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  1. Flux Productions
    A 96" long Lexan strip with holes drilled every 5cm for use with #17 finishing nails or similar, which allows you to route just about any curve or corner that you an imagine down to a 7 1/2" radius. $20 +shipping USD Shipping is at actual cost. Contact me with your full address for a quote...
  2. Flux Productions
    A 96" piece of Sintra which is used in the already routed slot to guide your router for subsequent slots. $10 +shipping USD Shipping is at actual cost. Contact me with your full address for a quote including shipping.
  3. Flux Productions
    A 3D printed router base that allows for 3", 3.5", or 4" (or any measurement, actually) lane spacing. Some modifications to the plate may be required to mate up to the router base being used. Uses your existing router hardware. Since these are 3D printed, I can "pre-drill" the holes for mounting...
  4. Flux Productions
    This DVD covers all the aspects of creating a slot car track from wood. It is about 2 hours in length and covers everything from routing the slot to adding landscaping elements. It's a great way to get a feel for all the fun involved in track building before you even buy lumber. After watching...
  5. Flux Productions
    This taping tool is constructed from Lexan, nylon, PLA, and fasteners. The 3D printed spool holds one roll of Venture brand copper tape (not included) and the Lexan holding plate holds the tape and spool in place on the Lexan upright using the included machine screw and wing nut. The Lexan...
  6. Flux Productions
    The kit includes everything below. All you need is a router, copper tape, and some nails! The Track Building Master Kit will have you building the race course of your dreams in no time! Each kit includes tip sheets and the How-To DVD to help with your project. $80 +shipping USD. Shipping is at...
1-6 of 6 Results