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  1. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    I'm looking for a decal sheet for a Scalextric C19 Team Car. A few retailers list them but all seem to be out of stock. Happy to pay retail price if anyone's got a decent quality, unused set.
  2. Scratch building
    The Japanese GT series, which has had various names over the years always provides some interesting cars. The kind of funky fantasy you don't generally see outside of Japan. The HKS CLK is one such oddity. Making the DTM car look rather tame, this unholy colourful creation has long been...
  3. Scratch building
    I was wondering if any of the Danish members of SlotForum know if DMC-Decals are still trading. I've sent them a couple of emails in the last month and had no reply. The website seems active and has been updated fairly recently I think, but I'm appealing to anyone with local knowledge to see if...
  4. Tracks & Scenery
    Does anyone have a recommendation how to permanently attach sponsor logos to Scalextric guard rails? I tried several different types of decal/sticker sheets, but they all seem to start curling away from the barrier after about 30 days. The surface on the plastic guard rail is wavy and the...
  5. Scratch building
    Hi all, I'm after a little advice - its been a few decades since I've attempted anything like this. It's the usual story of getting the kids a Scalextric set and then slowly but surely finding yourself way more involved than is considered sensible... I found an old Scalextric Lotus 98T in a...
  6. Slot Rally & Raid
    Hi all, I got some Quattro decals online but they lack the biggest part of the car's livery - the red/grey/brown Audi Sport stripes. Having tried all the decal purveyors I can think of in Spain, Germany, Oz and the USA I've drawn a blank. I could potentially have a go at painting them by hand...
  7. Scratch building
    Does anyone know for a supplier of modern F1 decals in 1/32 scale? Ideally 2017 Red Bull and 2017 Ferrari but open to other options in the ballpark. I have a wee project in mind. Thanks, Martin
  8. Scratch building
    I read somewhere about making a masking tape template by encasing the body shell in low tack masking tape, then flattening it to give a template shape for creating the transfers/decals. Any links or general tips would be appreciated. many thanks Gary
1-8 of 8 Results