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  1. All About The Chips
    Sometimes the solenoid assembly needs to be reassembled and the components do not make it an easy task. The internal view of the mechanical components of an Cross-over Lane Changer (XLC) .... Here is a simple method for fixing the solenoid pins to the actuator bar Make sure that the pin...
  2. Scalextric Digital (APB, ARC PRO)
    How many Lane Changers do you have in your Digital layout ??How Many Lane Changers ?More than 12 LC's28.33%10 to 12 LC's28.33%5 to 9 LC's1145.83%3 to 4 LC's833.33%1 to 2 LC's00.00%None I'm and analogue racer only.14.17%What is your Average Distance Between Lane Changers?Less than 2m (6.5...
1-2 of 2 Results