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  1. 1:1 Cars (prototype)
    Idly browsing YouTube the other day, I happened across yet another genre of motorsport of which I've been woefully ignorant up to now. Hot rods, as practiced in the Republic of Ireland. The link is for the All Ireland Finals of 1988, but the channel has more. Don't ask me what's going on...
  2. 1:1 Cars (prototype)
    As I'm going through a bit of a short oval phase at the moment, I've got a bunch of Fibreslots classic hotrod kits on the way. Whilst these come with vac-formed bodies, for a bit of variety I'm considering what else might reasonably be mounted on the chassis. Given that I might be gutting a...
  3. Tracks & Scenery
    I'm starting a journey on building a permanent scalextric digital layout, and want to eventually fully landscape it. I want an oval for fun racing & for the kids, And a road course. I've tried to combine both via a joint pit lane. A) Will this work? B) if so, will I need to set up a power relay...
1-3 of 3 Results