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  1. oXigen
    Over the weekend I had problems, but I can't define exactly the situation, because we were 4 running, and almost all without much experience, and I'm not sure at the time the problems arose. In principle, I think the problems were always that the PCLAP acted, without the PCLAP and dongle...
  2. oXigen
    I'm going to tell you the configuration of my system, and then I'm going to tell you the problem I have. I have a new, black dongle, and set up 3.10 and I have also tried 3.11. The Boootloader is v.2.13. The chips are C. (SI-O201C1), and configured with Firm. 3.05 ,car mode oxygen. Me with...
  3. oXigen
    Hola de nuevo, como algunos de ustedes ya saben sobre el foro, soy nuevo en Oxygen. Tengo la sensación de que el Dongle está bien instalado, pero tengo dudas ... Estoy haciendo lo que puedo para conocer un poco el sistema. De hecho, desinstalé e instalé el dongle dos o tres veces, pero todavía...
1-3 of 3 Results