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  1. Andi Rowland Designs
    How to and imagery coming soon! kind regards Andi
  2. Andi Rowland Designs
    Tyrrell P34 Policar gearbox conversion for Scalextric 1976 model How to: So as ever you will need a donor car. Currently I think Scalextric have only released the car as a twin set so you have a choice of either car or both! This conversion is reversible for the Scalextric P34. 1...
  3. Andi Rowland Designs
    This conversion is one of the simpler ones. SRC have made a nice model so rather than replace all the rear end detail I have opted to keep it. This does mean that the large cylinder covering the original crowngear remains present but overall I think this is a reasonable compromise. You will...
  4. Andi Rowland Designs
    This is a how-to for converting a Scalextric Brabham BT26 into a Policar racer. The Scalextric model I have has a few minor defects that the other Scalextric cars don't have. I'm not sure if this was a batch problem or is a defect of the whole model design. I found that the back of the body is...
  5. Andi Rowland Designs
    Like it says, just prototyping this chassis to make this car competitive with the other Policars. Andi
  6. Andi Rowland Designs
    This is a how-to for converting a Scalextric Lotus 49 into a Policar racer. Background The Scalextric Lotus 49 has been around for about a decade now and although I've designed conversions for most other F1 cars on the market (Scalextric, Fly/Slotwings and SRC) I overlooked the possibility of...
  7. Scratch building
    As the Policar GP nears I started to look for a nice car for my son to enter in the scrathbuild and compatible chassis race on the Saturday. Given that there are still so many March 761/771 models being released I thought i'd get him one of the No.10 Brazilian GP 1976 driven by Lella Lombardi...
  8. Andi Rowland Designs
    Well it has taken a lot longer than I had imagined but finally I've put together a chassis for the beautifully made Scalextric Ferrari 312T2 body. This one needed a fair bit of imagination to make it work. I was held up for some time by the lack of compatibility of the gearbox top that Scaley...
1-8 of 8 Results