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  1. 1:32 scale Cars
    In need of a older magnet Marshall the grey colored one. To measure downforce on our magnet racing league. We have a new one but it wont sync with the older model we use. If you have one or know someone who does contact me at my email, [email protected]
  2. 1:32 scale Cars
    A Supervlieg spotted these on the social media, another interesting project by Sideways Pictures will tell more than a 1000 words With kind regards Tamar
  3. Scratch building
    …I know. I know. Everyone has done one. So I did the #5 car. The 427 cubic inch beast that ran only once (as #5) at Sebring in 1967. I didn't bother with the front paddle spoilers: Or the absurd "luggage box" that was bolted to the modified rear. FIA required that all cars have...
  4. 1:32 scale Cars
    Updated and revised list of all plastic slot cars (1/32). With original reference and decorations. Sort by model and manufacturer. Also brands. Take a look at (contributions are welcome) #thanksTargaFlorio_Valencia
  5. Scratch building
    Hi all, I would like to show you a new Japanese rally car that I have finished. It's the Toyota Toyopet Crown that participated in the Mobilgas rally of Australia in 1957. Therefore this car is, according to the chronicles, the first Toyota to compete in a rally. To make this model I used...
  6. Controllers
    hi all im new here and have just rekindled my late 70's passion for slot cars due to the corona virus i have built a 75ft 2 lane analogue Scalextric classic track in my garage using the sets bought for my sons that I had in the attic ( pics can follow if ppl are interested ) I used to have...
  7. 1:32 scale Cars
    Friends, I am a "good old boy" Yankee that was won over by the high-detail, Euro-styled 1/32 slot cars around 1999 when I became aware of them (my older brother got me involved in 1/32 Parma Womp Womp and 1/24 belt-driven Whisperjets back in 1980 when public tracks began to re-open, and my...
  8. Events
    Double Digital racing in the Low Lands Dear Slotrace Friends When the wind starts blowing trough the trees and the leaves are falling, when we've dumped our shorts & slippers for scarfs and raincoats... ...then the time has come to start the preparations for the Suzuka Double Digital. For the...
  9. Scratch building
    Mission8: Trials and tribulations of racing BMW's latest GTE On September 2017 the BMW M8GTE made its first public appearance at the Frankfurt Autoshow. Set to compete in both the 2018 FIA World Endurance Championship and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, it also marked BMW's...
  10. Vintage & Collector's corner
    The 1st Strombecker slot car go karts I think were made in late 1961 and were black & red. The guide on these had a rear pin . The body itself was shorter on the rear than the 1962 model. They also had a gear on either side of the rear axle, hubcaps, different wheels and tires than the later...
  11. Clubs
    Hi everyone, A group of us try to race once per month. We have been recording our antics on Youtube. Most of us became friends through board gaming many years ago. We have expanded the league to a few friends of friends as well. This is a closed group by invite only. We race at a Condo Rec...
  12. 1:32 scale Cars
    Hi I wanted to post some photos of the Corvette SS, 1957, that was raced at Sebring that year. John Fitch and Piero Tarruffi drove, although John Fitch never got the chance as the car dropped out with suspension issues. Zora Arkus-Duntov was the inspiration behind the project. The original...
  13. Scratch building
    Hello, is there anyone out there that can make a 1/32 spectrum saloon car (the red one from captain scarlet)
  14. Slot Racing & Tuning
    The Ford GT LM (3rd Gen) 1/1 Ford returned to Le Mans in 2016 as a factory team in a blaze of glory, its modern GT winning the GTE LM class exactly 50 years after the original GT40's 1-2-3 in 1966. Although it was always intended to take its place among the world's most desirable ultra-high...
  15. Events
    this last bank holiday Monday,myself &friend went to the last ever barley village model show,racing/running for 3+hours,loved it.,here are some pics- the complete track/accessories/buildings/some cars/£200 variable power supply/and 18 feet x 8 feet purpose made base board in 8 interlocking...
  16. Slot Racing & Tuning
    Hello Slotters A long awaited white kit arrived on my doorstep today, Sideways first venture into the world of contemporary racers with the Lamborghini Huracan GT3. So time to kick off a new "work in progress" topic. With most of the Huracans being build around a green theme, my Racing Bull will...
  17. Wanted
    I'm interested in any group c models though mainly non-le mans ones as I slimmed down my collection to just LM and I want to re-expand it. Feel free to PM me without posting on the thread :)
  18. 1:32 scale Cars
    As most of you know, new modern LMP slotcars as rare as hen's teeth, but some hen's do have 'm Here are some teaser images by Stefan Kievit of his latest project after the S-Slot 919, and as you can see he's about half way. Can you guess what car it will be? with kind regards Tamar
  19. Thingies
    Here is my collection of Tamiya based slot Monster Trucks in action.
  20. Scratch building
    Hi everyone! This is my first post. Sorry if I had to introduce myself before, but I didn't find a sub-forum for such purposes. My name is Juan Sebastián, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here I'm sharing with you some photos of my Ferrari 312 F1 1966. It was made totally from scratch, the...
1-20 of 21 Results