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  1. Pantyffynnon Slot Car Club
    Trucks Round 1 - 11th July 2017 Breaker breaker one-nine this here's the Rubber Duck. Any of you Smokeys got your ears on, come back? That's a ten-four good buddy, we got the front door all they way to flag town… Our first race night with the new Scalextric Trucks and the early signs...
  2. Pantyffynnon Slot Car Club
    LMPs - Round 1 Plenty of anticipation and trepidation in the air tonight as we run LMP cars for the first time. Early testing got everyone worried as they discovered that 25,000 rpm motors with 300gm of torque were too much to handle on the Fflatout Ffynnon plexi. Everyone resorted to nursing...
1-2 of 2 Results