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  1. Track Plans
    I recently found my old Tomy AFX sets (Jaguar and Vertigo) in my parents attic from the early 90's. I am mid build of a 12ft x 4ft fold down track. Is there anything I need to be mindful of with a fold down track that you can pre warn me about? As well as being hinged on 2"x4" wood it's going to...
  2. HO scale
    I'm putting together a AFX track. The car can't make it totally around the track. I thought I saw somewhere a article on how to tell where a bad connection is without any device.
  3. HO scale
    Anyone running big rigs on the track?
  4. Worthing HO Racing
    We're back at the Barn on Wednesday 19 April for the annual Easter team race. This year we'll be running the AFX Mega-G+ Le Mans Prototypes on a layout inspired by the Circuit of the Americas in Texas... All equipment is provided for the AFX Endurance Championship races and you'll get the...
  5. THORL - The HO Racing League.
    March 5th sees Round 5 of the THORL 2016/17 season. SCHORC (South Cambridge HO Racing Club) are the host, at their club location in the Village of Yelling, Nr St Neots in Cambridgeshire. All are welcome to come and join us. All equipment and cars are available to borrow in any of the 4 classes...
1-5 of 5 Results