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  1. 1:32 scale Cars
    I just gave this a test run. It's nothing terribly special. Just a Fibreslots CHR Imp kit, assembled by an inexperienced builder (me), using all Scaley running gear. Nonetheless, my goodness but it's good to drive. Smooth, quiet, quick, responsive, seemingly glued down. Just fantastic. And...
  2. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Can any vintage experts offer any advice about this VW Beetle please? I have these parts that I would like to build up into a running car. Are these Monogram parts? Was a complete Beetle kit produced by Monogram? Or is this a Monogram (or some other manufacturer) model car body that was adapted...
  3. Scratch building
    Hi everybody. This is a long shot - I've acquired an incomplete 1/32 Matchbox Auto Union D-Type kit, with the thought I could make a slot car out of it. The shell looks roomy enough to build the model complete with V12 engine representation, and fit maybe a slimline FF motor underneath it. My...
1-3 of 3 Results