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  1. Want to Buy Ninco NC9

    Does anyone have any Ninco nc9 motors tucked away that they aren't using?
    £5 GBP
  2. Vintage & Collector's corner
    Does anyone have advice on rewinding Formula Junior motors? I got a few of these motors in a scrapyard joblot a few years back, I've managed to get three of them running but I'm left with one that is completely dead and one that will only work after a manual spin of the wheels. After poking...
  3. Digital
    I leant something very important today (Thanks Twigman). The lapcounter in ARCPro requires that it must *first* detect the (black) slot guide, *then* reads the ID from the IR LED. This means that you can't put the LED ahead of the slot guide, using a SureChange guide (for example). This was bad...
  4. Digital
    I've been doing a *lot* of chipping. (I've never used analogue; digital is why I'm here.) Almost all successful (on the bench). One includes a Ninco (Audie LMP) into which I fitted a Scalextric chip. I now see that the Ninco motor is rated at 20,000 RPM; it's fine over the 2 yards and lane...
1-4 of 4 Results