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  1. Race Coordinator (RC)
    RC Version:, downloaded fresh yesterday. I flashed the RC software onto a new Arduino Uno, and setup a very basic circuit on my breadboard to verify the install, setup, and communications. The breadboard connects Resistors and LEDs to the A0-A4 pins, per the RC diagrams. I configured...
  2. Race Coordinator (RC)
    Hi from the Netherlands, currently we, at Olympia Race Circuit Amsterdam, are busy to create new race control boxes for each driver stand. They are scratch build and I’ve now came across some challenges and I hope you guys are able to help. these are the boxes (1 for each lane) in the...
  3. Analogue Race Control, Lap Timing & Software.
    Hi folks, I bought a slot car set for my nephew this Christmas and then realized it didn't have a lap counter so I thought I would just build one with an Arduino. I did some searching and didn't find anything really workable so I ended up designing one from scratch. I finished the project and...
    Hi all, I want an autonomous slotcar that outdrives me on my track. To my knowledge, currently there is no intelligent slotcar that can learn a track and drive it as fast as possible. Once there was the Challenger by Scalextric, which seemed really fine, but it is not available any more. Also...
  5. Race Coordinator (RC)
    i was wondering if any of you have ever tried or managed to intercept Race Coordinator audio messages. Let me explain: turnon a led when an audio message is spoken. I managed to intercept "best lap", "empty", "driveby" effect, but by chance, but i'd like to understand how they are managed by RC
  6. Race Coordinator (RC)
    is there a way to identify the type of competition with arduino? for example to know if the competition is "practice" or "round robin"? i would like to managment a green led when only "practice" is in progress.
  7. Slot Rally & Raid
    Hi guys! As I had commented on another topic, this track I created without knowing if it will work or not ... Because my last contact with SlotCar was 26 years ago ... (I was 9 years old) I started with simple ideas, for example, just make the trail with the router and put the copper tape. Just...
1-7 of 7 Results