemed to have a SCX like affliction in the shape of the motor getting faster as the race wore on. Unfortunately in my next race I launched my 'Liqui Moly' 956 off when trying too hard too soon to record one point. My noisy 'Michelin' Sauber gave me another second place finish in my third race but the developing sequence continued in my fourth race when my 'FromA 956 spun into the tree line to post one point. Spookily my re-painted 'Pepsi Challenger' 956 gave me yet another second place finish by dint of everyone else falling off! Then I spoilt my sequence when I raced my Jaguar again and it fell off for two points. So a pretty s**t performance really, which accounted for my finishing seventh out of eight with a paltry 19 points. Going great guns however was Jim who posted his joint best score on the night of 32 with five wins and top of the class. He ran away from the rest of us with his black Jaguar. The rest of us were all very close with PJ next up running a quick 'Kenwood' 956. He took his best score on the night of 24 points which included a win, which in true PJ form should have been a lot more. Third place with 22 points was Mr Consistent, in the shape of Will, running a club 956 (or perhaps it was borrowed from Keith). Getting the other two race wins was Keith with a 956 who ended up tied on 21 points with Wes who was running a red and white Jaguar. Just one point behind them, also with a red and white Jaguar was DaveH. Trigger trailed in at the back. So if you ignore Jim it was a tight class!!
'Raid' was next up and I borrowed a club Pajero and amazed my self with how great it was compared to my Group C cars. A win, three second places and two altercation with Wes gave me my best score on the night of 25 points. Wow. It should have been more but in my third race I was neck and neck with Wes all race but on the last lap he punted me off so a possible first became fourth. In my last race Wes managed to 'get me' sooner and I was first off for one point. This really was a tight class with five of us recording race wins. Keith came out on top with two wins and 28 points. Jim and DaveH both took two wins and tied in second place on 26 points, this being Dave's best score on the night. I was one point behind them of course. Wes took the final win (when he knocked me off no doubt) and fifth on 22 points just ahead of Will on 20. PJ and Trigger were a little bit behind but there was some great racing going on in this class.
At the break it was Jim on 58 points from Keith 49, DaveH 46, up from 6th and ME on 44 having hauled myself up from 7th after the first class.
I had to borrow a club car for the next class, BMW M3 and despite what Will was saying in practise, I wasn't convinced at all that it was the best one to have. I started off with a second place finish but it went all downhill from there. The thing vibrated like mad which at first i thought was caused by a torn rear tyre. That got changed but the one I put on from another club car was completely different again. Another change didn't really help and then in my fifth race my controller lead broke and I had to use a club controller. It was all pretty torrid which probably accounted for my two last place and two fourth place finishes and just 17 points. Keith had no such problems as he took four wins on his way to the class win with 31 points running a SCX ALMS BMW M3. Proving they were the car to have in the class on this night was Wes who came second on 29 points which included two wins with his SCX M3. This also gave him his best score on the night. Will took third, with what turned out to be the best club car, with 24 points, his best score on the night. DaveH had another good run to 23 points and somewhat amazingly was four points clear of PJ who took the last two race wins! Another somewhat amazing performance was Jim's, who for some reason only just beat Trigger 13 - 12, this being Trigger best score on the night. The SCX ALMS BMW M3 was IT and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more turning up in due course. At the end of this class, Keith had taken the lead, Wes had rocketed up to second, Jim was down to third and I had slumped to sixth.
We finish with 1600 Hatch and this is strictly for two wheeled driven cars. In practise my previously very competitive Ninco Clio was a bit 'jumpy' so I started with my Scalextric Mini. It's definitely a midfield runner as two thirds and three fourth place finishes testified. I did try my Clio but it rattled round to a third place finish as well. This class was all about Keith and Jim who were light years ahead of the rest of us. They took all the wins, four each and their best scores on the night 33 and 32, this being Jim's second 32 point finish. Jim was running a Scalextric Mini but unlike mine it's a proven very quick and stable runner. Keith's class winner was a SCX Skoda. Will was a distant third on 23 points from DaveH on 22 and me and Wes tied on 21 points. Even further back were PJ and Trigger.
At the end it was Keith on 113 points from Jim 103, Wes 93, DaveH 91, Will 89, ME 82, PJ 65 and Trigger on 36 points. Only another four rounds to go!

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post 27 Mar 2012, 22:26
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Keith's class winner was a SCX Skoda


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Well, I knew it was a car that started with a capital S and it went better than my car.
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