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  1. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    Hi all. I want to sell Ford Capri's bodywork. ONLY IS THE BODYSHELL and THE INTERIOR COCKPIT Price include the car box. The paint car is in perfect condition. No scratches, no faults. Box has the outside plastic a few yellowish, but it was in this condition when I bought it. Price do not...
    €45 EUR
  2. West London Scalextric Club
    Well, that was an interesting introduction to this new class. A good selection of cars out there. BMW M1 being the favourite, with a couple of Ford Capri and a Lancia. Some people have raced this class at Nascot Wood for a year or two and thier cars were failry well sorted. Our track is...
  3. 1:32 scale Cars
    I'm sure this question is ask by every newby, so I might as well ask. What is a good car to start with? There are so many choices and configurations. (1/32 seems to be where I'm heading)This is my first step into a new hobby so I have no tendencies or loyalties to any one manufacturer or style...
1-3 of 3 Results