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  1. Carrera Digital D-132 (Pro X)
    Hello friends! My Wireless tower MOD, to combine with my track scenery. hope you like! My Wip track:
  2. Tracks & Scenery
    Hello!!! My Hay Bale tutorial. Very fluffy! Easy steps! Hope you like it. my WIP track:
  3. Tracks & Scenery
    Hi! Hello! My photographic tutorial of how I created / am creating, the trees of my scenery. I hope it's easy to understand. --------------------------------------------------- Common foam, buy in foam shop and dry branches of real trees. Found on the streets of the city. the foliage weave...
  4. Scratch building
    Hi! As soon as I bought the scalextric MadMax to convert to CarreraDigital, I searched a lot for a car to modify and create the YellowInterceptor. But it did not work. So I decided to look for pictures, molds, 3D models, that I could try to get to a correct scale and make paper. It was fun...
  5. Tracks & Scenery
    Hello guys! After selling my old Carrera 143 track, I bought almost 3 whole sets and set up a new track 132. I started the assembly in the living room and will eventually go to the roof of the garage. will be suspended with steel cables... Some photos and videos below. Cars recovered, tires...
1-5 of 5 Results