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  1. Tracks & Scenery
    Im just beginning to dip my toes into slotcar track design and scenery and Id appreciate some advice. Id like to give my scalextric track a bit more of a natural look and paint the track with a grey wash. Providing I cleaned the track properly in advance, would my idea work??? Ive seen peeling...
  2. Scratch building
    Interesting article in Classic Driver, usually focused on vintage 1:1 cars, on Amalgam's race-weathered 1970 Daytona 24hr winning Porsche 917K. Lovely pictures and description of air brush and water-based wash techniques, all done by a single craftsman...
  3. Scratch building
    I read somewhere about making a masking tape template by encasing the body shell in low tack masking tape, then flattening it to give a template shape for creating the transfers/decals. Any links or general tips would be appreciated. many thanks Gary
1-3 of 3 Results