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  1. Tracks & Scenery
    Hey all I've just purchased a Tony AFX set off eBay so me and my daughters can use. The track and cars need a little bit of TLC. In terms of the track how's best to clean it? My process I'm thinking is Quick wipe down for general dirt Use ultra fine emery board on the metal track parts...
  2. HO scale
    This should be fun... Going through my old spare parts, I came across 2 vintage bumpers. The first (front bumper / grill) I was able to identify by searching through my copy of "The Complete Color Guide To Aurora H.O. Slot Cars". It belongs to an Aurora AFX Ford Escort. I don't recall ever...
  3. Avatar.jpg

    Still first hand, this Lola from the late 1960's, from my Aurora Model Motoring set
  4. Vintage & Collector's corner
    So the discussion on the odd Nichimo set below made me think about the differences of the various Mustang fastbacks made in the 1960s.1 photo-line up of the different Mustangs from left to right ( Nichimo kit car of Japan ,Nichimo set car of Japan, Estrela of Brazil, Atma of Brazil, Aurora of...
  5. HO scale
    Anyone running big rigs on the track?
  6. HO scale
    Forgotten how to post pictures here its been so long. Almost everyone is on Facebook these days, me included. But I just popped back to see what is going on. I got back into HO scale stuff about 3 or four years ago, I think. It could be longer or not that long. Tempus Fugit. Started with the...
  7. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Dear All, My interest in slot cars is mainly to use them as roadways. I started off with Minic, which I exhibited with Tri-ang Railways for manny years. Along the way I got into Playcraft Highways, then Aurora, Faller AMS, Bauer, Tyco US-1 Trucking and finally my wife bought me a Life-Like High...
1-7 of 7 Results