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  1. Race Coordinator (RC)
    I thought I had requested this feature a while ago but didn't see it on Dave's list... Anyway, hoping RC 1.x or 2.x might someday support lane power-cycling (pulsing) when a car runs out of fuel. Currently, RC just quits counting laps when a driver runs out of fuel. SlotTrak supports this...
  2. Carrera Digital D-132 (Pro X)
    I'm running D132 cars with FUEL = ON setting on the CU. I have noticed that the car on controller #1 progressively slows down when it runs out of fuel. Other cars do not. So I did a test... If I take the car on controller #2 (say) and re-assign it to #1, it too will slow down when out of fuel...
  3. Carrera Digital D-132 (Pro X)
    Question: how does the CU calculate the fuel comsumption? With the same class cars (classic, with the same motors (MX06), same speed set, side by side most of the time, me (ID4) and my mate (ID1) have different and noticeable fuel comsumption. (me 18 laps, he 22). I tried to run...
1-3 of 3 Results