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  1. The Hobby Traders Showroom
    I currently have a couple of 3D printable chassis available to down load from Cults. There is a fully adjustable chassis but the file is in 3MF format so you would need a suitable program, on Windows you can use 3D builder and some other CAD programs can load the file. this file is free There...
  2. Scratch building
    Some years ago I built a Penelope Pitlane fold up chassis with S can motor. It carried a Betta Porsche 911 body that fitted the chassis width. Cornering was a sad disappointment even after loading up the front with ballast. I wonder if anyone has converted these to a rattle plate design with a...
  3. Scratch building
    Hello all! Here's my second lockdown project! It's an old Teamslot Zakspeed Escort body on a Penelope Pitlane Competition chassis built to run in SMSRC's Thunder Saloons class. It's also my first foray into floating side pans so I'm looking forward to seeing how it runs (if we're ever...
  4. Andi Rowland Designs
    How to and imagery coming soon! kind regards Andi
  5. Andi Rowland Designs
    This is a how-to for converting a Scalextric Brabham BT26 into a Policar racer. The Scalextric model I have has a few minor defects that the other Scalextric cars don't have. I'm not sure if this was a batch problem or is a defect of the whole model design. I found that the back of the body is...
  6. Andi Rowland Designs
    Like it says, just prototyping this chassis to make this car competitive with the other Policars. Andi
  7. Andi Rowland Designs
    This is a how-to for converting a Scalextric Mclaren M7C into a Policar racer. I have chosen to convert the Yellow Surtees car: But these other liveries are all convertible: This makes a really nice, smooth and quick handling car. So this is how I did it and should form a clear guide...
  8. Andi Rowland Designs
    This is a how-to for converting a Scalextric Lotus 49 into a Policar racer. Background The Scalextric Lotus 49 has been around for about a decade now and although I've designed conversions for most other F1 cars on the market (Scalextric, Fly/Slotwings and SRC) I overlooked the possibility of...
  9. Andi Rowland Designs
    A few photos showing the use of one of my 3D printed chassis with a Policar gearbox inserted in a narrow 1960's body (a Lotus 21 as it happens). Cheers Andi
  10. Scratch building
    So I recently bought this book: Although not exhaustive it is a great summary of the teasm over the years with some great photos.... This one in particular stimulated me to dig out a couple of the DNQ shells I have stashed away safely for just such an occasion! I have the JPS and the...
  11. Andi Rowland Designs
    Well it has taken a lot longer than I had imagined but finally I've put together a chassis for the beautifully made Scalextric Ferrari 312T2 body. This one needed a fair bit of imagination to make it work. I was held up for some time by the lack of compatibility of the gearbox top that Scaley...
  12. Wanted
    Hi everyone, is there a PCR convert out there that is willing to sell an original Honda Civic Chassis? Both my rear axel retains cracked down the middle when I removed the axel in order to remove the magnet. Car hasn't turned a wheel! Disappointed and annoyed.. Can anybody help? Thanks
  13. Wanted
    Looking for a chassis in good condition for a Ninco Mosler. May take complete car if reasonable price. Location London, UK.
1-13 of 13 Results