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  1. Slot Racing & Tuning
    All before I list these items on that well known auction site [where I use this same ID], have a look and see if there is anything you may need. Contact me via messages in this forum and I'm sure we can do a deal. Brand new Slot It Flat 6RS - black label just £12 including Slot IT Boxer £11...
  2. Slot Racing & Tuning
    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the motors from scaleauto. I was wondering if someone bothered to try them in terms of: 1) RPM 2) Torque 3) Magnetic field 4) Overall perfomance/feeling A) Baby Sprinter: 18,000 rpm (SC-0027B) B) Sprinter-1: 18,000 rpm (SC-0028) C) Sprinter...
1-2 of 2 Results