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SRC Capri

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#1 Screwneck


    Nobby Berkshire

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 11:27 AM

Thanks SRC for making an expensive slotcar that has:

1. A wobbly rear axle, nasty little plastic bearings that pop out of the chassis and wobble around like a Weeble.

2. A relational noisy and uneven drive.

3. Tyres that rub on the wheelarches and no space to squeeze in a spacer to stop them doing so.

4. A knurled axle for the gear that is longer than the gear shaft so it rubs and drags in the bearing.

5. Impossible to remove rear wheels to put right all the wrongs in this model.

Does anyone know how to get the wheels off these axles? wacko.gif

#2 stoner


    Slot Guru

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 11:56 AM

that bad eh! I thought they used slot lt it running gear, or am I getting mixed up. so that make is off my list if I,ve got to spend extra just to get it to run right. John

#3 Chappy


    Bob Chapman

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 12:11 PM

Screwneck I'd take it back to, the retailer and advise them of the issue.
That is clearly very poor quality control and totally unacceptable.
We all realize minor tweaking is a part of the hobby, but you are talking about serious issues.
The retailer should look after you and send the car back to the manufacturer or dealer with a serious note as to how this
passed QC.
I have an SRC coming today, and I will let you know if its a deal breaker or not.
Good Luck

#4 Sez


    Top Tuner

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 12:22 PM

That's sounds pretty bad...

I heard that SRC cars are similar to Fly's ones, better on the shelf than on the track, your post confirm this. I had one SRC Alfa Romeo great looking car, but I sold it brand new

After joining my local club, I stopped buying Flys or SRC, I just focus on the cars that I need for each class.

We race a bit of everything, is incredible the amount of extra work most of the brands required to have a decent runner comparing to a Slot It, and if you think about the retail price, in some cases is the same that Slot it, or very slightly cheaper.

I recently bought a Ninco Lightning Merc SLS, after exactly 5 laps on the track 60 seconds, the crown was loose, I don't have the hex key/driver for this screw, anyway I find this ridiculous non quality control whatsoever... this is my first Ninco Lightining, and probably my last, I guess I will take it apart and use the some bits for the modified classes.

About the SRC wheels, they might be extremely tight, and probably when you finally take them off, then they will be a bit loose on the axle

#5 Chappy


    Bob Chapman

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 01:14 PM

Screwneck if you are going ahead and taking the wheels off, I usually use a sink of hot soapy water.
Let the assembly soak for awhile, and then gently twist the wheels off, using pliers to hold the axle for the 2nd wheel.
I just turn the first one wheel while holding the second.
The hot water seems to soften up the plastic a bit making its grip on the knurled axle a bit lighter.
You can always glue them back on after. Same thing for the spur gear.
Is it possible the axle is the wrong one also.
Let us know how you fare.



    Top Tuner

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 07:34 AM

I have a few src cars, including both chassis variants of the capri. My two track runners had a typical 'fly' about them out of the box. I did the following;
Glue bushes in
Glue motor in
Remove guide spring
Fit soft braid
Fit mb slot screws (the smooth shank ones)
Fill bushes with super glue trick
Raise front axle to maximum and lock in place(ie get the car sitting as low as she'll go)
True wheels
True tyres
For the elf variant I adjusted the exhaust as it was fouling body roll.

We found the wide body to be a more predictable and drifting beast, were as the narrow car was more prone to tipping over. The wide body car has turned out the faster of the two, but barely.

I had no issue with nasty tyre rub on my 3, I reckon either I've been lucky or you've scored a turd. For the record the src alfa 33 is in my view a brilliant drive without a single mod-my favourite so far this year.

Good luck with it mate,


#7 Chappy


    Bob Chapman

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Posted 19 October 2013 - 03:15 AM

Hi Screwneck, well as promised , my porsche src arrived today.
A really nice looking car, well presented and nice finish.
The end
Now the beginning of the work.
Tires were garbage, 3 the same size , one much larger.
Impossible to remove the wheels without damage even with the hot water soak.
Chassis warped, spur loose and spinning,, wheels as you described, what a dogs breakfast.
Anyway on top, of the money I spent on the car, I replaced all the wheels with aftermarkets, and the tires, and the spur gear.
Stripped the chassis down and straightened it with hot water and the steel plate and magnets.
Tossed the axles out as they were bent. Replaced the bushings with brass and glued in.
Put wheel inserts in and then went to the normal lube and run in procedure.Glued in the motor and a little weight up front.
The motor is strong, the guide works fine .
Now the car runs fine , infact really well.
It looks good and handles well with lots of torque.
So on top, of the car price add the extras, and you get a good running car,, Kind of like fly.
Will I buy anymore, yes if the car is one I want, and I will do so knowing the likelihood I'll have to spend some more money and time on it.
Is it good value for money, I didnt think the one I got was and it dosent sound like screwnecks was either, but your experience may be totally different.
All the best

#8 Mr.M


    Jim Moyes

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Posted 19 October 2013 - 09:48 AM

I'm dreading getting my Capri out of it's box now! ohmy.gif
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#9 Coides



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Posted 19 October 2013 - 11:36 AM

I just finished work on an SRC Porsche 907. Looks very beautiful and certainly has the feel of a late Fly car and it's a bit too wide. The problems are not as bad as some described above but here's the list:

1. The body screws were all useless - stripped their threads immediately

2. Tyres are somewhere near the right shape but crudely moulded, with zero tread or sidewall detail

3 Windscreen wiper (photo etch) is perfect for the model but needed lots of fiddling to re-fit as it was not sitting right

4. There were small paint dribbles on the base and rear - dayglo green unfortunately

4 The driver's face makes the Racer driver look quite realistic

5. The spur gear had very some bad spots - the motor would actually freeze if you tried to start it at some of them. This was easily fixed by running in - it started mega loud but is now fine

I've not put it on the track yet.

For me the bottom line is that I'll buy SRC again because some of them represent cars that are inaccessible any other way and I can fix the problems - but why should anybody pay mid 40s at least for a 'prestigious collectors car' with such a list of faults?

Andy Flavell

#10 Chappy


    Bob Chapman

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Posted 19 October 2013 - 12:58 PM

You know Andi thats the whole point, value for money.
I think SRC are onto a good thing here but definitely need to have some serious QC done.
Like you I have the desire for more , including the Matras, as they are good looking cars.
However if they keep this up it will drive the newcomers away from their lines.
Perhaps the answer is to design and test a first run before going major so as to give the opportunity of
correcting faults before loading up the market, and this applies to not just SRC, but the others aswell.
I am sure some already do, it though.
Come on SRC, youve given us a nice looking car, now lets get the mechanics right .

#11 Chappy


    Bob Chapman

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 07:42 PM

Well its me again, and I just took delivery of the alfa romeo 33tt12 from SRC
What a nice looking car, detail and finish is good, all wheels clear the body. Tires are proper
Wheels nicely detailed nice clear finish, chassis straight and detailed.
Then out of the box roll the wheels , free as you'd want, no wobble, tight on the axles, just enough front axle play to make me happy.
Comes with the tall rear view mirror in a seperate package.
Run the motor on the test bed, no binding , no gear noise, wheels still true and round.
Wow and this is the same manufacturer tha did my porsche,,, no way.
Onto, the track stock tires, mdf and latex paint, and a few slow laps, perfect balance and grip as expected from stock tires.
Smooth and responsive. What the heck is going on. Last week I got the challenge , this week the gift.
This car is not made by the same guy, is it a different SRC ? ?
Well of course its the same SRC. But now I have a car out of the box, runs much better than expected, even considering my last experience this car is 180 degrees opposite.
Well I cant explain it, maybe the guy on the Porsche line was new, but whoever put this Alfa together sure knew his stuff.
Well done SRC. Lets keep this trend going.
Now in order to be fair, after my last post on the porsche I just had to put this one out there.
Quality very good.
Value for Money, yes very much so


#12 Screwneck


    Nobby Berkshire

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 09:10 PM

Thanks for the advice!

It's my normal policy to return bad goods, but I'm a softy for the look of these Capris.

I ended up sticking the hubs in hot water to expand the plastic to get the hubs off. Moving the axlegear a fraction to get everything aligned was a nightmare. Grinding down the axle knurling for free bearing clearance was messy. But it's all roughly balanced up now.

Then I realised the guide was a terrible fit in the chassis hole. It wobbles around like nuts.

SRC need to show they can make good cars, and they've convinced me my cash goes elsewhere! Probably gas and electric bills!

#13 mini_nutter95


    Learner Driver

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 08:42 AM

I have to say mine wasnt as bas as this but was still bad. The wheels do come off if you really try, grab the axle with some pliers then tug and whist the wheel. Then you can also put a space in. The rear bearings need gluing in. The tyres if glued and trued run nicer (but lots of weight in the front too) noise wise just oil everything as much as possible. Also I had to but a brass tube through my front axle as it moved far too much.

Hope you get sorted

Tyneside slot car club
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#14 stoner


    Slot Guru

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 11:24 AM

I bought one of the ninco lightnings, mentioned in an earlier post while new ones were being flogged cheaply. I was gutted about the qc it even had 2.5mm bearings installed for a 3/32 axle. the dealer sent me a pair as replacement. he even went through his stock and found over 5 with the wrong bearings in. I also had to replace both axles, one was well undersized and one was oversized. I wouldn,t like to pay the original price for this car as its not value for money. I expect to do a lot of fettling to a new car to get it to run right but I do expect it to run out of the box and this is supposed to be the racing version. John



    Top Tuner

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Posted 27 October 2013 - 08:45 PM

I built up another capri on sunday, this time the red and blue wide body. Rear axle and rear wheels all into the bin, boo! For me this makes one money pit pig and three cars that just needed set up. I've got the lucky strike one which I'll build shortly, hopefully no issues there.

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