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  1. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    I have some old SCX digital pieces. Track, powerbase, controllers and two F1 cars that are broken but have the digital chips.
    $20 USD
  2. 1:32 scale Cars
    As the Italian offerings were not enough, Scaleauto joins the bandwagon with two nice generic bodies: I would say that they look good and with the same motor/tyre.gear they could be a nice match for the NSR model.
  3. 1:32 scale Cars
    I made the 3DP project of modern F1 cars with NSR Formula 86/89 motor pod. Printed by Shapeways with White Premium Versatile Plastic(nylon),which is strong enough for crash and already smooth on surface. You can get the shiny body easily with primer. They are as quick as NSR 80s' F1.
  4. Scratch building
    A car that I had put to one side while ago was The BSB Fittipaldi Copersucar F5A. I have not got a photograph of resin shell I started with but this is the photo in the BSB advertisement. The car/shell appears to be the version from the 1978 British Grand Prix. The F5A had more body/car...
  5. Slot Racing & Tuning
    Any help for a relative newbie please? This week I've discovered a bit of an issue with a Fly Williams F1 car. The motor mag is just too powerful on the temp track I have set up in the garage. The track is a Ninco/Policar mix and most of my collection seem fine but this one is almost...
  6. Scratch building
    Hi all, I'm after a little advice - its been a few decades since I've attempted anything like this. It's the usual story of getting the kids a Scalextric set and then slowly but surely finding yourself way more involved than is considered sensible... I found an old Scalextric Lotus 98T in a...
  7. Events
    Molesey SCC in association with NSR and Gaugemaster are delighted to announce the official inaugural UK open event for the new NSR Formula 86/89 models. The date for the event has been set for Sunday 15th November with practice available on Saturday 14th November. Handout Motor &...
  8. 1:32 scale Cars
    Friends, I am a "good old boy" Yankee that was won over by the high-detail, Euro-styled 1/32 slot cars around 1999 when I became aware of them (my older brother got me involved in 1/32 Parma Womp Womp and 1/24 belt-driven Whisperjets back in 1980 when public tracks began to re-open, and my...
  9. 1:32 scale Cars
    It seems that NSR is introducing a new class based on F1: This is going to be interesting. Maybe finally something that we digital racers can use.
  10. 1:1 Cars (prototype)
    Anyone vaguely interested in F1 knows that new rules are planned for season 2021. Today the rules were published and presented. The link below provides the presentation that was live-streamed on YouTube. Its pretty dry stuff but you can skip to the Q&A session after 1 hour and 3 minutes...
  11. Scratch building
    I find this index both useful and really interesting. I presume there have been quite a few new builds since it was created. Ive tried to use the updated database, but I find it difficult to find what I want on it. Is there anybody IT-skilled and dedicated enough to update this index? Mike
  12. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Here are 2 Hong Kong slot cars ,a Ferrari and a Lotus,which I have never seen before. They are bigger than 1/43rd and smaller than 1/32nd scale. I spotted them in a lot of junk. They have Marx like contacts and they have nice chassis. Notice the metal pipes on the Ferrari. Anyone know for sure...
  13. Scratch building
    My builds tend to take years for one reason or another. I've been clearing the attic and came across these two little Italians, and decided to have a little tinker. The Ferrari is a Mac Pinches body that I bought as my entry for the first ever Early Bird. So that's 15 years almost! It sits on...
  14. Scratch building
    My favourite of the Gérard Ducarouge design Lotus F1 cars of 1980s is the 1984 Lotus 95T and I decided to try to modify a Scalextric 98T into one. Target is this ("upper" vehicle in this pic): Starting point was a Scalextric Lotus 98T shell, figure and...
  15. 1:32 scale Cars
    Hello everyone, Been obsessed since I got my Scalextric out the other month, dreading packing it up soon! So I have bought F1 cars, the McLaren and Williams, think it's David and Ralf S? I am having issues with the guide, the spring seems to not be doing its job therefore the guide does not...
  16. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    I'm selling some items from my collection and thought I'd put them on here before they go on ebay…. Reproduction Policar Lotus F1, (I think made by Reprotech?) VGC, replaced 'nail' axles and split tyres £10 Reproduction Policar BRM, (I think made by Reprotech?) VGC, replaced 'nail'...
1-20 of 29 Results