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  1. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Im struggling to find sold examples of this kit on the web, I’m trying to get a gauge of pricing for monogram. It’s going up on a eBay listing soon. So if I may ask how much would you spend on these models. Thanks for the help- Adrian
  2. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Can any vintage experts offer any advice about this VW Beetle please? I have these parts that I would like to build up into a running car. Are these Monogram parts? Was a complete Beetle kit produced by Monogram? Or is this a Monogram (or some other manufacturer) model car body that was adapted...
  3. The SlotForum 'Swap Shop'
    Scalextric 30th Anniversary Caterham Unused VGC! £35.00 P+P 2.95 Revell/Monogram Drive School Beetle N0 55 £40.00 P+P 2.95 SOLD! Sideways Ford capri RS Turbo Hockenheim £40.00 P+P 2.95
1-3 of 3 Results