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  1. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Here is a very rare HO scale set made by Kogure . I know of only 1 other complete set . This is 1 of 2 different HO sets made by Kogure. They of course made slot cars in other scales. In this set you have 2 rare cars. A 1965 Honda S 800 and a 1964 Nissan Silvia. The cars are well detailed. I...
  2. Wanted
    Hi everyone, is there a PCR convert out there that is willing to sell an original Honda Civic Chassis? Both my rear axel retains cracked down the middle when I removed the axel in order to remove the magnet. Car hasn't turned a wheel! Disappointed and annoyed.. Can anybody help? Thanks
  3. 1:32 scale Cars
    I haven't noticed these anywhere else but in Australia. They were a surprise for us here as we didn't know they were coming. Only had a pic of the Renault with new engine showing. Will get pics of the Williams. They look to be using the Moto GP engine.
1-3 of 3 Results