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  1. 1:43 scale
    I recently got my childhood’s slot car set from my parents attic. I must have gotten it in the late 80s of early 90s (from a toystore in the Netherlands), I’m fuzzy on the memory. It’s an Artin Devil’s Jump set and it’s pretty complete except for some decoration plastic parts. Every online...
  2. Tracks & Scenery
    Wasn't sure if I should start this post here or do separate posts in the 1/43rd and 1/32nd scale forums but settled for here as the track is the one constant. My idea is to do something that doesn't appear to happen much, at least on the forum, and that is to posts some videos of the track with...
  3. Welcome & Introductions
    Hello, I joined the group because I recently rediscovered my track from when I was younger and set it up again. Its an Artin track, is it worth keeping and is it if any value? Everything still works. Ill try and post a picture in the discussion.
  4. 1:43 scale
    I find the lighting system on my Artin Porsche interesting - a single bulb with light directed to head and tail lights via clear plastic pipes! Some questions for people out there - 1) the main problem with my Artin car is that the light only seems to be noticeable at full blast on the...
  5. 1:32 scale Cars
    I was just wondering what brands of cars are compatible with digital tracks. I have Artin digiPro and wondere if these cars wouild work on Cerrera or Schalextric digital tracks.
  6. Tracks & Scenery
    Artin 4-lane 69.75ft layout using Tracker 2000 to design. The computer (still using WinME!) runs Lap Timer 2000 or Virtual Race System (VRS) for timing laps (built my my own light-bridge and photocell timing sections). Artin controllers used for every day running, but switch to Parma for more...
  7. Tracks & Scenery
    Hi All, It's been a while since I last posted anything here about my Westleigh circuit, so I think it's time to bring things up to date. My main tracks have been in my shed which does cause some restrictions on what I can build and if you haven't seen my past efforts or need a refresher the...
  8. 1:43 scale
    I've listed some of my cars in a few different posts here and never shown my full collection. As I think I have at last added the last two model types to my Jouef collection I thought I would start a new posting and include all my cars. There will be no large photos but they are all on my...
1-8 of 8 Results