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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi, thanks for letting me join, I'm pretty pumped. So I have a random question regarding Carrera Go!!! sets. Sorry to ask here, just don't know anyone that is knowledgeable in this stuff, cheers if you can help. Background: I know bugger all about slot apart from loving it when I was young...
  2. 1:43 scale
    I am sounding out interest in a 1/43 Le Mans car proxy for 2019. I have in mind that it would be open to any car that has ever competed at Le Mans. I am redoing my Little 'Snett' track in routed wood and intend to have it ready in time to take it to Gaydon in May, and maybe even run the proxy...
  3. 1:43 scale
    It's nearly Gaydon time again, so preparations for the 1/43 hobby display are on the go. As always at this time, I have no idea which models we will have to display apart from our own builds. So I will be anxiously waiting to see what the postman brings in the next few weeks. We have had some...
  4. 1:43 scale
    On the go at the moment: Now for the wheel arch boxes. Regards, Lloyd.
  5. 1:43 scale
    This past weekend saw a stage of the 2017 1/43 truck proxy take place at Peter's (pfuetze) Desmo track in Austria. Here are a few photos and a couple of short videos, all taken by Peter. Regards, Lloyd
  6. 1:43 scale
    A 1/43 Buggyra racing truck build in progress: More to follow. Regards, Lloyd
  7. 1:43 scale
    As all of my posted Little Monte track photos were lost in the recent Photobucket debacle, here they are again, with some new ones to be added soon: The beginning, trying out an idea. Then got a bigger shed and started extending the track! Then started filling in the gaps. Until...
  8. 1:43 scale
    As the title says, I recently came accross this stick in my shed and it has some nice photos from various proxies and builders: More to follow later as I dont know how many can be posted at a time. Regards, Lloyd.
  9. 1:43 scale
    I've listed some of my cars in a few different posts here and never shown my full collection. As I think I have at last added the last two model types to my Jouef collection I thought I would start a new posting and include all my cars. There will be no large photos but they are all on my...
  10. 1:43 scale
    There is one model, static or slot, that has always eluded me, The Willment Cobra Coupe. As a young mechanic, I once steered it onto a trailer where I worked. So imagine my surprise when I opened a large box of bubble wrap and not much else, only finding this fine model on my second hunt...
1-10 of 10 Results