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  1. ARC One/Air
    I’m a new member, and back into Scalextric after over 40 years away! I’m hoping to get some advice on a proposed upgrade to Arc Air. My circuit is quite big, Around 23m, and winds around three sides of a 3mx3m loft at two heights, 3 down one side! It is made of roughly 50:50 refurbished Classic...
  2. ARC One/Air
    Hello all, My hardly used ARC Air powerbase is not working anymore. I am looking for people who have suffered similarly. The pcb is marked V0.6 14/12/2015. The unit has worked faultlessly several times with the same power-pack but now seems mortally wounded after a period of about a year...
  3. ARC One/Air
    Hi all I have recently bought a Slot.IT SCP3 Controller for use with my ARC Air Power Base (PB), but I would like to run the SCP3 using native Oxgien firmware and not ARC Air/Pro Firmware for added features such as braking I have read that it is possible to upgrade the ARC Air/Pro PB Firmware...
  4. Scalextric ARC PRO
    About myself : Male, 55 years old, living in Denmark. I have been running SSD, first with the 4-car pb, and with C7042 from when it came out. I have used SSDC, PClapcounter and mostly RCS64. I participate in testing RCS64, and now RCS-O2. I have a track consisting of 2 x 2 lanes with pits on...
  5. Analogue Race Control, Lap Timing & Software.
    Good morning, has anyone connected the c7042 APB to a tablet? To an IPAD? Are there any APPs to control it? Does the ARC AIR APP work?
1-5 of 5 Results