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    Hi, I have been playing with a new c1 chip on my ssd track which I'm very impressed with, but as I cant stop fiddling with new toys and ideas i decided to download the 02 firmware to my Arc Pro using the nRF toolbox app.!!!!! (just to see if it worked) It seems to have worked...
  2. Scratch building
    Hi I am about to use bare metal foil for the first time and have a question. Do you apply it to the panted shell and clear coat or clear coat the shell and then apply the foil ? Tony
  3. Slot Racing & Tuning
    Hi all this i think is silly but i wanted to find out, anyway my wife recently brought me a Slot it SCP-2 universal analogue controller thinking it would work with what i have at home i only have a c8217 power base obviously this does not connect, so she contacted pendle to ask what she could...
1-3 of 3 Results