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  1. 3D Printing
    Another project has elbowed into the queue...well I couldn't resist :ROFLMAO: This was the plan: ...I don't expect to get close to that but it's got a coat of paint. Awaiting a 1mm Molotow pen before going further as I'll end up having to retouch the paintwork afterwards then a coat of...
  2. 3D Printing
    Yes, a new slot car track is planned for 2025 around the Colosseum. Here is the first 50m demo installation, the organizers will base the rides on the Magnatraction chassis reproduced at 1/1 scale, and are now working on the roman charriot, car body. The circuit will be five miles and of course...
  3. The Pit Lane
    Sportswold and internet racing has been delayed until 2005. It has occurred to me that Hornby have deliberately held back the launch of Sportsworld because they want to incorporate a number of new products yet to be announced into the Sportsworld software and this is the reason for the delay...
1-3 of 3 Results