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  1. 1:32 scale Cars
    Hi, As I am not taking part in this year's painting competition, I can already present you my interpretation of the McLaren Jota car. The car is being prepared for race by a cute lady. I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed painting it. Dany
  2. 1:32 scale Cars
    Sideways posted one picture of the McLaren GT3 prototype. It looks really good and it is a nice addition to the GT3 lineup. The prototype seems in a very advanced stage so it is time to start a thread on this. The whitekit must not be far away.
  3. 1:32 scale Cars
    Recent months, many new GT3 cars have been released. The Sideways BMW M6, the Slot it Maserati, ... All competitive out off the box. One of my first slot race cars I bought was the Scalextric Mclaren MP4. The shapes of a McLaren are something that attracts me. When I saw the introduction of...
1-3 of 3 Results