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  1. For Trade Giving it up

    The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    Over 15 years ago I built up a big pile of track both classic and sport digital as well as a boxed sport digital Porsche set. The powerbase was upgraded to a Powerbase Pro and somewhere I have the cable to apply updates. I have a couple of extra cars as well as far I can recall and at least two...
  2. Scratch building
    All Looking for a bit of help on Ninco Jaguar XK120 windscreen. I know it's a near mission impossible but someone must be making this venerable windscreen for the Ninco Jaguar XK120? I have the green one in photo, with Amato 3D chassis and slot it running gear. Since this photo was taken I...
  3. Events
    For Sports/Racing models 1.32 scale. Class 1. Sports/Racing models 1949-1962 CSCRA SP3. Class 2. Sports/Racing models 1963-1967 CSCRA SP4. Please visit CSCRA website for dimensional specifications. There are 48 places available. Single class entry (please state which class when entering)...
  4. Tracks & Scenery
    I'm almost ready to sit down with a copy of SlotMan and design my track, which will be a 2-lane on-the-floor Scalextric Classic. I've had a surf through various threads here and have found some plans that I definitely like, but I was wondering what features you guys and gals think make a good...
1-5 of 5 Results