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  1. 3D Printing
    Another project has elbowed into the queue...well I couldn't resist :ROFLMAO: This was the plan: ...I don't expect to get close to that but it's got a coat of paint. Awaiting a 1mm Molotow pen before going further as I'll end up having to retouch the paintwork afterwards then a coat of...
  2. Manx Slot Car Club
    The work party was Kev, Brian & Chris. Recently purchased from Pendle, the modular track doesn't have a permanent place in the club room but ideally will need one, for now though we'll put the track together on the Saturday before Slot Rally and put it all away on the Saturday after...
  3. Manx Slot Car Club
    Here's the race results and reports for 2018, new look race calendar, new club car class, more team events, more qualifying, more fun...all racing in the new race direction - clockwise. ...have fun, enjoy, let the fun begin!
1-3 of 3 Results