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  1. Scalextric Digital (APB, ARC PRO)
    Hello I'm new to digital and I want to improve my system with RMS software. I noticed C7042 is discontinued by scalextric and here in Canada only arcpro seems to be the only thing available, I meen from the stores. I planned to build a large track probably with wood and Is any RMS system can...
  2. Scalextric Digital (APB, ARC PRO)
    Hi All, I recently treated myself to an NSR Corvette. It's a rocket ship in analogue mode. As per the title and I can't see a neat way to chip it as the guide drop arm is located where I'd normally fit the slot-it chip. Any advice on getting this car up and running for ARC Pro?
  3. Digital
    I leant something very important today (Thanks Twigman). The lapcounter in ARCPro requires that it must *first* detect the (black) slot guide, *then* reads the ID from the IR LED. This means that you can't put the LED ahead of the slot guide, using a SureChange guide (for example). This was bad...
1-3 of 3 Results