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  1. oXigen
    Hello everyone. I have a doubt, I am clear that the battery charge of the SCP03 is done with usb, the controller stays with the green light on, until (I understand) it is charged and turns off the green light. The doubt I have is that I don't know if you have any battery indications...
  2. Scalextric ARC PRO
    So, I have been doing laps with my son using brand new ARC Pro Wireless controllers on a couple of occasions, and find that lane changing is much more difficult than on the good old APB. To get to the bottom of this I set up a small test bench with a power tap connected from the lane rails to...
  3. Controllers
    I thought this slot car malarky would be simple when I started a few months ago! Long story short. Bought my kids some scalextric a few months ago - they're bored of it & I'm hooked! Quickly realised with a growing track & multiple cars (mix of newer cars, some with some with out magnets but...
  4. Tracks & Scenery
    I've just bought a starter set of new Policar track. The track is really good. I want to use my DS controllers with it, but they are wired for Scalextric Sport and do not work with the Policar Analogue Powerbase even though the 3.5mm jack plug is the same. Does anybody have a wiring diagram for...
  5. Wanted
    Looking to increase my existing stock of 4 SSD IV wireless controllers to 6, new ones preferred if available or good conditon used ones. TruSpeed SSD4 Wireless Scalextric Sport Digital Controller with built-in wireless transmitter the one that works with Slot Car Solutions wireless recevier.
  6. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Here is ,I think a rare controller. You all can tell me. It's a Unicar controller from Italy.
1-6 of 6 Results