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  1. West London Scalextric Club
    Well, that was an interesting introduction to this new class. A good selection of cars out there. BMW M1 being the favourite, with a couple of Ford Capri and a Lancia. Some people have raced this class at Nascot Wood for a year or two and thier cars were failry well sorted. Our track is...
  2. Farnborough Park Scalextric Club
    A very valid question was raised during the Group 5 class last night: how are BMW M1s eligible, when to be homologated no fewer than 5,000 examples had to be built? The answer is: the FIA changed the rule. Group 5 looked like it was going to be the success story that the authorities had hoped...
  3. 1:32 scale Cars
    I'm sure this question is ask by every newby, so I might as well ask. What is a good car to start with? There are so many choices and configurations. (1/32 seems to be where I'm heading)This is my first step into a new hobby so I have no tendencies or loyalties to any one manufacturer or style...
1-3 of 3 Results